A Different Kind of Family




I was eight years old when my parents died. They had come to America just before I was born, eking out a living as hired farm hands in California before moving on towards the Great Plains. This was the land of opportunity, but life was not easy in Middle America for a couple of uneducated Chinks and two small children.

Still, all of their hopes and dreams were for our success. My younger sister and I attended local schools as often as possible, and every extra penny they had went into providing for our educational needs. They dreamed that I could grow up and be a doctor or lawyer, live a better life.

We were on our way to a new job in the next state over when my dad fell asleep at the wheel. He and my mom had been driving in shifts for the last two days straight in order to make it to the new job on time. Our battered truck flipped into a ditch, and the next thing I knew, Child Services was delivering me to a dusty building where a weather-beaten couple was waiting for me. A sign by the road read "Masters Farm".

A kind but overworked and exhausted social worker was talking to my new foster parents. They were signing some paperwork and then the social worker handed them a check. She turned and pointed to me. "His family died in an accident off Route 47. We don't have any record of where they were headed or where they were coming from. Just a family of undocumented Chinese. But the boy's got a US birth certificate; he speaks perfect English, and responds to the name 'John'."

'Responds to' is right. My name is "Chon". Hell, they had my birth certificate which spelled it out for them. But after trying to get that point across for several minutes I just gave up. John sounded close enough to Chon anyways.

The social worker gave me a tight smile and then climbed into her car, driving away in a cloud of dust. My new father, a big man, bellowed in my general direction, "Johnny, get over here, boy!"

Oh how I missed my teddy bear at that moment. I hadn't seen it since the accident. So with my eyes downcast to the dirt, I had nothing to hug but myself as I trudged forwards and followed my new parents into the house.

They sat me at a worn but serviceable dining table, and settled into the chairs opposite me. I did my best not to cry while they laid down the ground rules. First off, I was to call them "Master" and "Ma'am." Ma'am went on to place a bowl of pea soup before me, which I ate quickly and hungrily while Master explained my situation.

"The government is only giving us pennies a month for you, and you'll damn near eat that much alone. So you've gotta earn your keep around here, see? You'll have chores all day every day, starting at six o'clock. You come right here and see me every morning and I'll tell you what you need to do for the day. Except on Sundays. That's the Sabbath. Understand?"

I just nodded my head yes.

Before I realized it, the side of my head was splitting in pain and Master was leaning over me, his open palm cocked for another slap. The tears were flowing freely from my eyes now. "You say 'I understand, Master.'"

"I understand, Master," I managed to burble out.

"Smart boy. Now part of the deal is that you'll get some schooling. Now I think that's a waste of time for a farm boy, but a deal's a deal; otherwise they'll stop giving me checks for you. Understand?"

"I understand, Master."

"Good. You learn fast. I like that. Now when you're finished with your supper, Katie'll show you where you're sleeping."

For a moment I thought he was referring to Ma'am, but even as he said this, Ma'am turned and hollered out the backyard, "Katie! Get in here!"

Moments later, a young girl about my age came running, fear in her eyes as she stopped in front of Ma'am, rigidly at attention. "You'll wash up Johnny's bowl and then take him to the Barn. Understand?"

"I understand, Ma'am."

"And you say hello to Johnny."

Katie turned to look at me. Her eyes were the clearest blue I could imagine. "Hello Johnny. Pleased to meet you." She came forward and scooped up my bowl, quickly moving to the sink to begin washing it. I noticed some light bruises fading on her arms and face. Nothing serious. But I understood this was a family that believed in corporal discipline.

Master explained, "Social workers brought us Katie last year. She's a good worker. We're hoping you'll be a good worker too." He turned and looked to his wife. "Heck, maybe we should get us a coupla more orphans and we won't have to do nothing 'round here no more!"

The bowl and spoon were quickly put away, and then Katie came to me. She took my hand in hers, and led me out the back door. From that first day, I couldn't take my eyes off her. She reminded me of a doll I'd once seen in a toy store. Strawberry blonde hair, round cheeks, bright blue eyes. I'd never been at a school long enough to make real friends before. I hoped she would be my friend.


The first week was really rough. It took me a while to get used to saying "Master" and "Ma'am" after everything I said, and I had the bruises to prove it. They weren't bad people, mind you. It was just their idea of discipline. And there were so many things to learn. I'd never really worked a farm before. As a kid, I'd usually just help my parents picking fruit or small jobs like that. We'd be around for planting or for harvest, then move on to the next job. All the tasks I was used do doing were handled by other hired help. Now I was suddenly expected to milk cows, saddle horses, and do all the daily things involved in running the place.

Already I was starting to learn the Rhythms of Life: Tragedy, happiness, sadness, love. One day I'm crying. The next, I'm laughing at one of Katie's little jokes. Life goes on.

In hindsight, the overwhelming nature of my new life was a blessing in disguise. It kept my mind off of my family. I never got to mourn them, I was just forced to adjust and keep on living. Kids are pretty resilient that way.

Katie really helped me out. She was patient in teaching me everything, and always willing to help when I got in over my head. We slept in the barn loft, with warm hay and a quilt. And when the nightmares from the car crash came to me, I would find Katie wrapping me in a warm hug, and then sleep would come a little bit easier after that.

After three months, she was already the longest friend I'd ever had. Even more than that, Katie was my new "sister". In public, I referred to the Masters as my Ma and my Pa. Townsfolk got a big laugh out of a little Chinese boy having a white sister and parents.

School would come few days and far in between. I knew how to read and could pick up the math pretty well. But whenever I'd just start to make friends or get the hang of things, the farm would call me back and I'd lose a lot of the progress I made. Same with Katie.

Time began to just fly by. With my daily routine on the farm, every day blended into the next. I never knew the exact date; but I knew when Sunday came, because it was my one day of rest (mostly). And I could count the number of winters we'd made it through.

It was the middle of my sixth winter on the farm when I snuck into the house to swipe some bread. It was still very early in the morning, the sun not yet up, and the Masters were usually still asleep at this hour. I glided through the door and down the hall with practiced ease.

I knew it was against the rules to steal. But I was really hungry and I'd only been caught but a few times doing this. The last couple of years had not been very good for the farm, and the Masters had cut back a little on feeding Katie and me. You would think that on a farm, the last thing we'd run short of was food. But I was starving. I was in the kitchen, the cupboard open and the loaf within reach when I heard a scream.

Instantly, I froze, thinking I'd been caught. Then after a few heart-pounding moments, I closed the cupboard and turned around to find myself alone in the kitchen. Then the scream came again.

I was afraid to move, but some noble male part of me ordered that I investigate and protect. So I grabbed a rolling pin and padded down the hallway. The walls closed in on me in the darkness, and just then a cloud passed in front of the moon, plunging me into an even deeper pitch of black. For a fourteen-year old boy, the unknown is a dreadfully scary thing. And my mind conjured up evil monsters lurking behind every corner in the dark. My blood racing, I hesitated, teetering on the edge of turning about and fleeing for my life.

But then the moon came out again, and I breathed a little bit easier. Gathering up my courage, I started up again. When the third scream came, directly from the Masters' room, I hurried to their door. I was afraid I'd lost my second set of parents. The door was open, just a crack, and I got down to peer inside.

Just when I was about to push in the door, Master yelled, freezing the blood in my veins. But when I managed to look inside, Ma'am was just kissing Master. What was with all the yelling and screaming? I was very confused, and sat there with my jaw hanging open, trying to understand.

Just when you think you've got everything figured out around this place... Well, apparently there was no harm done, unless the Master caught me out of bed and in the house. And then there would be much harm done on my poor body. So as quietly as possible, I retreated back to the barn, and prepared myself for the day's start.

Katie wanted to know where our bread was. I only told her that the Masters were awake, and I had run away.


The next morning, I woke up in my usual position: stretched out across the hay, with Katie's strawberry-blonde head pillow on my arm. Her body was already starting to develop, and from my vantage point, I realized I could see the soft swells of her breasts starting to peek from the neckline of her shirt.

I couldn't quite organize the thoughts in my head. Even when I was looking away, I felt the urge to turn back and examine Katie's body once again. At first I felt I was doing something wrong. After all, I felt uncomfortable whenever Master was looking over my shoulder while I was doing some new task. And I knew that staring in general was considered rude. But this was Katie. She was my sister in a way. She was family. And that made it okay.

Katie was already awake when I began my examination of her body, and when she realized I had joined her in the world of consciousness, she moved my other arm off of her hip and turned around to face me.

"Good morning, Johnny."

Many hours later, after a long day of work, we washed up and settled into our hay bed for the evening. I lay awake in the darkness, staring at the roof, when I started thinking about what the Masters were doing that previous morning. Why had they been yelling and screaming?

For some reason, the train of thought prevented me from going to sleep. I looked to Katie, as if she could help me figure it out. But she had already gone to sleep. Already, I could see she was becoming quite "cute". Oddly enough, I had never thought of her in that way before. She was never a "girl" to me, just "Katie". But now, I could see how she would soon grow into the body of a woman.

As I watched her sleep, my face started to heat up, my breath not coming as easily as it normally did. My heart was pounding, and in shame and confusion, I tore my eyes away from Katie, turning around and facing the wall, willing my thoughts towards something else.

Fidgeting, I started mentally reciting my chore list for tomorrow, going over every little detail and every little step of my tasks. Eventually, I tired out and fell into a fitful sleep.


It was a few days later, a Sunday actually. Most Sundays, the Masters let us sleep in, and wouldn't come to get us until about nine o'clock to get ready for church. Since we normally woke up with the sun, those extra hours were the highlight of our week.

Katie and I woke up in our usual position: stretched out across the hay, with Katie's strawberry-blonde head pillow on my arm. My other arm was wrapped around her belly, holding her tightly.

The sun had just risen, and so we were awake when the morning rays entered our barn. But being a Sunday, we just lay there and enjoyed the time off. I snuggled in closer and let the sweet smell of Katie fill my nostrils while I left my eyes closed.

Perhaps a half an hour later, Katie turned around and stared into my eyes, her head still pillowed on my arm. "Johnny, I want to try kissing again."

We had tried it a few times a year ago after watching the Masters do it. After all, if was easier to experiment with each other instead of trying to find someone from school. But kissing just felt funny, and a little awkward. It was nothing special and so we didn't see what the point was.

So when Katie asked me, I looked at her kind of confused. But if she wanted to try something, sure, why not? There was no harm in it. "Um, okay."

She leaned forward, puckering her lips the way we'd seen Ma'am do, and pressed her lips to mine. Last time we'd done this, it was nothing special. But this time? Something electric was jolting through my body, and I found myself pressing my lips back at hers with a burst of energy. Instinctively, my arms wrapped around her body, my palms finding a good grip on her butt cheeks.

It was all over too quickly. Katie backed up, her eyes bright. We both smiled, wondering at how different that had felt. I wanted to try it again. But then she simply turned around, snuggling in against my body again. We cuddled in bed the way we had always done for warmth and in friendship. Somehow, this felt very different.

Two weeks later, the Masters moved Katie to a bedroom inside the house. Ma'am's health wasn't so good. They needed Katie to start becoming a housemaid. Besides, I was strong enough now that I could handle all our farm chores myself. And then I was on my own again.


Several more winters went by, and Katie had grown up into a beautiful woman. I didn't see that many girls to compare, just a few at school or around town and the matrons at church. But still I could tell that she was far more attractive than anyone else I had ever met. Now that she worked inside the house, she was able to keep clean, and her skin was clearer and softer than I ever remembered.

Katie had developed into a lithe version of the classic hourglass figure: tall, slender, and curvy in all the right places. She had an especially buoyant bosom that turned the heads of every male that saw her, and Ma'am made sure that every one of Katie's dresses and blouses had a high neckline to keep her breasts out of sight.

I'd caught glimpses of them myself, but only glimpses. In the privacy of our barn loft, Katie and I would sneak away to practice kissing. She would loosen the ties to her constricting dresses, allowing the upper slopes of her breasts to come into view. I didn't know exactly why, but seeing the shallow valley begin between the two mountains did more to get me hard than anything else. And Katie learned early on to tease me with these glimpses and get me to kiss her with greater passion.

Matched with a cute face and big blue eyes, Katie was the unquestionably the prettiest girl within a hundred miles. The Masters had to work extra hard to keep away all the boys who wanted to court her.

For my part, I went out of my way to threaten anyone who made unwelcome advances at my Katie as well. I'd grown up over the past few years, a steady American farm diet leading me to not only be taller than the Master, but also be stronger and more muscular. I didn't have to work very hard to make a boy think twice about annoying Katie.

I also realized then that I'd been at the farm for most of my life. It was the only permanent home I'd ever had, and it was time for me to start taking an active responsibility in the place. Master was getting on in years, and couldn't move as easily as he used to, so I had taken over some of the duties in charge.

Master would bring me to meet our business partners, and I was making friends with our customers and suppliers. Plus, it turned out I had a knack for the business things. With me in charge, we were starting to turn a healthier profit. It was a good thing too, as Katie and I had both reached the age where the government stopped sending checks. More and more every month, Master was looking on me as the son he never had, and I was earning his respect.

One day, after bringing home a particularly good check, Ma'am called on Katie to bring me an iced cold glass of lemonade.

"Johnny, you're the new Man of the House!" Ma'am glanced at Master coming through the door behind me, a wink and a teasing grin on her face. "Isn't he Katie? Johnny's all grown up into a fine young man!"

Katie just smiled at me, her eyes sparkling as her gaze went up and down my body. "Yes, Ma'am. He has."

I stared for a moment at her, her hair pulled into twin braids, a demure blouse and skirt doing little to hide her gorgeous figure.

Master just settled his heavy hand on my shoulder, breaking my reverie. "You're doing good, Johnny. Just don't let it go to your head. Understand?"

"I understand, Master. I won't."

I agreed not to get an inflated ego. But my confidence was booming, and it showed in the way I carried myself around the farm, as if now I was the master of my own domain.

That very afternoon, I was taking a cold shower in my usual spot towards the back of the barn. It wasn't much more than a jerry-rigged cold-water hose inside a wooden partition. But with the heat of those days, it was quite refreshing.

I grabbed the towel off the hook, and began to dry myself off when the door opened. Instinctively, I covered myself with the towel, and Katie stood there with an impish smile on her face, carrying a fresh towel of her own.

"You done yet? You've been in here for ten minutes already!" I watched her eyes lazily trail downwards from my face. I was then thankful the cold water made sure I wasn't going to get an embarrassing tent in my towel for at least a minute or two.

"It's all yours."

I stepped out, and Katie stepped in and began to shrug out of her dress even before I closed the door. Thing was, the door was just a few pieces of wood Master and I had slapped together, and we weren't too careful about making sure there were no gaps between the wood pieces. From my particular vantage point, I could see little bits and pieces of Katie's naked form right through the gaps, and my imagination was filling in all the perfection that I couldn't actually see. She had the most beautiful breasts, firm yet soft, round yet perky. Her fit body had a trim waist, and a wonderfully shaped ass. The view was so much more than just a hint of her cleavage.

As quiet as I could be, I simply stood there and watched, catching brief glimpses of pink flesh while my heart started beating faster and faster. It didn't even occur to me that if I could see her form through the slits, she too could see me. But all too quickly, Katie was done, the sound of water fading as she turned it off.

Shaking my head, I turned around and headed back to my loft. I'd recently discovered masturbation... and this was a fresh experience for my dreamy visions.


"Johnny, why are my breasts so fascinating?"

I half-choked on the piece of apple I was chewing on. Katie and I were sitting at the table, catching a breather after lunch in the main house. Ma'am had already retired to her room for a quick nap and Master had already headed out to the fields with a stern reminder for me to join him in ten minutes.Katie was cupping her tits through the dress, molding her fingers around the large globes while trying to figure them out. The thick fabric ran all the way up to her neckline, hiding all flesh from sight and yet doing little to disguise their heavy weight. She looked up at me expectantly.

"Why are they so fascinating?" she repeated.

"Uh, well. I don't know," I replied to her breasts.

"See! You're staring. Just like all the other men. And a few women."

"I'm not staring!" I answered while staring at the round curves.

"Yes, you are. I mean, they're just breasts. Ma'am has a pretty big pair too."

"Well, we guys don't have 'em. Maybe that's why." I finally managed to tear my eyes away and look the blonde beauty in the eye. "But I have to admit, they ARE fascinating."

Without another word, Katie reached back and loosened the ties to her dress. She then tugged down at the fabric, slowly revealing the upper halves of her tits, still covered up by her standard white bra. This was not a new event for me. I'd seen this view before. But I still felt the adrenaline rush in my veins as my mouth watered and my palms started sweating.

Katie observed my obvious change in arousal as she revealed more and more to me, a quizzical smile on her face.

"Uh, Katie. You sure you should be doing that here?" We were still in the kitchen. "Ma'am may come back."

She waved off my concern. "Nah, she's down for her nap. Why? Do you want me to cover them back up?"

"NO!!!" I took a deep breath. "No," I stated in a calmer voice. My gaze was once again locked onto the bare flesh, afraid it might go away forever.

"Hmm," Katie mused. And then before I could react further, she reached up and pulled down on one of the bra cups.

I went rigidly still as a rosy nipple came into view. It was different from my imagination, but no less perfect: pink aureole, eraser-hard nipple. I realized I'd stopped breathing. And then as fast as she revealed her entire breast she was tucking it away again and pulling up the top of her dress.

"You'd better get out to the field, Johnny. Otherwise Master will get angry," she warned as she busied herself tightening the collar. And then she walked away to resume her house chores.

It was a full two minutes before I'd recovered enough to stand.


We were at the tail end of the harvest and things were running pretty well. It was a hot, sweltering day, and Master and I returned back to the house to relax after a good day's work. As soon as we hit the porch I ripped my shirt over my head, using it to wipe the sweat off of my brow.

A lifetime of laboring and a healthy American diet had led me to grow tall and strong, with the toned body and rough hands of a working farmer. I hunkered over the kitchen sink, rubbing those sore hands and soaping up to wash away the day's grime.

Katie brought over some food, and the four of us settled in. Master was chowing down like there was no tomorrow. On the other hand, Ma'am wasn't eating much; her health had only gotten worse in the last few months. Katie didn't eat much either. She spent most of the meal just kind of giving me a funny look. Her skin looked a little red, as if she was flushed, and I wondered if she was feeling alright. Then again, it was a hot day, and Ma'am may have been working her really hard this morning.

Master finished up quickly, and he and Ma'am retired back to their room to take their late afternoon nap. They would be out cold for at least the next two hours.

A few minutes later I'd eaten my fill and leaned back in my chair to revel in that satisfied feeling. Katie cleaned the table, collecting the dishes. When I looked up at her, she looked straight at me, her clear eyes glowing. She then gave me that little grin she had whenever she wanted to play at kissing. "I'll meet you back at the barn."

I didn't say anything. I just picked up my feet and gave her my own Cheshire grin. I tromped out and headed for the barn. Once there, I kicked off my boots and settled into a comfortable patch of hay where I was nicely shaded and had a good breeze flowing in.

I removed my shirt to cool off, and as I was lying back, I felt the good aches in my muscles. The tension of the day was starting to melt away. My mind relaxed, and I felt myself drifting away.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew Katie was leaning over me, her soft hands rubbing my bare chest. I groggily woke up and gave her a welcoming smile. Her white teeth shone back at me, and then she was leaning in, opening her lips up and pressing them to mine in a soft kiss.

We quickly progressed to "French" kissing, and as the silky pads of her lips molded to mine, I felt the soft wetness of her tongue probe into my mouth, letting me massage it with my own. That tender little touch always sent shivers down my spine.

For ten minutes, we just lay in the hay, kissing each other gently and rolling until Katie was flat on top of me, her legs intertwined with mine, her bosom resting on my naked chest. Eventually she pulled away, and I saw a fire in her eyes I'd never seen before. She stood up suddenly, and my breath caught in my throat when she reached back to unbutton her sundress.

Before I realized it, the dress had dropped to the floor. It was the first time I'd been with a woman clad only in her underwear. Immediately, my eyes locked onto her bra-encased tits. The firm flesh strained the fabric, being pressed together to form a tight line, that perfect breast-valley I'd lusted after in my dreams. I was haunted by the memory of that one glimpse of her nipple.

She watched me watch her, and then the globes began to move. I looked up to see Katie grinning at me, shaking her chest and making her tits wobble enticingly. And then I gasped as she reached behind her back for the fastener.

All oxygen left my body as Katie slipped the catch and her bra fell to the floor. Her very full, very round, and very firm breasts spill out to my gaze, capped by hard nipples at rigid attention.

That wasn't the only thing at attention, as I felt my erection tenting my pants painfully. Katie's eyes danced as she switched back and forth between watching the wide-eyed expressions on my face, across my abs and down to the large monster trying to crawl out of my crotch. Still staring at my hips, she said, "Your turn. Take them off."

Without hesitation, and with my own desire to relieve the pressure, I unbuckled and pulled my pants off, taking my underwear with them. It took me a few tries, as the mind-blowing vision of Katie's fabulous naked breasts was still in my sight.

Almost in too much of hurry, Katie flustered around for a moment, trying to place a quilt into the hay while clad only in her panties. She giggled in her nervousness. Trembling with excitement, she finally got everything into place.

I, meanwhile, sat there like an idiot waiting for her to tell me what to do next. I was entirely engrossed in watching Katie's fantastic body, and especially her big boobs, bouncing around. We had kissed many times, and even tentatively touched each other's private parts from outside clothing. Already we'd gone further than we had ever gone before.

Katie sat down on the quilt just a few feet away from me and, fixing me with an intense gaze, she stated, "I want to watch you play with your thing."

Automatically, my hand moved towards my cock. I'd masturbated to my imagination of Katie's nude body. Here was the real thing, half-naked, with perfect tits right in front of me.

But my own embarrassment slowed me. It felt awkward to touch myself in front of another person.

Katie saw my hesitation. And she leaned over to pull her own panties off, leaving her completely in the nude, just like me. "Come on, Johnny. I'm going to play with myself too. We can watch each other."

And as I let my hand cross the last few inches to wrap around my cock, I saw Katie's delicate fingers spread open the pink folds between her legs. It was my first view of a pussy.

I had to admit, the thing didn't look as enticing as her tits did to me. I recognized the hole where my pecker would go if we ever were to mate. But all in all it was a strange-looking part of her body. But then Katie's fingers went to the hard nub at the top, and when her eyes closed and she moaned, the sound sent a thrill up and down my spine.

My hand started pumping, my grip firm but loose as I'd gotten accustomed to myself. I let four fingers wrap around while my thumb was held vertical to glide along my shaft.

Katie gasped and watched me through heavy-lidded eyes, the blue glint piercing in the afternoon sunlight.

Her whole body was flushed, as if she were sick with fever. But now I knew it wasn't a virus. I guess men weren't the only ones who masturbated. And so I watched her bosom heave up and down while her fingers played with herself, the hard nub her equivalent of my cock in bringing pleasure to oneself.

Very quickly, Katie peaked, her body going rigid for a moment and then she was moaning loudly. I hoped the Masters were asleep or that the sound didn't carry too well. Her body trembled, shuddering a few times. I worried for just a moment that her spasms were a sign of something wrong. But the happy look of bliss on her face reassured me.

When she was done, her eyes locked in on my cock, harder than ever and waving in her general direction. "Your turn."

I was already close. The audio stimulation of hearing Katie go through her orgasm had me on edge. And now faster and faster I began stroking myself. Katie got off her quilt and moved closer to me to get a better view. Whether by design or coincidence she knelt right in front of me, between my outstretched legs. Her tits wobbled just a few inches away from my pecker, and the close-up sight of them were all I needed to explode.

I grunted loudly and my body jerked once, and then the first jet of cum flew out and splattered against her right tit. She shrieked in surprise and fell away from me, but not before another shot impacted against her belly. And then Katie had retreated to a safe distance while the rest splashed onto the floor between my legs.

"You're a lot messier than me," she commented when I was done. I nodded and fished out the towel I kept up here for this specific purpose. Automatically, I reached out and began to dab at her body, cleaning up my goo that had splattered on her. Katie tensed up when I touched her naked body for the first time. But then she relaxed and let me clean her up.

I made no attempts to touch her nakedness with my bare hand. Looking back, she probably would have let me. Instead, I let the towel do the cleaning and then turned to clean up my own mess.

Katie bit her lip and looked over my naked body. "Tomorrow. Same time?"


We kept up our mutual masturbation sessions for a couple of weeks. It was so regular and so much fun that I gave up my own private masturbation and simply waited for our usual fun together. I found I had bigger loads when I didn't do it as often and Katie seemed to revel in feeling my cum splashing against her naked tits.

The work day seemed interminably longer than ever before. I simply couldn't wait for the day to end so I could go up into the barn and jerk off with Katie, and for a couple of days it showed in my work. Master had to warn me more than once to focus on what I was doing.

Once we got upstairs, our precious time seemed to fly by so fast. Still, our orgasms were wonderful and it was more enjoyable sharing them with Katie. But after a couple of weeks, we found something even better.

Katie had already brought herself to one climax and I was stroking away towards my first when Katie interrupted me. "Johnny, move over to the quilt."

I stopped half-stroke, puzzled. But she got up and kept motioning me over.

I slid across the hay and settled into Katie's usual spot. For a moment, I thought she just wanted to switch places; a change of scenery, that's all. But then Katie moved over my body and pressed at my shoulders to make me lay back. And I began quaking in anticipation.

Katie straddled my hips and while lying down atop me, she leaned forwards to kiss me with an urgency and passion we had rarely shared before. Automatically, I wrapped her willowy body in my arms, crushing her breasts into my chest. I felt the wet heat between her legs warm against my bare skin.

My pecker found itself trapped between her legs, and when she began to grind her hips against me I felt as if I would die of pleasure.

Katie pulled away, that grin on her face again. She fiddled with her hair and pinned it back behind her ears, and then slid down my body until her face was right at my crotch.

For a moment, she took my tool into her hands, examining it for the first time, testing its hardness. I felt the eager pleasure of just having it held in her bare hands. And then, without warning, she took it into her mouth, her lips gliding across the skin and her tongue bathing it with a tender lick.

My eyes just about bugged out of their sockets when she did that, and then instinct kicked in and I was thrusting my hips, shoving the meat of my manhood into her throat.

Katie gagged and freaked out for a moment, choking just a bit and backing off. I stopped; suddenly afraid I had hurt her.

She fought to breathe again, but then smiled at me. "Did you like that?"

"Like it?" I wondered. "I loved it! What possessed you to do that?"

Katie leaned forwards and gave my shaft another long lick, this time prepared to see it jump. "You're not the only one to spy on the Masters."

Then I was in her mouth once again, her hand sliding up and down the shaft in a tight ring, her tongue dancing on my head. The feelings were absolutely incredible. I'd masturbated before. But this was a million times better than anything I'd ever experienced. My brain shut down completely, unable to deal with the overwhelming sensations.

My eyes rolled back into my sockets, and then after only a few more moments, I felt my balls tightening and then stars burst off in my head, a guttural yell ripping out of my throat as I came, exploding white hot liquid into Katie's mouth.

This caught her completely by surprise. And as she gagged on the first shot, she lost her lip lock around my pecker and then the second shot went off right in her face. I watched a stringy jet of semen glob just above her eye, and then with her hand still automatically pumping me, let loose several more shots into her face before I started slowing down, splattering across the naked skin of her breasts. Barely a minute had passed.

Both shocked and delighted, Katie looked inward and tasted the cum I plastered against her tonsils. "It's rather salty." Katie then scooped my cum off her face with a finger, and then popped it into her mouth to experimentally taste for any difference.

Katie took a couple minutes to continue cleaning my jism off her body and mull over the flavor. My chest was heaving as I tried to catch my breath. I stared wide- eyed at this blonde beauty, amazed at what she had just done to me and what she was still doing.

"Mmm. Let's do that again!" she enthused.

Nothing in the world would make me happier. I shook my head vigorously up and down.

Still grinning, Katie leaned forwards and again took me into her mouth. The shaft was still erect, but I could feel it starting to soften. Not bothering to clean the rest of herself off, I felt her tongue and lips working their magic as she licked and nuzzled me. Almost immediately, I felt steel hardness coming back into my dick.

The intense pleasure was racing through my brain once again, but this time I did not feel the urgent need to explode like before. I lay my head back against the quilt, my neck muscles already sore from straining to watch Katie's every movement.

I stared back at the roof of the barn for a few moments before closing my eyes to just enjoy. Her mouth was moving up and down now, her lips a tight ring around my shaft as she rose and fell slowly, breathing shallowly through her nose.

"Oh, Katie..." I groaned.

She moaned happily in response, her voice muffled by my meat filling up her mouth. But my groan did make her move a little faster. I took that as my trigger, and as she continued to blow me I let my groans get louder.

The happier I sounded the faster and harder she went. And after a few minutes her head and hands were flying up and down so fast she would get a headache if she kept this up. But I couldn't last that much longer. Again I felt the tension in my balls, and this time Katie recognized the urgent twitching.

She was ready this time when I exploded, her mouth filling quickly with my first blast of hot cum and she swallowed just in time to catch the second blast. Her right hand clamped down and squeezed on me rhythmically, like she was milking a cow. Only this time she was milking jet after jet of my semen in between her waiting lips.

But after the first four shots, Katie had to pull back for air. And so she simply closed her eyes and kept milking me out as I spurted hot, white jizz all over her face.

When I was finally done, she let me collapse back against the hay and she paused to catch her breath while scooping my cum with her finger and continuing to feed herself.


Farm life faded into the background for me then. I literally do not remember anything about planting or selling or anything remotely work related in that time period. It was business as usual and besides, I had more important things to focus on.

Our regularly scheduled masturbation sessions became our regularly scheduled blowjob sessions, with Katie's hands in her own crotch while she sucked me. Each afternoon after the work day and before dinner, I would fill Katie's mouth with at least one load of hot cum while she frigged herself off.

Then came the first day that Katie knelt with her hips next to my head while she leaned over my body and took me into her mouth. We were halfway through our blowjob when she took my hand and guided it between her legs.

My fingers soon encountered something warm, wet, and soft. And then I felt more than heard Katie's moan as she sunk two of my fingers partway into her body.

And so with her hand on my wrist, Katie began to impale herself on my fingers, her hips humping up and down while her head bobbed on my cock. And very quickly she brought herself to a climax, freezing on one down stroke and popping her head up to groan out loud.

I was so caught up in what she was doing with my hand that I didn't pay attention to my pecker. I wasn't anywhere close to cumming.

And so when Katie started sucking on me once again, I analyzed the awkward position of my arm and decided to do something about it.

Reaching over to Katie's hips, I gripped her legs and started pulling her around. She tensed at my touch for a moment and then relaxed, allowing me to tug her into position until she was straddling over my face and I had a good look at her pussy up close and personal.

I didn't even realize that this was really the first time I had touched her naked body in any extended contact. Instead, I was too focused on the sight before me.

Her pussy was still an odd-looking thing to me, but with the pleasurable sensations running through me I was starting to like it. I observed the tender pink folds and the wet secretions coming out of her. And on sudden whim I decided to taste it. My tongue was only a couple inches away and so arching my head, I brought my tongue up and dragged it from the top of her slit and across towards her ass.

The reaction was immediate, Katie squealed and half-bit down on me, causing me to jerk and whine, "Owww!!!!"

Katie ignored my outburst and removed her mouth from my pecker. "Good lord! Do that again!"

I gritted my teeth against the pain in my cock for a moment before reaching up to swipe my tongue against her once again. Katie shuddered just like before, pressing her pussy down against my face trying to get a little more pressure.I reached my hands to her hips, clamping down to hold her still so I could aim properly, and then I continued licking in long, continuous strokes.

Katie was panting constantly, her vocalizations the same as when she was masturbating herself. Only this time her voice was higher pitched and her whimpers were much louder and longer. Whatever I was doing. She liked it a LOT.

I started experimenting. Licking in different directions and bringing the pads of my lips into play. I already knew the hard nubbin of her clit was Katie's favorite spot, and when I wrapped my lips around it and sucked Katie trembled and then came.

I'd enjoyed my brief tasting of her wet secretions. But this time, the honey flowing out of her pussy was sweeter than anything I could believe would dribble out of a woman. She wailed into the afternoon air as she came harder than I'd ever seen her, and then she toppled over onto her side, gasping for breath.

I lay back with a silly grin on my face, immensely pleased with myself for what I'd done to her. Katie's eyes were glazed over as she was limp on the floor, still in wonderment at the sensations I'd produced in her.

When she got enough energy to sit up, she eyed my still hard cock hungrily. "Johnny, you are going to get the blowjob of your life. But when I've swallowed all your cum, you are going to do that to me AGAIN!"


So far, all of our sexual playtime was just that, playtime. We had our fun, but we also had our work lives. While that hour of sucking on Katie's clit or blowing ropes of jism across her tits was the highlight of my day, looking back I realized that we were just two young adults blowing off our lust and not much beyond that.

Katie was really the only girl I knew, the only one I could trust to experiment with. We both wanted to learn more and were partners in that discovery. But that was all there was to our relationship. There wasn't anything else more special to it. She was my adoptive sister. She was my friend.

That all changed in the summer.

The two busiest seasons for a farmer are Spring and Fall: Planting and Harvest. Sure, there's a lot of work to be done in Summer and Winter, but not quite as much. So there's more time to think and more time for leisure. And once we got past the Spring planting, we took a natural break from our daily lives. And Katie got it in her head to take the next logical step.

We didn't yet know how much it would change the way we looked at each other.

That afternoon started off just like any other. Katie and I rolled around on the quilt, passionately kissing for fifteen minutes as if there was nothing in the world beyond it. Kissing was fun. Soon, we'd be orally pleasuring each other and there's just no way to intimately look into each other's eyes while doing that. So Katie laughed and giggled while my lips massaged her neck and her tongue tickled my ear.

After our makeout session, I gradually took off her dress and underwear. My tongue laved its way around her bosom, spending lots of time on her nipples while my palms roved around the heavy weight of her tits.

Before I got down to eating her pussy, she pulled my shirt off and then dragged my pants and shorts down to my ankles. We turned around in a comfortable pretzel position (which I would later learn is called a sixty-nine) while I got her panties off, leaving us both completely naked.

Gently, she took my cock down into the recesses of her throat, pressing deep down until she had all of me inside of her. Her hips were bobbing above my head, and I clamped down on her asscheeks so I could spear my tongue inside of her clenching channel.

Together, with practiced ease, we brought each other off. Katie dumped two loads of honey into my mouth while I erupted white lava up into her waiting mouth. She drank down every drop.

I lay back and basked in the warm afterglow of my climax while Katie dismounted my face and turned around. Now she knelt between my legs and began to suck on my half-hard pecker once again, readying me for round 2.

So far, everything was per normal. It was a pleasurable routine we'd become familiar with. But then something in the back of my head told me things were going to be different this afternoon. It was a look in her eye. It was as if I could tell Katie wasn't going to stop at just sucking me today.

My cock got hard in record time, and then Katie stopped and looked at me quizzically. "You know what I want to do, don't you?"

I nodded just slightly. "I think so."

"Are you ready?"

"For you? Anytime. Anything you want to do."

Katie stewed on that for a moment, dropping her head back down to continue licking the big vein along the bottom of my shaft. Then, apparently satisfied that I was as hard as I was going to get, she moved up my body. Katie laid her naked form atop me and leaned in to spear her tongue into my mouth. We just kissed for a few minutes, but my pecker also started twitching on its own every time one of Katie's thighs would rub up against it.

And so with an eager but worried expression, Katie got to her knees, spread her thighs apart, and took my rod into her cool hands. I found that I was trembling with anticipation. By now, I'd seen this happening with our farm animals, but never really imagined it happening to me. I wasn't sure what it would be like. But instinctively, I knew I was going to like it. Especially if it had anything to do with Katie.

I watched her spread her nether lips, and then carefully placing my mushroom head between them, she slowly lowered her body onto me. She was so wet already, and the head glided in between her folds easily. She was tight, oh, so tight, and our progress was slow. But she gritted her teeth then pressed downwards, and I felt her inner folds parting to let me pass.

I was about halfway in when we hit a barrier. Katie was already moaning and squirming trying to shove me in even deeper. And the pressure on me was so intense.

Katie just tried wriggling around a bit further before I simply grabbed her hips in my hands and pulled sharply, thrusting my way through and burying myself to the hilt.

Katie gasped in pain, tears bubbling at the corners of her eyes as she threw her head back and tried not to scream. But even as her body tried to adjust to my invasion, her hips were already gyrating in my lap while I made short little thrusts with the springiness of the hay beneath us. I couldn't help myself, this was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced, and I couldn't keep still if my life depended on it.

After a minute or two of this short rolling, some of the good feelings started to flow into Katie's head, and she really began to move with me. Planting her feet, she reached her hands up to squeeze onto my pecs, and started to ride me.

"Mmm... Johnny, this feels so good!" she exclaimed.

Up and down she bounced, reveling in the feeling of my shaft sliding inside and out of her pussy. Once I realized she was no longer in pain, I threw caution to the wind and really started to jackhammer her body onto me.

"Oh, Katie!" I gasped. "Katie!"

Little moans and groans were escaping our mouths every moment, and the sweat poured across both our bodies with the exertion. We were truly fucking at this point, Katie's hair bouncing and her tits bouncing even more. She ground her hips against me, and then a few thrusts later she squeezed her eyes shut and clamped her hands over her mouth, doing her best to stifle a scream as she felt her first sex orgasm detonate in her body. "Mm... mm... NNGH!"

A fresh layer of lubrication was dumped into my lap, and then my rod was slipping and sliding more easily into her, so I just sped up my thrusting. My thighs were burning, my hands cramping from holding her hips so tight, but I didn't care. When her pussy muscles really started to spasm around my shaft as her second orgasm overtook her, I hit my pleasure limit.

"KATIE!" I grunted.

My own head was thrown back as I slammed Katie's body down onto me one last time, and I held her pinned there, as deep as I could go when the end of my pecker simply blew apart, and I filled her still twitching pussy with my cum.

When we'd both come down from our respective highs, Katie leaned forwards and kissed me deeply. When we finally separated enough, we just looked at each other as if for the first time. I had always been in love with her. A family kind of love. But now I felt real love -- romantic, passionate love -- for Katie flaming inside me.


Everything in our entire lives was starting to change. I used to think of things in terms of full seasons: Planting season, harvest season. Now I was thinking in terms of hours. How much time could I spend with Katie today? How many more hours until I could see her again?

I was totally, head-over-heels, in love with her.

I once asked her, "Are we supposed to be doing this? I mean, you're my sister."

"Probably not," she replied. Then she punched my shoulder, "But we both know you're not really my brother. I just love you more than anyone in the world."

"Me too."

That was all I knew how to express that love verbally. I'd never learned the ways of being romantic, of wooing a woman. But I knew in my heart how much I loved Katie. And I was pretty sure she loved me in the same way.

We expressed that love physically every chance we could get, sneaking away for little quickies at every opportune moment. In the past, we had our usual afternoon time. But now, that wasn't enough anymore. I fucked her before breakfast. I fucked her after breakfast. I fucked her during the mid-morning break. At night, she'd sneak up into the barn loft. You get the idea.

We tried new positions, and new places around the farm. We fucked on the tractor. We fucked in the shed. We fucked in the hen house with Katie trying to shriek louder than the chickens were squawking. We even had a quickie on the kitchen table when we were convinced we couldn't get caught. Each day, when the Masters settled in for their afternoon nap, we invariably were up hidden somewhere, rutting at each other like wild animals. I especially liked riding her from behind like an animal, pounding away at her while we both looked out across the blue sky through a barn loft window.

The Masters must have noticed we were acting differently around each other. I was quite distracted from my normal duties, and Master often found me daydreaming; but this time neither of them said a thing about it. I found Master's silence more telling than his reprimands had been when Katie and I first started masturbating each other.

I suppose the Masters were getting on in age and in health. I suppose neither one begrudged us our budding romance. Besides, Katie and I were getting old enough to take over the farm.


Ma'am died before the next winter. After the funeral, Master went into his room and didn't come out for about two months.

Even when he did finally emerge, Master spent most of the day just sitting in his room, listening to the radio or reading. Just about all the duties of the farm had been passed on, and he intended to relax during his retirement.

That very winter, right after the harvest, we got some new neighbors. The old owners of the farm right next to us were packing up and moving to Florida. The new owners, Bill and Rachel Taylor, were a young couple, only married this last year. Bill grew up on a farm, one that his older brother was running now. He'd joined the Army, and after serving his term, married Rachel and then jumped at the chance to get a farm to call his own.

"Howdy, neighbor!" Master, Katie, and I were strolling down the short half-mile between us and the Taylor farmhouse.

"Howdy!" Master called back.

We met them on their porch, doing the round of introductions and welcomes, etc. Katie brought in our goodie basket, and we all went inside. Miss Rachel was a lot younger than I'd expected, she was only a few years older than Katie and me. But she brought in some good coffee, and seemed every bit a proper farmer's wife.

The boys kept up a constant farming chatter, me included. Katie and Miss Rachel, meanwhile, were already decorating the Taylor's farmhouse and discussing all sorts of boring things like linens and drapes.

I did my best to keep up, but talking wasn't really my thing. And for a few moments, I found myself lost in looking at Miss Rachel. She was a pretty young thing, with rich brown hair that almost had a tint of red in it, green eyes and delicate features that contrasted nicely with sharp cheekbones. Bill commented on how she'd been the absolute prettiest girl at their high school. Her outfit was demure and conservative, but when she moved about I saw it couldn't completely hide the kind of slender/curvy body that all men would drool over. Miss Rachel definitely knew her way around the house and the kitchen, and was a perfect hostess. But at my age, it seemed all I could think about lately was sex.

I wondered what sex with Miss Rachel would be like. I had a vision before me of a naked Miss Rachel, moaning in my ear while my pecker plowed her a new cornfield. I wasn't sure what that meant, but it sure sounded like fun.

Katie caught me a few times gazing at her, but didn't scold me. She just smiled her knowing smile at me. And Miss Rachel flashed me a flirty-teasing grin.

Meanwhile, we figured out that Bill knew his way around a farm; but he was going to need a lot of help getting things started. I watched as Master's eyes lit up. Something was cooking in his head.

I was getting to the point where I didn't need his help anymore on the Masters farm. Master would just show up to meet our customers and continue our business relations. But I was able to handle all the day-to-day operations.

By the end of the evening, we'd all made two new friends and Master had found a reason to get up in the morning. He was going to help Bill get his farm up and running.

That very next day, Master and Katie went over to the Taylor farm. Master to plan for Bill Taylor's future. Katie to visit with Miss Rachel. I got left behind to supervise the workers and make sure our place didn't fall apart.

I pouted a little bit when I found out. That meant we'd be missing our afternoon romp in the hay. Katie just gave me a passionate, wet kiss, and then told me she'd make it worth my while.


On this particular day, Master had gone over to Bill Taylor's and he planned on staying until dinnertime. Katie and I had already discussed this opportunity, and our plans had been set for the past week.

For that week leading up to this, we'd both been on edge, and it was hard to keep my anticipation quiet. We'd never had sex in a proper bed before, and with Master out of the house during the afternoon, I intended to really ravage Katie today.

I bounded in from the fields, sweating like a dog but not willing to waste the time to get cleaned up. Katie met me at the door with a big, wet, sloppy kiss, her eyes aflame.

"You miss me?" she asked in a teasing drawl.

With a snarl I nearly raped her right then on the porch. Laughing the whole time, Katie pried me off of her and then she was dragging me back towards her bedroom.

The instant we got the door open, I decided to take charge. I pushed her backwards roughly, until her back hit the door while I shoved my tongue down her throat. With one of my hands, I pinned both of hers above her head against the door. "Leave them there," I growled in a low voice.

She stayed, obediently, in that position while my hands roamed her body. I started first at her skirt, stripping it down to the floor. Then with my hands shaking, I started unbuttoning her blouse. This took a little while, because I kept pausing to share hot kisses with Katie while she trembled in pent-up anticipation.

Finally, I had Katie stripped down to her underwear, and my hands immediately grabbed double handfuls of her breasts through her bra, squeezing and kissing before I moved my head lower down her belly even as I left my hands playing with her tits.

I slipped a hand behind her back and flipped the catch on her bra, and then suddenly picked her up in my arms. She squealed in delight as I lifted her, her hands playing with my biceps. I carried her to the bed where I dropped her flat on her back, whipped her panties off, and before she realized it, shoved my tongue into her pussy.

"Oh, Johnny!" A startled gasp was all that escaped her lips before she started moaning like never before. I had it in my mind to stick my tongue over every inch of Katie's perfect body.

Katie feebly tried to move my head away, already overwhelmed by the sensations and half-heartedly attempting to stop me. But my meaty paws had a firm grip on her hips, and I had no intention of budging. Eventually she gave up and my tongue and lips really went to town on her.

"Oh, lord, Johnny. What are you doing to me?" she gasped, reflexively bucking her hips up into my face.

I didn't pause to answer verbally. And when I wrapped my tongue around her clit and sucked with everything I had, Katie shrieked louder than I could ever remember and then I felt a flood of her sweet nectar pouring into my mouth.

When her shrieking finally died down to a low whimper, I stood up and quickly shucked my clothes. While I was stripping, Katie seemed dizzy, and she rolled over onto her side, breathing heavily, before falling over and laying flat on her stomach.

Meanwhile my cock was at full mast, and I wasn't going to take the time to turn her back over. I knelt on the bed and after seizing Katie's legs, I spread her wide. With a single, powerful thrust, I mounted her like an animal, and a guttural groan blew out from Katie's mouth as the thick shaft burrowed deep into her vaginal depths.

I stared down at her backside, and I kept thrusting my hips at her, the same way I remembered seeing Master do those years ago. Katie's moaning was muffled by the pillow in her face, her big tits crushed against the mattress even as I got her knees locked onto the bed. Slowly, but forcefully I pumped my shaft into her, jarring her body forwards with every thrust.

Eventually, Katie recovered enough to get onto all fours, and as she felt the thickness of me filling her up, she started to buck her body back at me, timed with my thrusts so that we made a wet slapping sound every time my hips blasted against her ass.

A dim part of me seemed dissatisfied that she even had the energy to thrust back at me. So I shortened up to quick, shallow thrusts while I reached a hand around to play with her love button.

Immediately, Katie lost the rhythm and started wriggling against my hand, and as I continued to ream her out, her wriggling turned into an involuntary twitching as she shrieked again and came, the ecstasy rolling from her hips and along her torso towards her head.

"Oh, Johnny. Johnny. JOHNNY!" she cried.

I took that as my cue, and as soon as I realized Katie was in the middle of an orgasm, both my hands clamped onto her tits and used them to yank her body onto my shaft as I pounded harder and harder, reaching that point of no return where I made my final incontrollable thrusts before firing my load, filling up her pussy with all the pent-up liquid energy I had roiling inside me.

"AAARGH!" I grunted, feeling each separate burst of cum blast its way out of my body and splatter against Katie's insides.

When I was done, I released my grip on her torso. She collapsed forwards, her face falling into the pillow and slipping me out of her before I fell down next to her.

She was panting from exhaustion, her naked body limp against the sheets, a light sheen of sweat coating her skin.

"Wow..." Katie cooed at the ceiling. I just panted in response.

For a moment we just lay there, ogling each other and grinning like idiots. When she turned to her side, I felt my mouth watering at the sight of her round breasts, hard nubs poking out. I'd seen them a hundred times already, and still I was mesmerized by the view.I let my gaze drift lower across her abdomen, where I could faintly see the outline of her ribs. The gentle swell of her hips rising up from her trim waist and around her buttocks, then caught my attention. By the time my eyes roved downward to where her pussy was still leaking our orgasmic fluids, I was hard again.

I just gave her my wolfish grin, and then with a burst of energy leaped onto her, kissing her deeply and rolling her onto her back while I settled my hips between her legs. As my re-energized shaft poked its way back into her warm, wet folds, I whispered, "I'm not done with you yet."


By the time Master came back from the Taylor farm, Katie and I had cleaned up and gone back to work. The minute he arrived, he tracked both of us down, sat us at the table, and began to tell us how his day went.

We patiently listened to every word he said, just enjoying his colorful expressions and hand waving descriptions. He told us some inside information as to how their farm was set up. He spent ten minutes recounting some funny thing Bill had tried to do. And he talked a good long while about what plans they had for tomorrow before finally finishing up.

As long as Master had something to keep his mind occupied, he seemed lively, full of energy. But only moments later, he would think about his wife, and all the color fled from his body. He stared at the floor, and then without a word, went into his bedroom.

I may not have been very experienced in the mysteries of adult love, but I understood what he was going through. His wife had meant the world to him. I could only imagine how I'd be if I ever lost Katie.

We both stared down the hallway at the closed bedroom door. Katie leaned down and rubbed her nose against my shoulder. "I'm worried about him."


It was early in the afternoon, earlier than I usually finished up. But we'd had a very productive day, and it was hot out, so I sent the hired hands home early as a little reward for everybody.

I already pictured Katie's smiling face as she poured me a glass of lemonade. If Master was already taking a nap, then maybe she'd be up for a roll in the hay. So with an extra bounce in my step, I hopped onto the porch and strode into the kitchen.

It was empty; Katie must've been somewhere else in the house. So I moved over to the refrigerator. I had just gotten the door open, the pitcher of lemonade within reach when I heard the scream.

Instantly, I whipped my head around, finding myself alone in the kitchen. Then the scream came again.

Without a moment's hesitation I ran down the hallway, to Master's room where the scream had come from. Twisting the knob, I burst into the room and then stopped dead in my tracks, complete shock washing over me.

Katie was flat on her belly with her face smashed into a pillow. Master had her pinned down to the bed, trying to move her dress out of the way and open his fly at the same time.

This time I knew exactly what was going on. And when Katie managed to free herself just enough to slap Master across the face, I fully realized that this was NOT a good thing.

So I ran in and tackled Master, carrying him across the bed and onto the floor. Things were different than when I first came to the farm. Now I was the bigger, stronger, faster one.

For a minute, Master fought back, flailing his arms and trying to hit me while I did my best to just pin him down and prevent him from hitting me too hard. Like it or not, he was the closest thing to a father I had, and I didn't want to seriously hurt him.

"Katie! Run away! Run to Miss Rachel's house! Wait there for me!"

I turned to see her, hair all messed up and a panicked expression on her face. But she heard and she obeyed, turning and fleeing out the door as fast as her feet could carry her.

Once she was gone, Master gave up the fight. He laid back, his head lolling about on the wood floor, and he began to cry. I had never seen Master cry before, not once.

I got up off of him, and backed away, silent.

He started pounding the floor, bawling like a baby. I couldn't understand what was going on, and just backed off, giving him as much room as he needed.

"I'm sorry, Johnny. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to." And then he was crying again. "I miss her. I miss my wife."

And then suddenly the tears stopped, and he started to get back up.

"Now, Master. Just take it easy."

"Johnny, I'm going to go see my wife again."

I didn't understand. But then he reached into the bedside table, and came out with the black revolver I knew he had there. Before I realized it, the gun was cocked and he had it pointed right at me from just six feet away.

I stepped back, hitting the wall behind me, astonished at what was going on. Automatically, I held up my hands in the air, like I'd seen on TV.

"Get out of here, Johnny."

"I don't understand, Master."

"Get out of here! I want you to go out the door, and you go find Katie. You don't ever let her go. You keep her safe. Understand?"

I didn't quite understand, but I still replied, "I understand, Master."

"Now go!"

With my hands still held up, I sidled out the door, my eyes on the gun. Master kept it trained right at my head as I moved, right up until I was out of sight.

"Go!" was the last thing I heard him yell.

I turned, flew out the door and then I started running. I had just hit the main road and started towards Miss Rachel's house when I heard the gunshot ring out.

I stopped for only a moment, to turn and wonder at what had just happened. Then I kept on running to Katie.

We stayed with Bill and Miss Rachel for the next hour. They had called the police, then Katie and I just huddled together on the couch, two freaked out children, not quite ready for the harsh realities of the outside world.

From Bill and Miss Rachel's place, we saw the police arrive and go into our house. They were in there for a few hours, stringing up yellow police tape and taking photographs.

While they were there, a couple of officers came over to us, sat us down, and started asking questions. Bill and Miss Rachel were always nearby. We told them the truth, as best we could. I repeated everything Master told me just before he sent me away.

I was relieved to find that this was the first time Master had ever tried to force himself on Katie. But this relief was soon swallowed up by a great sense of loss. I didn't know how we would move on.

Hours after the police left, and they'd taken Master's body to the morgue, Katie and I were not ready to go back. Bill and Miss Rachel left us alone to go to sleep after a while, and we just stayed curled up on the couch until the dead of night.

The next morning, we were fed, and then Katie and I set off to go back. We walked into Master's room, and found it completely empty. It was only when we went outside that we found where it had all happened. There was a big tree at the north end of the yard. We had buried Ma'am there, and right next to her gravestone was a pool of day-old blood.

The next week crawled by. I threw myself into the farm work, and Katie got everything cleaned up. Our lives had to go on. I moved into Katie's room with her, and those first two nights I just held her as she cried herself to sleep.

The third night, we made love -- slowly, tenderly. She was all I had in this world. And I remembered Master's orders to take care of her.

At the end of the week, some government lawyers came by to tell us that after Ma'am had died, Master had rewritten his will to leave everything to Katie and me. Since we were both past eighteen, we were legally adults and did not need any additional supervision. The farm was ours, and we were on our own.

Tragedy comes, then it goes. Sadness, too. I could only hope that happiness and joy would be coming next. And I took solace in the love I'd found with Katie.

Our future was just beginning.




The week after Master died, I moved with Katie into the house, permanently. We decided to share her bedroom, even though it was the smallest in the house. We just couldn't move into the Masters' old room; there were just too many bad memories.

Even if we didn't quite feel ready for it, Katie and I were on our own. The farm had to keep running. Crops needed planting. We had our lives to keep living.

At first it was pretty hard. Not many people wanted to do business with a nineteen-year old Chink. But our usual customers had gotten to know me in the past couple of years, and the majority agreed to continue our business partnerships. And as time went by, business went back to normal.

The rhythms of our life kept us going. Wake up, do your job, go to sleep. Plant, tend, harvest, sell. Smile for Katie. She was depending on me to keep us together, to keep us afloat.

The year after Master died turned out to be a year of big change, and also a year of even more tragedy. To be honest, Miss Rachel had an even worse year than we did.

There was some conflict in another country, and our President said that we had to do something about it. For weeks, it was the only thing the news would ever talk about. And then a few months later, Bill Taylor decided that he needed to go.

Miss Rachel was, understandably, rather upset. Bill hadn't been recruited. No one was forcing him to re-join the Army. There was the farm they had just started together. And besides, at 23, Miss Rachel's biological clock was ticking and he'd promised they would start their family. But Bill was dead set on joining. He said it was his duty as an American citizen.

In the end, Bill left. Miss Rachel was torn: half-proud of her husband, and half- scared to death about losing him. The last time he'd gone into the Army was more than enough for her, and that was a time of peace. This was a real war.

Running the farm was left to her. She knew just barely enough to keep things moving. The farm staff could keep everything in order until Bill got back. And I promised Bill I'd look after his wife.

Almost immediately, Miss Rachel became a frequent visitor to our house. After the day's work, every day, she would come by just to talk to us. Katie would meet her at the door with a big hug and ask, "How are you holding up, Miss Rachel?"

Every day, Miss Rachel answered with some variation of, "Not so well, Katie. Home is just an empty shell without my Bill."

A year later, in the wintertime, a black sedan with military plates pulled up to the Taylor farm. Two uniformed officers gave Miss Rachel a folded American flag and Letter of Apology from the President. Bill's body would be coming back in a few weeks.


Bill's funeral was six months past, and I was visiting Miss Rachel to look over her bookkeeping. She could do the math just fine, but every so often a supplier or customer would get the idea he could rip off the poor widowed woman who didn't know any better. So I would always review things to make sure no one was taking advantage of her.

"You want a cold beer, Johnny?"

"Yes, thank you, Miss Rachel."

She brought me a cold bottle from the fridge, the top already popped off. I took a swig then set it on the table, returning my attention to the accounting.

"Are you old enough to drink yet, Johnny?"

I smiled and turned to her. "Not yet, Miss Rachel." I very deliberately took another gulp. "But I'll be turning twenty-one in another month."

"Well, as long as you're old enough to vote... or to fight..." Her voice trailed off as she thought about that last phrase. I'm sure Bill was in her mind right then.

Then she put on a new smile and turned to me, "Hell, as long as you're 'legal'." It was a wolfish grin she flashed me this time.

I just grinned right back at her. "Legal, and fully capable anytime you need me."

"Mmm, I'll have to take you up on that sometime." Her tongue trailed out and she licked her lips. Her green eyes were shining.

Ever since that first time I'd met Miss Rachel, we'd had a little bit of a flirtatious friendship. I was a young man, thinking about sex every two minutes and about whichever female crossed my path. She was a pretty young lady, used to having men fantasize about her. But this was the first time I felt real heat coming from her. She was a young widow, still in the flower of her youth and attractiveness, but she didn't have a man to really appreciate that part of her anymore; I was the closest thing she had. Right then, I knew I would have to start being more careful around her.


That night, Katie was in front of the mirror drying out her hair after the evening's shower. My mind was still going over the heat in Miss Rachel's eyes, the thrust of her tits, and the cold fire of the icy beer she'd given me pouring down my throat.

I crept up behind my beautiful blonde, ripping away the towel and lifting her up in my arms. Katie squealed in my grip and didn't stop until I planted her flat on her back across our bed. "Johnny, what are you-?"

Her voice gave out when my tongue hit her clit.

I wanted to bring her pleasure, but the need in my loins was too great. I stayed down there just long enough to get Katie's juices flowing, and then I stood up and shucked my pants.

Katie wasn't complaining. Actually, she just giggled as I clambered atop her body and without further foreplay, I shoved my cock inside of her. And then I was fucking like a machine.

"Yes, yes, yes..." Katie chanted in my ear as I drilled her. It added to my stimulation but all that mattered was my release. Less than three minutes passed before I lunged my body forward one last time and exploded, pumping out a gallon of cum in successive waves that splashed against Katie's womb.

When I was done, collapsed against Katie's firm tits and gasping for breath, she stroked my hair and asked, "What was that all about?"

I wasn't sure if I should tell her. After all, most women wouldn't be too happy knowing their man was half-thinking about someone else. But this was my Katie. We had no secrets. So I told her.

Miss Rachel was lonely, that much was obvious. Her first six months alone were spent in shock and mourning. Over the next few weeks after that, the seriousness of her situation seemed to cave in around her, and Miss Rachel had really started to get depressed. She talked to us about it often. The only man she'd ever really known was dead. She was on her own in the world, and only twenty-four. By the time her mother was twenty-four, she was pregnant with her third child. Miss Rachel had always wanted children. Now it seemed like that would never happen.

Katie listened through my story, and when I finished she whispered to me. "Maybe Miss Rachel just needs to get laid. To remember what it feels like to have a man holding her."

I dared not say anything, even though very naughty images popped into my head.


In the end, Miss Rachel decided to adopt. She contacted the orphanage in town to start making arrangements and to set an appointment to come down and visit the children.

The very next day, Miss Rachel got a call. A Chinese girl had been orphaned more than a year ago. Now possibly because of me, the orphanage directly approached Miss Rachel about this girl. No one else within a hundred miles wanted to adopt a Chink.

They called her Lin, and she was a dirty, scrawny fourteen-year old who seemed half-starved and absolutely scared of us when she came in the door. At least, the social worker said she was fourteen. The girl looked nine-years old. For a brief moment, I thought about what my little sister, my real little sister, would have looked like if she hadn't died.

When Lin saw me, her quiet snuffling stopped, and she just looked wide-eyed at me, as if amazed to see a Chinese face. The social worker pleaded with Miss Rachel. Lin had nowhere else to go.

Miss Rachel's heart went out to the lonely girl, all alone in the world. They needed each other. So little Lin moved into the Taylor farm next door. Tragedy, happiness, sadness, love. And for a little girl: hope. Life goes on.


The next two years literally flew by. Both of our farms had a rough time, mostly due to the adjustments of losing their owners. But we were really starting to turn things around. Katie's and my farm was really humming. Quite a few times, people offered to buy it from us. And Miss Rachel's farm was at least turning a profit.

Lin was growing up nicely. Miss Rachel made sure the girl went to school full- time rather than laboring on the farm, and she was growing up into sweet young woman. Even though her mom was only ten years older than her, and a different race, Lin loved her as strongly as any daughter could (which included some teenaged attitude). And taking care of Lin made Miss Rachel happier than she ever could be. The two of them were even more frequent visitors to our place than Bill and Miss Rachel had been before.

Katie and I made clear with Lin that we weren't around to act like her parents; we were there to be her friends. She took that to heart, and always came by to ask us for advice. Sometimes, she would tell us secrets she didn't even want her mom to know.

But most importantly, in those two years, the love between Katie and me was growing steadily. And I had a plan.

As long as either of us could remember, neither one of us had been on a real vacation. In fact, neither of us had been beyond the big city since before we came to the farm. It had been nothing but work six days a week, with one day of rest for the Sabbath.

No sick days. No vacation days. But by the end of next winter, before spring planting, I was going to take Katie on a real vacation: to see the beaches, and see the real ocean.

Katie knew about this vacation. The idea alone was terribly exciting for her. What she didn't know was that I'd planned for this vacation to be our honeymoon.

The details aren't that important, I'm a simple man. But I proposed in our loft. And she said yes. It was about time I made an honest woman of her anyways.

Of course, Miss Rachel and Lin were over the moon when we told them the news. Lin was especially excited when Katie told her that "Uncle Johnny" was going to bring her back a starfish from the ocean. But very quickly, Katie and I could see that while Miss Rachel was genuinely happy for us, the waves of sadness had come rolling over her again.

Katie and I were two young people moving on with our lives towards a bright future. Miss Rachel was a twenty-six year old widow, and she wasn't getting any younger. And she wasn't going out to meet men, either. She had a farm to run and a daughter to care for. More likely than not, she would never feel the love of marriage again.


It was two weeks before the Fall wedding. Lin was at a friend's house for a slumber party, and wouldn't be back until the next morning. It was a late Friday night, Katie and I were just settling in to go to sleep when Miss Rachel called to say she had an emergency plumbing leak.

I kissed Katie goodbye, grabbed my tool kit, and hopped into my truck for the short trip down to the Taylor farmhouse.

I knocked before walking in through the door. Miss Rachel was waiting for me, still in her nightgown and a thin coat to ward away the evening chill. Her arms were crossed over her chest to hold the coat closed. Her dark, sleek hair was piled up and pinned back, and her sharp, pretty face was holding my attention.

"You want a cold beer, Johnny?"

"I think it's a little late in the evening for that, Miss Rachel." I started glancing around, trying to figure out which room had the plumbing leak.

Miss Rachel just put her hands on her hips, and the coat split open just enough to reveal her deep cleavage in the nightgown. "Why not? Aren't you old enough to drink yet, Johnny?"

I couldn't help but glance down at her tits for a moment. I smiled a knowing smile. "Of course I am, Miss."

"Well, if you're old enough to drink, then that makes you 'legal', riiight?" Miss Rachel's wolfish grin was back.

The predatory gleam in her expression suddenly worried me. I coughed, nervously fishing my head back and forth as I made to look around the house and doing my best to ignore her innuendo. "Uh, yeah. Now where was that leak of yours?"

Her brilliant green eyes were shining. "Oh there's no leak, Johnny." Her coat dropped into a puddle on the floor, followed by the nightgown, leaving her absolutely and completely naked. I was immediately transfixed by her big, firm tits and pink pussy. She stepped towards me. "Nothing here to fix except for me."

She took one more step and then grabbing my head, she planted a fat kiss right on my lips. I gasped in astonishment and she took the opportunity to snake her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the hard liquor on her lips.

I backed up immediately, but she just followed me until my legs hit something and then I found myself falling down into the couch. Miss Rachel went right with me and ended up straddling my legs, sitting in my lap.

I could feel the heat coming from between her thighs, and then I noticed that my pants were getting a little damp where her pussy was grinding on top of my leg. She was soaking wet and already leaking onto me.

Quickly, I got my hands to her shoulders and I pushed her back away from me. "Miss Rachel! What the-? We can't do this?"

"Why not, sugar? You're legal, and you won't be married for another two weeks. You're still fair game."

"But, but, I shouldn't be doing this." Her big tits were jiggling in my face and I half wanted to plant my nose in between them and half tried to crawl out of the couch.

Miss Rachel's expression suddenly turned nasty, a snarl on her lips and her eyes wild. "Why not? What's wrong?! Am I not an attractive woman anymore? Do I not turn you on? Am I not fuckable anymore?" She got up off of me and started to pace around the room.

I got myself out of the couch and started to sidle over towards the door. "No, no, that's not what I me-"

She cut me off. "Oh, poor widow Taylor. Her husband's dead. Now she ain't had a nice fuck for years and now she can't ever again! I've been put out to pasture. Men can't even look at me anymore! And I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life!"

"Please, Miss Rachel. That's not it. It's Katie. I mean, please. I love her. You are gorgeous. I am attracted to you. I would love to fu-, I mean, if it wasn't for Katie. I'd-"

"No, no. I understand, Johnny." And then she took a deep breath. Thirty seconds went by, neither of us moving or saying a word. The sudden silence hung in the air and was more deafening than Miss Rachel's rant of a moment ago.

"Johnny, I'm sorry. It's not your fault." And then when Miss Rachel looked up at me, she was her old self again. That is, the young, pretty, sad, and depressed Miss Rachel I remembered. "I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry."

She got up, and came to me, holding her arms open for what perhaps was our customary hug of friendship and of saying goodbye. But I backed away, afraid of what that hug might become. And I was straining very hard not to ogle her still naked body.

For a moment, she looked hurt. But then she just dropped her arms.

I mumbled an "I'm sorry." But strangely enough, I couldn't help but glance at her heaving bosom, expanding and dropping with her exertion.

She just closed her eyes, half-turning and giving me a dismissive wave. "Just go home to Katie, Johnny." Then she walked away to go to her bedroom.

Only after she was out of sight, I bolted through the door, trying to collect my thoughts. Despite the autumn cold, I found myself sweating as I got into the truck and sped the half-mile straight back home. My body was humming, male instincts driven to lust at war with my "civilized" sensibilities.

When I got back to our room, Katie immediately sensed that something was up. "What's wrong?"

My hands shaking, I sat at the end of the bed, and I told her everything. My mind was still spinning, and I had to backtrack a few times so that it actually took me longer to explain than the whole event had lasted.

After I finished, Katie didn't say anything. Her face was thoughtful, and I took the time to calm myself down. My brain really hurt.

Just when I'd finally collected myself. Katie spoke up. "Let's go." She grabbed her coat, and started out our bedroom door.

I followed her, "Where are we going?"

"Back to Miss Rachel's place." Katie's voice was tight, but measured. I wasn't sure if she was actually calm or so enraged that she couldn't even raise her voice.


"I have to see her."

I'll never understand women. But I knew enough to obey. So a few minutes later, we walked right back into the Taylor house, unannounced. I'd left the front door unlocked when I bolted, and Katie marched us straight upstairs to Miss Rachel's bedroom door. Without knocking, she opened it and led us in.

Miss Rachel was lying on her side, staring at the wall when we entered, and then she sat up quickly when we invaded into her room. At least she'd put some clothes back on. Her eyes were only on Katie, and I saw the fear in Miss Rachel that she'd lost her best friend in this world.

But Katie just crawled onto the bed and gave Miss Rachel a warm hug, cradling her friend's head against the crook of her neck. Confused, Miss Rachel wrapped her arms around Katie, and then realizing that no further harm or reprimand was about to befall her, she started crying softly. "I'm sorry."

"No, no. You don't have to be sorry. It's alright." Katie sat them both upright, holding Miss Rachel by the shoulders and looking straight at her. "I understand. I can only imagine what kind of wreck I'd be if I ever lost Johnny. All alone, with no one to hold you at night. I'd say you've been doing better than I would."

Miss Rachel just looked at Katie with wide eyes, in disbelief.

Then a little smile crawled its way across Katie's face. "Now, we can't leave you like this. I've said it before to Johnny. Girl, you just need to get laid." She reached up and began to stroke Miss Rachel's cheek with the back of her hand. Then Katie turned and fixed her blue eyes on me, a fire burning in those irises I only ever saw when she was really aroused. "Besides, Johnny did promise Bill that he'd take care of you."

My head snapped up, and then my brain was starting to hurt again. Uncomprehending, I took one step backwards. Then as I watched, Katie slipped a hand to one of the shoulder straps holding up Miss Rachel's nightgown, sliding it off the shoulder and dragging it down the arm until bit by bit, one of Miss Rachel's large, round, breasts was being exposed.

Still staring at me, Katie half-whispered in Miss Rachel's ear in a husky tone, "Anyways, I've always wanted to see what having sex REALLY looks like..."

Miss Rachel seemed as confused as I was for a moment, but then her eyes dropped to my crotch and saw that my pecker was rising. And then her gaze was locked onto me as well.

My breath started coming in short gasps, and then a gloriously rosy and upturned nipple came into view, and I found the lust boiling inside of me again as the idea of what was going to happen really hit me. I was about to fuck Rachel.

She wasn't Miss Rachel anymore. I couldn't hide behind the formal "Miss" title that mentally told me she belonged to another man. This was Rachel, a vibrant, young, gorgeous brunette with a fantastic body and even bigger tits than Katie's. And I desperately wanted her.

Katie sensed the change in my demeanor and slipped her hand to Rachel's other shoulder strap, tugging it off so that the entire top half of Rachel's nightgown fell into her lap.

Katie leaned in behind her, wrapped her arms around and palmed both of Rachel's tits, cupping them and squeezing them together into tight cleavage in front of my eyes. In the same husky tone I hadn't remembered Katie ever using, she asked me, "Isn't she beautiful. Doesn't she turn you on? Isn't she fuckable?""Oh, yes." And with that I stepped forwards to the bed, shedding my clothes. Rachel's eyes were locked in on me, and she lay unmoving, just anxiously awaiting what was to come and letting Katie position her. Katie pulled Rachel back until she was flat on her back, her head propped up with pillows. I reached to Rachel's waist and gathering together the nightgown, pulled it straight off her legs to leave Rachel fully naked before us.

Her tits pointed upright, with just a little sag down and to the sides. But they were still firm and full with youth. Katie verbally urged me on and with Rachel's pussy already juicing out of control, I simply climbed over her, spread her thighs, and with careful aim began to sink my erection into her.

Rachel hadn't had anything inside her for years and her tunnel was tighter than anything I'd experienced since Katie and I took each other's virginity. I only got the first few inches in on that first lunge, but already Rachel was screaming with happiness as she was being filled with a man.

Rachel was so wet that I just leaned in and bit by bit my shaft slid all the way home into her. I leaned down to kiss her and she lifted her arms and legs to wrap them around me, holding my entire body tight up against her, crushing her tits into my chest. It was our first kiss, but it certainly would not be our last.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Katie get naked, and then she was lazily playing with herself while she watched Rachel and me coupling.

I got myself supported on my forearms and knees, and then I really started to move. Our thrusting was slow at first because of how tight she was, but the longer we kept fucking the harder and faster we were able to go. Tears were streaming down Rachel's cheeks, and a big smile dominated her face while she both laughed and whimpered with every forceful drive I made into her willing body.

"Oh, heavens. Fuck me! Fuck me!" Rachel kept chanting at me as I drilled her harder and harder and faster and faster.

So very quickly we both were escalating to highs of ecstasy, and only minutes later Rachel moaned out her first orgasm with someone else in many years. Her inner lips were quivering and threatened to spill me over, but I wanted to keep on fucking Rachel and her hot body.

However, she was so tight and her pussy muscles felt so good caressing me that I was reaching my limit quickly. When she came down from her high, Rachel's eyes lit up with a new idea and she whispered to me, "I want you to cum in my mouth."

Katie was strumming her own pussy and squeezing her own tits when she heard Rachel say that, and then with a fresh squeal and a moan and Katie was joining our chorus with an climax of her own.

I only thrust a few more times into Rachel's tight tunnel before I pulled out and scooted forwards straddling Rachel's bounteous chest. Rachel reached her hands to my waving rod and started to jerk me off, her lips and tongue reaching up to tease the head of my pecker. All at once, I felt the dam burst and then my first blast of semen splattered all over Rachel's face. But then she managed to close her lips over me and I began to pump my juices into her mouth. Shot after shot filled her, and I watched her throat contracting as she swallowed most of it.

When I was done, my eyes rolled back and I collapsed onto my side, next to Rachel. She just moaned with a satisfied "Mmm..."

And then Rachel did something I never would have expected. Katie was still next to her on the bed, watching us through heavy lidded eyes. Rachel lifted herself up, grabbed Katie's head, and then planted a forceful open-mouthed kiss right onto Katie's lips, shoving her tongue inside Katie's mouth with a healthy load of the cum I'd deposited there.

Katie went rigid, shocked into complete stillness. I heard a creaking moan come out of her mouth, torn between accepting my hot cum into her mouth and trying to understand that her best friend's lips were pressed against hers.

In the end, lust won out. Katie accepted the kiss, and as their lips rubbed against one another, she got hotter and hotter until she went on the offensive herself, tackling Rachel down to the bed where they continued to french madly.

Despite my tiredness, I found myself getting very aroused again watching this. I had heard of this sort of thing happening, but never dreamed of watching it in person.

Rachel had rolled them over until she was on top, her hands pawing at Katie's buoyant breasts. Katie pried her lips away for just a moment. "Rachel. Why did you do that?"

"Did you like it?" Rachel asked breathlessly.

Katie's blue eyes glittered. "Yes!"

"Hmm. Bill may have been the only man I knew. But I learned in cheerleading that most men are pathetic at eating pussy. So we learned to please each other." Her lips dove in and rubbed against Katie's mouth. "And there's just something so erotic about another woman's kiss that a man can't match."

"Mmm..." Katie answered agreeably as their tongues battled together.

The two women seemed perfectly happy to ignore me and just continue their makeout session, but then Rachel paused from kissing Katie just long enough to ask, "Has Johnny ever put it in your ass?"

Startled, Katie shook her head 'no'.

"Mmm, you'll have to try it. Believe me, you'll love it. But that's later." Rachel then turned her gaze to me, her eyes a fiery green. "Right now, Johnny's going to have to put it in MY ass first."

And with that, Rachel slid herself down to the foot of the bed, where she planted her feet on the floor and bent forward at the waist so that her face was in just the right position to bury her tongue into Katie's wet pussy, and her hands could still reach and fondle the heaving melons on Katie's chest.

"Oh, my!" Katie gasped. "What are you--?"

"Just relax, Katie," Rachel soothed. "You're going to love this."

"Ooooohhhh...." Katie was soon lost to the sensations pouring through her brain.

I just stood back and watched, my mind being blown away. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined two such gorgeous specimens of females pleasuring each other like this.

"Rachel. Rachel! So good!" Katie whimpered.

I briefly wondered if I should try and figure out exactly what Rachel was doing, so I could learn from her. But my other head was twitching with a mind of its own.

And so, staring then at Rachel's perfect ass, I slid off the bed and circled around until I was just behind the beautiful brunette. Holding my newfound erection in my hands, I stroked myself a few times before placing the head into the folds of Rachel's pussy. I wanted to feel this again first, for comparison if for nothing else.

Rachel let out a happy sigh as I sank my pole back into her, clamping her hands firmly on Katie's tits and pausing for a moment from her oral ministrations. But once I'd gotten myself seated all the way in, Katie put her hands on Rachel's head to direct her back into action. "Mm, you HAVE to keep licking me," Katie ordered. "Good lord you're good at that!"

With my hands on Rachel's hips, I slowly began to pump in and out, until the wonderfully tight friction had brought me to diamond hardness. It felt so good that I didn't want to leave. But when Rachel reached her hands back and spread her butt cheeks wide, showing off her red rosebud, my goal became clear.

"You sure?" I asked, still in mild disbelief.

Rachel didn't pull her head away to answer, instead just shaking her ass at me more vigorously in emphasis.

I pulled out of her pussy, my rod coated with girlcum and natural lubrications, then immediately I took my tool into my hand and pressed the head up against Rachel's asshole. Pushing together, we both strained and stretched until the mushroom head popped through.

All of a sudden the heat shooting through my cock was setting my body on fire, and then with an iron grip on her hips, I lurched forward and slammed myself all the way into her ass in one thrust, forcing a loud scream from Rachel.

"Oh my gawd..." I had never before felt such a strange and yet exciting sensation. The heat, the tightness, I couldn't believe it. And then uncontrollably I began to rock, driving my shaft up Rachel's ass over and over and over again.

My frenetic pace was spreading to Rachel, who was moaning up a storm even as her tongue, lips, and fingers started to go berserk on Katie's body, who was whimpering constantly and rubbing at her own nipples.

Rachel came once, very quickly, and was more energetically fucking back at me this time around. Soon after, Katie squealed and let loose another orgasm into Rachel's face, dumping wave after wave of girlcum before collapsing backwards and half-crawling away from Rachel.

Then once Katie was finished, Rachel moved forwards and off of my dick. She climbed up onto the bed, settling to her knees on the mattress but with her ass sticking back at me. I stepped up behind her and once again slid my cock up her backdoor, and now her hips were REALLY bouncing as we rutted at each other like animals. All her focus was solely on the pole splitting her wide open.

"Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck my ass!" she howled in delight.

She slipped a hand lower to play with herself even as I wrapped my hands around to seize those heavy breasts swaying back and forth, and then I used her tits as handholds to jerk Rachel's light body back against me with every driving plunge into her ass.

After Rachel's next climax, I slowed down into a less coordinated but more powerful lunge, slowly pulling back before forcing myself forwards in a long, hard thrust, my legs burning with the exertion.

"Oh, Rachel. Rachel! I'm gonna cum!" I moaned.

"Yes! Cum in me. Cum in ME!"

Only three more massive thrusts and then I felt my tightened balls suddenly go slack. White hot liquids rocketed up my shaft and splashed deep into Rachel's bowels, pumping into her anal cavity.

Rachel stopped rocking when she felt my explosion inside of her, and just pressed her butt cheeks tightly against my hips as I twitched and fired shot after shot.

And then I was done, and we collapsed onto the bed.

I was completely spent, tired from both the mental confusion and the all out fucking. Katie leaned over me and kissed me, a playful smile on her face. I gazed up in a daze at her. She looked over to Rachel, who was breathing heavily but still seemed more alert than me. "Let's get cleaned up."

Both women had to support me, staggering towards the bathroom. They put me in the bathtub and held me upright in the shower spray. I began to drift towards unconsciousness as I felt the warm water drifting over me, simply enjoying the feeling of two beautiful, naked women stroking and caressing my body.

When I was clean, they helped me out and set me onto Rachel's bed, and then left me as the blackness of sleep clouded over my vision. The last thing I remembered hearing was the sound of the shower being turned back on and the musical lilt of two girls laughing.


I woke up for only a few moments, still half in the dream world. Rachel lay next to me, her naked bosom heaving as her fingers trailed over and across her big, round breasts. I then saw the strawberry blonde of Katie's head actively moving between Rachel's legs while Rachel mumbled instructions to her.

And then sleep returned to claim me.


When morning came, I was lying back against the pillows, a warm naked body in my arms. The sunlight streamed through the window. And I saw that Katie was awake and sitting on the plush armchair in the corner. Her gaze turned away from the window, and a small smile crept to her lips as her eyes, reflecting the Sun, locked onto mine.

I glanced down. Rachel's head was pillowed against my chest. She slept peacefully with a content expression on her face. I just held onto her even tighter and she let out a happy sigh.

Two weeks later, Katie and I had a simple ceremony with just a few friends around to join us. We went away on our honeymoon to the sandy beaches and warmer weather, and made love many (many) times every day.

During the vacation, Katie also found that anal sex could be quite an exciting experience. It wasn't something she wanted to do every day. But I would be happy to help her explore that experience whenever she did feel in the mood.

On the last day of our honeymoon, Katie promised me that Rachel would have a special wedding present for us when we got back. And that we would be spending the whole day fully unwrapping and enjoying that present.


Eventually, our world fell into rhythm. We eased into new patterns, our daily work alternating with brief moments shared together in finding happiness.

Rachel had found a new energy, a new appreciation of her life, and really sank her teeth into running the farm. The mourning was over. She had her life to lead. With Katie's permission, she just needed to use me every now and again. I didn't mind much.

Lin was growing up fast, faster than I remembered myself growing up. She was a full-time high school student, one of the smartest in her class. She was dreaming about going to college and at the same time, discovering boys.

Lin would visit our place, often just to hang out with Katie while Rachel was busy running her farm. But Lin liked to spend time talking to me whenever she had the chance. I thought that maybe the color of our skin had something to do with it.

Rachel often teased me about Lin. When Rachel was sixteen, she had developed a crush on the cute farmer next door, and she warned me to be careful.

"She'll be trying to seduce you in a few years," Rachel told me.

But I really didn't think Lin had any sort of crush on me. "Uncle Johnny" was Lin's close confidant. I was her advisor, not just another "boy". She would hesitantly ask me questions about those mysterious males, and I did my best to give her honest answers. She asked me about kissing, and petting, and sometimes, going even further.

"How do boys like to be touched down there?"

"Now, Lin. Are you touching boys' peckers?"

"No. But I still want to know. How do boys like their peckers to be touched?"

"Uh, I don't think I can speak for all boys."

"Well, how do you like your pecker to be touched?"

In a very clinical way, I started to tell her. I surprised myself that during these discussions, I never found myself getting overly aroused. At all times, I was able to see Lin as Rachel's daughter, a mere child. I went through a slightly awkward description of the male anatomy. But the longer we kept talking, the more comfortable I got with the subject. I was in the middle of talking about that little spot under the mushroom head when Lin interrupted me.

"Wait, it'd be easier if you just showed me."

I looked down into my lap, where I was limp as a wet noodle. "Can't Lin. Doesn't work unless it's hard."

She pouted a bit at this, but accepted it. "Tell me more."

Even though I was only six years older than her, Lin had the male figure in her life she could look up to and trust absolutely. So when Lin had her first puppy- love boyfriend, I was the first one to find out. I felt very proud of that fact.

When it came to discussions about sex, Lin was in an ideal situation to honestly learn. The three adults in her life were all old enough to explain and protect. But we were all still young enough to remember the urges and desires of a teenager, willing to give her honest answers without becoming judgmental.

By the time her Senior Prom rolled around, Lin had grown up into a beautiful young woman in her own right. Katie and I were almost more excited than Lin was. Neither of us had gone to a fancy high school formal. In a way, we were living vicariously through her. So the day of the Prom, we drove down to the Taylor farm. I was pretty much useless, but Katie immediately went upstairs with Rachel to help Lin get ready.

Lin's boyfriend arrived right on time and as expected, Lin wasn't ready yet. She lived on a farm around two rough and ready outdoor-type women, but Lin had turned out to be a girly-kind of girl.

I chatted with the boy, who seemed oddly nervous. He was very careful when speaking with me, the way a boy might be careful around his girlfriend's father. A half-hour later, our awkward conversation mercifully ended when Rachel and Katie came scurrying down the stairs. Us boys stood at attention, and the next vision took our breath away.

Lin's hair was perfectly done, with little ringlets piled atop her head amidst a smattering of the ladies' best jewelry. Dangling earrings, a sparkling necklace, and a simple tiara adorned Lin's already porcelain pretty face. The pink dress showed off her willowy figure, with a tiny waist and the gentle swell of her budding breasts. She was a princess stepped right off the marble dance floor into our little farm town.

Lin's boyfriend tripped over himself trying to speak. Eventually, he didn't say anything, he just croaked out a funny noise to match his blown away expression. Lin took it for a nice compliment.

The Prom ended at midnight, so Lin told us honestly that she wouldn't be home until about 2AM. No one bothered to ask what she would be doing for the extra two hours. We just wished them well, and then the two kids were off to their big night.

Rachel, Katie, and I stood out on the porch until they were out of sight. My gaze followed the dust trail as the car drove away into the horizon. And then I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my chest from behind as a woman hugged herself closely to me.

Katie giggled, and then turned me around before kissing me fully on the lips. My heart leaped a short hop as I reveled in feeling this close to my Katie, my wife. Then she took me by the hand and started tugging me towards the front door. Rachel had already gone inside the house.

"Come on, Johnny," Katie said. "Rachel's been waiting for a night with Lin out of the house."

Katie led me to the stairs, but when we got there I stooped down and grabbed her. Then lifting her up and flipping her over my shoulder, I charged up the steps with Katie laughing all the way. Her shoes fell off and clattered onto the stair treads.

We burst into Rachel's room to find that she had already set the mood.

A few candles were lit around the room, the drapes pulled tightly closed. Rachel herself wore sheer lingerie in red, barely concealing her treasures but revealing enough to get a man's heart racing.

I strode forward and dropped Katie onto the bed next to Rachel, who turned immediately and planted a kiss on Katie's lips even as she began to unbutton Katie's blouse.

I yanked Katie's skirt off of her. Then, before Rachel had finished with Katie's blouse, and while she was still distracted, I suddenly tugged on Rachel's legs, pulling her ass to the edge of the bed where I whipped her red panties off, knelt at the bed, and buried my face into her pussy.

Rachel let out a moan, and lay her head back against the mattress to just enjoy my oral attentions on her. "Ohh, Johnny..." she crooned.

Katie meanwhile, finished unbuttoning her blouse, leaving her in only bra and panties. She reached under to unclasp Rachel's bra, then pulled the cups upwards to that the bra was still hanging around her neck but Rachel's heavy orbs were waving naked in the air. She knelt on the bed, and with delicate fingers, leaned down to caress and lick at Rachel's poking nipples.

Very quickly, we brought Rachel to a moaning orgasm; just a small, starter climax. Then, once Rachel's body stopped trembling, Katie slipped out of her remaining clothes and straddled Rachel's head, lowering her own steaming pussy to Rachel's face.

"Mm... ooh, right there. Yeah, like that. Like that! Ooh..." Katie moaned.

I stood up, pausing a moment to enjoy watching Rachel give my wife a tongue thrashing. But after a minute, the insistent twitching of my cock called my attention. I shed all of my clothes and finally all three of us were fully naked."Johnny, come here," my wife beckoned to me. I circled around the bed, and kneeling next to Katie I allowed her to lean over and suck my erect prick into her mouth.

For a few minutes, I simply held her blonde head while she bobbed back and forth on my cock, wet slurping noises mingling with her low moaning as she orally pleasured me.

"Katie, I love you," I groaned as she smiled around the thick shaft stretching her lips.

She brought me close to climax just once, and then let me go to focus on the brunette head still working away between her legs.

With my cock still jutting out and trembling with pent-up need, I got off the bed and circled back to the other end of our threesome. I moved in between Rachel's legs, up to the edge of the bed. And then holding her thighs in my hands, I sank my erection deep into Rachel's wet tunnel.

The three of us rocked back and forth on the bed, moaning and groaning and thrusting and twitching in our lovemaking. I had learned, with much practice, that Katie and Rachel were two very different lovers. The ways of pleasing one was not the same as the other. And so I carved and dug my shaft inside of Rachel in just the ways I knew she liked, and I drilled her thoroughly until I got the satisfaction of my desired response, as she was the first one climaxing again while I rode out the vibrations inside of her lovebox.

Katie came soon after, dumping her orgasm all over Rachel's face, crying out her climax and then falling off to lie panting on the bed next to her.

Once Katie moved, I leaned over Rachel, grabbing full handfuls of her big tits and with that firm grip started to really thrust vigorously into her willing body. Rachel was on birth control now; she had resigned herself to not having a baby of her own after Bill had died. So when I felt the telltale rush in my loins, and the pain of my balls contracting and notifying me of an impeding orgasm, I clamped my hands onto her ass and crammed as much of my meat into her as I possibly could. Only once I was drilled in as deep as I could go, I let go and felt the rush pour out of my body.

Rachel's eyes were sparkling as she felt the wet splash inside of her. I counted at least five massive blasts before I pulled out, my cock still firing away.

I got up and scooted onto the bed. One shot arced through the air to hit Rachel's breasts, and then I sank to my knees on either side of Rachel's chest, laying my rod between the soft globes and squeezing them together as I rubbed out the rest of my climax.

Katie moved her tongue to Rachel's tits, scooping great globs of my pearly white liquid and then pressing the droplets into Rachel's mouth.

Now that we had each gotten those first climaxes of pleasure out of the way, our movements became slow, casual, and lackadaisical. We had all night to pleasure each other.

I rested and recovered. It would take me a few minutes to recharge, as I wasn't as young as I used to be. I stayed put, my pecker immensely enjoying being wrapped up in Rachel's breasts. But she had other ideas as she turned me onto my back, and then hovered her head over my limp pecker. With a hand tickling my balls, she slurped me into her mouth and began to massage me with her tongue and lips.

Rachel was on all fours as she sucked me, and Katie slid herself down to the juncture between Rachel's legs, flipping onto her back and sliding up until her head lay between Rachel's knees. All at once, she buried two fingers into Rachel's sopping wetness, and then in a sudden motion, reached her hand around and sank her middle finger deep into Rachel's ass.

Rachel's body suddenly went tight, and her liplock on my newly rising shaft was so tight she was almost biting me. And then she started whimpering around my cock filling her mouth as Katie's tongue joined the fray. She paused just long enough to let out a breathy moan, "Oh, I missed you guys." And then she ducked her head once again to feed on me, her hand starting to pump along my expanding length.

Katie now had one set of fingers plunging in and out of Rachel's pussy and the other set violating Rachel's ass, and with her tongue wrapped around Rachel's clit she brought Rachel to a screaming orgasm, and she moved to the side, no longer able to keep blowing me.

This turned out to be fine, as I had gotten back to full mast. Then Katie moved up to me, straddling my hips. Her only words were a whispered "my turn" as she spread her pussy lips wide, and then sank her body down until I was firmly embedded within her in a comfortable embrace.

I reached my hands up to squeeze and rub at Katie's orbs. Barely smaller than Rachel's, they were still more firm and just as fascinating. I reveled in comparing the slight differences between such examples of female perfection.

"Ride me, cowgirl!" I urged my wife. She responded with fierce bucking on top of me.

We rocked and rolled with each other in practiced ease, driving each other to higher and higher plateaus of pleasure as we went. My hands kept moving back and forth between her hips to really grind her light body into my crotch and her tits bouncing in the air with our every plunge.

A few minutes later I had my hands on Katie's tight asscheeks as I jackhammered her along my shaft, little squeals and grunts popping out from our lovemaking. Then I saw soft, feminine hands snake out from behind Katie's bouncing body like two cobras moving in for the kill. And then Rachel's head appeared, nipping at Katie's neck while her palms filled themselves with Katie's tit flesh, moving in circles to tease the nipples. Then when Katie reached her own hands up, trapping Rachel's hands against her breasts and throwing her head back to shriek in orgasm, I found myself bellowing in return as Katie's inner muscles convulsed and drew my sperm out of me, ending in a cascade of fluids as our orgasms raced out of our bodies to crash together in a riot of ecstasy.

After another minute, our herky jerky bodies chugged to a stop. Katie glided off of me and sat down next to me, and then Rachel was pressing her tongue between Katie's nether lips to suckle our combined juices out of her.

I had a good life.


We all took a short nap, just a few hours. But then Rachel woke me up at 12:30 in the morning. We only had about an hour and a half before Lin's scheduled return home, (perhaps an hour to be on the safe side) and she needed to feel me at least one more time. Katie was still fast asleep next to us. She'd been feeling tired recently, and we thought it better to let her get more rest.

My mind was still half in the haze of unconsciousness when Rachel got me up. My pecker was already erect from some very pleasant dreams, and Rachel's hand in my shorts made sure that it would not be going away. She leaned in and kissed me. I did my best to kiss her back, but I could feel the heavy, draggy weight of sleep tugging me away. She glanced around for a moment, and then turned on the lamp on the bedside table, casting the room in a dim light just enough to let us see around the room.

Spotting her target, Rachel began to pull me off the bed. I guess she didn't want to wake Katie. Groggily, I let Rachel lead me over to the big armchair in the corner. She sat me down, and then tugged my shorts off of me. Her nightgown fell into a puddle on the floor. I blinked, and when my eyelids opened again I was balls deep inside Rachel's already spasming pussy. She was so worked up that she had a little climax as soon as I penetrated her.

My mind woke up just enough to fully realize what was going on, and I resigned myself to instinct as I began to pump with Rachel's rhythmic lifting and lowering herself in my lap. She crushed my head to her chest, and I rubbed my cheeks against her soft breasts as if they were the most comfortable pillows imaginable.

"Fuuuck, Johnny..." she groaned.

Rachel was moaning loudly as she fucked her body onto my stiff pole. I wasn't conscious enough to really participate beyond being a willing cock and some light thrusting, but then my mind really woke up when something caught my attention in the corner of my eye.

Only a few feet away from me, the bedroom door to my left had been creaked open, and the light from the bedside table spilled through the opening to cast a sliver of light through into the hallway. And in the hallway, that ray of light illuminated a wide-eyed face, and she was wearing a pink prom dress. She was close enough that I could hear the swish of her dress fabric as she moved.

Rachel let loose a particularly loud groan of pleasure as my shaft carved into a particularly nice corner of her box, and Lin's eyes went even wider. But then she noticed my stare, and Lin fled away from the doorway.

I turned my head, about to say something to Rachel. But then her tits crushed into my face, she was guiding a swollen nipple into my open mouth with one of her hands. I suckled obediently, my brain only able to lock onto one thing at a time. A moment later, I forgot about Lin as I felt the stirring in my cock from Rachel's energetic humping.

I sensed that she was getting close, and with my hands on her asscheeks, I started ramming her body down onto me. And at the final brink of ecstasy, I jammed a finger into her asshole and Rachel screamed loud enough to wake up everyone within ten miles.

I felt the adrenaline pumping into my heart, awakening my hard but half asleep pecker into full sensory awareness. I saw to my right that Katie really did wake up from that scream, and then she just smiled at us before lowering her head and going back to sleep.

I weathered the earthquake in Rachel's pussy, and then when she climbed out of my lap I felt a wrenching loss. But she immediately turned around, facing away from me, spread her ass cheeks wide and started squatting down, aiming my joystick at the little star of her asshole. I got my own shaft into a good grip, still coated with nectar, and when the purple head was in the right position, reached up and pulled her hips down onto me, savoring every moment of spearing up Rachel's heavenly backside.

Rachel gritted her teeth, and little tears streaked her face at the pleasure-filled pain as I violated her, and then as my brain started firing on all cylinders, I groaned and began to really fuck Rachel up the ass.

I was really starting to get into a groove, my hand reaching around and playing with Rachel's clit while my other hand reached up and squeezed on a full breast, when a sight in the corner of my eye almost caused me to lose my erection.

Lin was back; for how long, I didn't know. But she had changed into a nightshirt and shorts, and she was leaning against the doorjamb, watching me fucking her adoptive mother up the ass. For a moment, I was about to stop, but then my eyes trailed lower, and I saw that one of Lin's hands was in her shorts, rummaging around down there. Her eyes were glazed over, and I could see that she was panting slightly from arousal.

For the next five minutes, I didn't take my eyes of Lin. She obviously wore no bra, and her hard nipples were making sizeable dents in the baby-t nightshirt. For some reason, I kept focused on the hand in her shorts, imagining what was going on in there, and waiting for Lin's orgasm.

Rachel couldn't see the doorway unless she turned almost completely around, and with my hands on Rachel's tits I started to slam her body downwards with all my strength on every... single... thrust.

"Fuck me! Harder! Rip me open and fuck my ass!"

I opened Rachel up so fully that her asshole was stretched wide, and no longer clenching my rod. She was gliding smoothly up and down my shaft in a tight but slippery ring, and finally she came so hard that she let out another mind blowing shriek, then half collapsed back against me as all of her energy started to flee from her body.

In the midst of Rachel's raucous climax, I kept my eyes on Lin. And when she realized that Rachel was cumming, her eyes clamped shut and the hand down her shorts really started to go nuts. And then Lin gasped as she gave over to sensory overload, panting and audibly whimpering despite her best efforts to stay quiet.

That was what I was really waiting for, holding myself back for, and once Lin came I closed my eyes and let go of the tension in my balls. Rachel wasn't finished with her climax yet either when I started pumping gallons of my jizz up into her chute. With my hands on Rachel's tits and my eyes on Lin's quivering form, I just kept blasting and blasting and blasting away. Rachel was shuddering in my arms, until maybe 10 shots of semen into her later, she just crumpled into my lap, my cock still embedded in her ass.

I opened my eyes again, and Lin was gone from the doorway. We lay there for a few minutes, and then Rachel got enough energy to glance at the clock. "Just in time. Let's go clean up quickly and get back into bed."

I didn't know how to tell Rachel that Lin was already home. We showered quickly, cleaning each other up more for cleanliness than horniness. Beside, my cock was spent and wasn't coming back up for hours at least.

Once clean, I spooned in behind Katie, and then felt the warmth of Rachel spooned in against my back. Happy visions accompanied me back into the world of dreaming.


It wasn't until days afterwards that I got the chance to speak with Lin in private. It was late in the afternoon when Katie and Rachel had gone into town to shop for supplies, and Lin had come over to my place to hunt me down. When I saw her, I pulled a couple of beers out from the fridge. I was going to need one for this kind of conversation.

When she came into the house, I was sitting on the sofa. She was in a light summer dress, fitting for the spring weather. She came and sat right next to me. "Can I have one of those?" she asked, pointing at the beer.

I had let her drink a few on occasion, and I slid one over to her now. Rules were different when you're on a farm. You were old enough when you were old enough to handle it. Kind of like this conversation about sex was going to be.

She popped the top and took a healthy swig. "How long have you been sleeping with my mom?"

Direct and honest, the way our discussions had always been. But I had a feeling this one was going to be rather different. "A little over a year."

"Does Katie know?"

"Of course."

"Do you love my mom?"

I hesitated at that. It was a loaded question. But before I could respond, Lin was already adding another question.

"Aren't you only supposed to have sex if you love that person?"

"Well, yes."

"So you love my mom."

I turned it over in my head. All the little memories of my time with Rachel came into my head, and they weren't all about sex. More than I knew, I FELT the answer in the bottom of my heart. "Yes. I love her."

"How does that work? You can't love two people the same way at the same time, can you?"

"No, I don't think you can, not the same way at least. But that doesn't mean I don't love her. I love Katie as my wife. She's my soulmate. She's my partner. But I love your mom, too. She's this very important thing in my life. I would be heartbroken if she were ever to leave. And what we do together brings pleasure and happiness to the both of us. She's more than just a friend or just a neighbor. She's... she's Rachel."

Lin smiled a little timidly at me. "And what about me? Do you love me?"

"Of course I do, kiddo. You're just as much a part of my life as your mom. You're my little Lin."

"Hey!" she rolled her eyes. "Not so little anymore."

"Well..." For a brief moment, I let my eyes rove over her developing body and the memory of her masturbating in the doorway flashed into my mind. "Maybe not so little," I conceded.

"Hmph." She folded her arms, satisfied for the moment. She took a careful sip from her beer, wincing at the taste. She still didn't like the flavor, but she put up with it in an effort to feel more adult. And then her shoulders went straight, and she fixed me with a quizzical expression. "That second time, when I came back. Were you really sticking it in her ass?"

I nearly choked on my beer. I raised my eyebrows cautiously. "Well, yes."

"Does she like that?"


Lin paused to mull that for a while. It was an odd conversation to have with a High School senior. And I wanted to change the subject. I took a swig from my beer before saying, "Okay, now my turn. You came home early."

"Is that a crime?"

"No, I'm just curious what happened. Thought you were staying out later."

"You mean you and my mom thought you had more time to sneak around behind my back."

"Well... yeah. So what happened?"

"He wanted to get into my pants. I didn't want to yet. So I asked him to take me home."

"You weren't expecting him to want to?"

She gave me one of those teenage "duh" expressions. "Well, of course I knew he'd want to. But we'd never gone all the way before. Usually he'd be satisfied with a handjob. If not that, then a blowjob. Last night, even that wasn't enough for him."

I choked on my beer at this point. Lin had talked about maybe blowing a boy before, but she'd never mentioned actually doing it. "You gave him a blowjob last night?"

"Yes." She turned and looked directly at me. And she rubbed her lips together as she said this. Involuntarily, I felt myself getting a little flush thinking about it.

She noticed, and then kept on talking. "After we left the Prom, we went out to the cliffs. You know, that spot with the view where all the kids go to park and make out. Soon as we got there he got my top off and started sucking on my boobs. I was rubbing his dick through his pants, and then he was begging me to suck it. I figured it was prom night, so I opened his fly and starting sucking away. I loved hearing him moan and groan. It makes me feel sexy."

I half groaned when she said this, and Lin smiled when she heard me. She kept going. "I was stroking him in my hands as I played with his cock in my mouth. He really likes it when I wrap my tongue around that little mushroom cap. And then all of a sudden he was cumming, and I was swallowing it as fast as I could. I didn't want to get any on my prom dress. But he was cumming so much, and so fast, that some of it dribbled out of my mouth and fell onto his shorts."

I had quite an obvious tent in my own shorts now. I tried to think of her as Rachel's daughter, a little child. It wouldn't be right to think of Lin as a sexual creature. But she was a beer-drinking, blowjob-giving, hot little Chinese young woman, and she was messing with my head.

"But that wasn't enough last night. He kept pushing me to have sex. We got into a fight about it, and I told him to take me home. I was just coming up the stairs, when I heard my mom moaning like she was in pain or something. And then I saw you two. You know the rest."

I didn't say anything for a few minutes. The more I tried to get the picture of Lin sucking off her boyfriend out of my head, the more it stayed stuck in my head. Finally I asked, "So, you decide which school you're going to go to?"

Lin had aced her exams, and gotten accepted everywhere she applied. But money was the biggest problem with most, and she'd narrowed things down to the big university an hour away, or the bigger university far away but that was giving her a full scholarship.

"I'm leaving town. I want to stay close to here, but we just can't do the money thing. My mom has already done so much; I don't know anyone else around here who would've taken in a girl like me. I can't ask her for that kind of money to go to school here."

"We'll miss you."

"I know. I'll still come home for Christmas and everything. Hey, maybe by the time I come back, you'll have some little rugrats for me to play with! I kinda like the sound of 'Auntie Lin'." She had a sweet smile, and just like that I was able to snap my head around and think of her like Rachel's little girl. I felt my erection start to fade immediately."Maybe, maybe not. It's been years and Katie hasn't gotten pregnant yet." I was wistful, and staring out at the setting sun.

"What do you mean? Have you been trying to have kids for a long while? You never mentioned anything to me." Lin looked annoyed at me. Teenagers...

"No it's not that. We've never used any protection. Never. Didn't know about it when we were younger. We didn't have anyone around to teach us about sex. Never started to use it once we found out it existed. And in all those years, Katie's never gotten knocked up."

"Don't you worry about that? You ever think that there might be something wrong?"

"Sometimes. But then, I've heard of lots of couples who have a hard time getting pregnant. A lot of them go out and adopt, get kids like you. We keep meaning to go to a doctor and get her looked at. But we're so busy on the farm. And Katie's been really tired lately. She hasn't had much energy. So I figured, wait until she's feeling better and then we'll go get checked out."

We had another of those long pauses, the both of us just watching the sun creep towards the horizon. Then Lin got fidgety, and we returned to her favorite subject.

"So, you're just cumming into Katie without anything? No condoms?"


"What's that like? What does Katie say about that? Can she feel it? The only girls at school who'll talk to me about sex insist on condoms. They don't wanna get knocked up."

"Of course she can feel it. It's still a squirting hose."

"And that ass thing. Does my mom really like that? It sounds painful, but kind of interesting. I mean, you can't get pregnant from your ass right?"

I just shook my head, downing the last of my beer. My mind started calculating how long it would take to get a fresh one out of the fridge. This was going to be a long, long conversation.


Katie and Rachel came home a lot later than we were expecting. They had said they were just going supply shopping, but they were already hours overdue. And we had no way of contacting them.

Lin was just starting to panic when my truck came bounding up the road. I immediately knew something was wrong when I saw that Rachel was driving it instead of Katie.

I ran out, and Katie was looking paler than I ever remembered. I helped her out of the truck and then carried her into the house, gently laying her on the bed.

Rachel and Lin were right behind. Katie just fell asleep as soon as I put her down and tucked her in. She was still so beautiful, and peaceful in her sleep. Momentarily, a vision of the little strawberry-blonde girl I grew up with sprang to mind. My heart was racing with concern for my wife.

"Rachel, what the hell is wrong?" I demanded.

She just looked at me, tears of a different sort than I was used to dribbling from the corner of her eyes. "I took her to a doctor. Katie told me about your problems getting pregnant. Said she always knew there was something wrong with her. But then she said she knew you would worry, and she didn't want you to know she was going to get herself checked out. So she made me promise I'd sneak her away just to find out."

"And?" Fear gnawed at my heart.

"Katie can't have children, Johnny. She's got some bad disease."

A deep sorrow filled me just then, but I fought it back because there was something more pressing in my mind. "But she'll be okay, right? They can fix her, right?"

Rachel just started crying, and didn't answer. I grabbed her shoulders, panic fully setting in. "Rachel, tell me she'll be all right!"

"Katie's dying!"


The Rhythms of Life keep moving on: Tragedy, happiness, sadness, love. One day I'm crying. The next, I'm laughing at one of Katie's little jokes. Life goes on.

Except, if I lost Katie, I didn't know how my life could continue on. I didn't want to go on without her. I didn't want to be completely on my own.



Katie was very sick. The doctors had some complicated medical term for what disease she had, but I didn't understand it. All I knew was that the disease was the reason she couldn't have children. And the disease was slowly killing her.

On the bright side, there were ways of fighting it. Medicine existed that could possibly cure her, but there were no guarantees. And the medicine and treatments weren't cheap, either.

We were farmers. We didn't have things like 401K's and comprehensive medical coverage. The hospital was willing to pick up a good chunk of the cost. We applied for every government aid we could find. We tried to make things work out, at least for a few months. Rachel pitched in wherever she could and even Lin volunteered her last summer before college to help us out. But after the harvest, when the bills were starting to pile up, I knew the seriousness of the situation.

I had to sell the farm.

The farm was the only real asset we had. The only thing of any value. It was completely paid for, and the money would be enough to cover all of Katie's medical bills.

Rachel was right next to me when Katie and I made our decision. And within three seconds she offered to take us in, rent-free. I hugged her a big thank you.

The new owners would be good people. But they were an older, country folk. I could tell from the beginning that they'd be good farmers and decent neighbors, but we weren't about to develop the kind of bond Katie and I had shared with Rachel. It broke my heart to move our things out of our old barn loft.

But it broke my heart even more to see Katie in the condition she was in. In the past few months, mercifully, she had gotten no worse. She was always tired, but she was able to move around, do some basic chores around the house, and make herself useful. Katie refused to give in and just play the dying person. She was a fighter. And she was all the more beautiful because of it.

It was time for the Fall Harvest and I took over running Rachel's farm. She said more than once that she was getting a bargain in taking us in, getting far more than she was giving up. Rachel put us up in the unused bedroom on the main floor. It was easier for Katie not having to go up and down the stairs.

Despite her illness, Katie and I made love as often as we could. It wasn't as much as we'd used to, otherwise she'd get too tired. But she got in the habit of saying, "Johnny, I may be sick, but you're still my husband! Now get over here and fuck me!" I loved the fire in her sky blue eyes when she said that.

Katie also insisted that we continue our "more-than-friends" relationship with Rachel. She reasoned that Rachel still needed a man in her life and it did make all three of us happier. No matter how often I practiced, Rachel was still better at munching Katie than I was. Besides, in a way it made Katie feel better about her situation that Rachel could still fuck me with an energy she couldn't match. She wanted to know her man was satisfied.

The rhythms of our life kept us going. Wake up, do your job, go to sleep. Plant, tend, harvest, sell. Smile for Katie. She was depending on me to keep us together, to keep us afloat.

I took her into town twice a week for her treatments. But for those first few months, she wasn't getting any better. The doctor told me there was a bright spot in that. The ones that died usually got really, really sick in the first six months. If she made to the New Year, she would probably be alright.


I sat back naked on the bed, my legs spread wide. I had a tight pussy wrapped around my erection, and I looked down to see my cock be slowly revealed and then disappear behind a tight ass. I had a pair of firm, round orbs in my hands as Katie's light body glided up and down along my pole. Her ribs were stretching a bit at her skin, shallow bumps easily visible to the naked eye. But the lost weight had done nothing to Katie's tits, which were just as big as I'd always remembered them.

I grunted, then leaned up and tickled the underside of Katie's breasts. "Mmm, you should've gone on this diet a long time ago," I joked.

Katie didn't respond except to whimper. She pressed the brunette head in her crotch a little tighter, and Rachel slid her tongue off of my cock and returned it into the folds around Katie's clit.

Slowly the three of us kept pulsing together, the three of us making love together, while most of the focus was on Katie. Already she'd had two orgasms, and Rachel and I weren't going to stop until Katie literally passed out from pleasure.

"No more..." my beautiful blonde wife pleaded. But we didn't believe her and we didn't let up on her. Katie's body was tensed so tightly and she quivered wonderfully. Even the doctors had said that more sex would be good for her. In the long run it would lift her spirits, at the very least.

We kept grinding slowly, and I had just enough stimulation from the tight tunnel and Rachel tonguing my balls, but I refused to let myself come yet. Rachel fingered herself to one orgasm inside of her skirt, but then was able to re-focus her attention on Katie.

With a thick cock filling her up, a tongue wrapped around her clit, and four hands caressing and squeezing every square inch of her body, Katie finally came to a third orgasm.

As her whole body shuddered, the feeling spread like a tidal wave, a quaking trembler that carried up until her eyes just rolled back and she faded into unconsciousness, her ravaged body giving out for just the moment.

I lifted her gently off me, laying her down next to me and tucking her in. "Happy birthday. We'll get the cake out later."

Katie just mumbled happily, and then sank deeper into her trance.

I turned back, and without a word, Rachel closed her lips around my erection, now throbbing painfully from such a long stimulus without being allowed to cum. Quickly, methodically, she squeezed and sucked powerfully, drawing my sperm out of me until with great relief, my balls loosed and I was spurting my load down Rachel's throat.

She drank and drank and drank, swallowing every drop. And when I finished, she merely licked her lips then stood up and kissed me gently. She was still fully dressed. There was no need for a sex session of our own. This night was about Katie.

We headed out and began to prep for the party. Katie would be up in a couple of hours.


Lin came home as often as she could during that first year. She was back for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. She was respectful of us, doing everything she could to help out with an array of chores.

When she came home for the first time, Thanksgiving, she pointed to the beer in my hand and asked, "Can I have one of those?"

Wordlessly, I tossed her a cold one and watched, surprised, as she popped the top and proceeded to chug the entire bottle. No more sipping while fighting away the bad taste. I wondered just what Lin was going to college for.

We had our usual talks to catch up and fill each other in on our lives. She had met the usual crew of boys at school. Some were nice. Most wanted to get into her pants. I couldn't really blame them. Lin was growing up into a very pretty young lady, and her exotic looks stood out from the crowd like a brilliant flame. Despite my "big brother" attitude towards her, I still recognized beauty when I saw it.

I was very pleased to learn that she was still a virgin. I reminded her to save herself until she was sure about the man she was giving herself to. He didn't necessarily have to be "the one" or anything, but Lin remembered our talks about having some love there and being certain that he really cared about her.

She said that the most unusual thing about college was meeting a lot more Asian people than she was used to seeing. It felt odd learning things about the Chinese culture she'd never known before.

But as much as I enjoyed finding out all the little details of Lin's life, I appreciated her even more as an extra pair of eyes to watch over Katie.

Katie noticed too.

Lin was home for the Christmas break and had automatically restarted her shadowing of my wife during each day. Rachel and I had just seated ourselves at the dinner table after some very productive work. Katie and Lin brought over the meal plates as usual, but Katie planted my plate in front of me with a loud *thunk*.

"Johnny, please tell Lin that she doesn't have to follow me EVERYWHERE."

I glanced over where Lin was staring straight down at the table as she finished laying out the additional place settings. Her eyes were downcast as she pretended not to hear Katie's complaint while she went about her duties. Then I turned back to see a maelstrom of a storm in my wife's blue eyes.

"Katie, she's just doing exactly what I asked her to do."

"Then ask her to stop!" She still looked so beautiful when she was angry. "I am FINE. Quit your worrying."

"I will worry. I promised I WOULD worry. I'm pretty sure that was in our wedding vows. Now I'm your husband and I love you and that's that."

It was my secret weapon. Every time I told Katie that I loved her, she couldn't possibly continue fighting with me. I saw the tug of a smile at the corners of her lips, but she smothered it with a forced frown and then went back to setting up dinner.

Still, my wife had her obstinate farmgirl streak going. She'd always known herself to be a capable woman, beautiful and soft one moment and then rough and tumble the next as need be. She stubbornly insisted that she was fine and always stretched herself a little too far in trying to live a "normal" life. With Lin shadowing her, I felt much more comfortable knowing that Katie always had someone nearby just in case.

It was a good thing, too. Two days later, Katie collapsed in the kitchen and five seconds after that, Lin had sounded the alarm and everyone came running.

I held Katie's crumpled body in my arms the whole way to the hospital. Her normally brilliant blue eyes were a stormy navy color and unfocused; her breathing was shallow.

Bad things always happened to us in the wintertime. And Katie hadn't made it to the doctor's invisible New Year's goal. The whole ride there I pleaded, "Don't leave me..."


Katie didn't leave me that night. But when we brought her home the next day, she didn't even have the energy to stand. I carried her to our bedroom on the first floor. She was asleep even before her head hit the pillow.

All I could do was kiss her cheek and then walk away. Staying there, staring at my wife would drive me insane. I would be back after a short walk.

Fortunately, the winter was an off-season. Farm life is cyclical. You have busy times and then you have down times. And in this down time I devoted everything I had to taking care of my wife.

I was able to focus myself on taking care of Katie. It was heartbreaking to see the vibrant young woman of my memories reduced to the point where she couldn't take care of herself. She was on intense painkillers and spent the vast majority of each day lying still and sweating. She needed my help just to get changed or go to the bathroom. I honestly didn't mind. She was still the most important thing I had in the world.

At first I felt guilty about shirking my farm duties. But when I tried to go out, Rachel turned me around and sent me marching back into the room. "Johnny, I know how to run a farm."

And then when I awoke in the middle of the night, absent-mindedly grinding my erection into Katie's backside, she stirred and then ordered me to Rachel's bedroom, pleading exhaustion.

I refused to leave and cuddled up to my wife, promising myself that I would restrain myself until Katie got better. It wasn't Katie's fault that the disease robbed her of so much energy. But it happened a few nights in a row, my subconscious mind dreaming about sex constantly and my erection solely focused on locating a willing pussy. Katie, half-awake herself, would repeatedly insist I take my hormonally-infused dick upstairs.

The first time I finally accepted Katie's order and went to Rachel's bed, for a brief moment, I was actually nervous. True, I'd had sex with Rachel many times, but those had ALWAYS been with Katie present and participating. It's not like I felt I was cheating on Katie or anything, far from it. It just felt a little weird. We'd just never done it alone before.

Rachel was more than willing, welcoming me into her arms in the dead of night. The next twenty minutes felt surreal. We fumbled in the darkness, just a touch of illumination from the moonlight enough to let me see Rachel's sparkling green eyes. Our bodies moved together for the first time without the presence of Katie nearby, and something in the back of my mind warned that there was something... wrong... in that.

But as my cock slid in and out of Rachel's heavenly pussy, the pleasure was smothering that "wrong" idea until I didn't notice it anymore. The fact was, after I got some orgasmic relief, everyone in the house slept better.

So the next night, we did it again.

And then the next night.

I felt extreme guilt, especially since Katie soon lacked the energy for sex during the daytime as well, which left me making love ONLY to Rachel and never my wife. The guilt tore at me, but every night Katie always mustered enough energy to command, "Go get laid. And stop moping around."

So I worked my fingers to the bone doing farm work. I even started staying out later than usual to keep my mind occupied. And I alternated between making love to Rachel while half-picturing Katie on occasion, and fucking Rachel within an inch of her life while trying in vain to unleash my frustration.

When Lin came home for the Easter break, I really didn't see much of her. Actually, I didn't see much of anyone else either. I was ragged from stress, and wasn't eating much. Rachel started to tease me that she'd thought Katie was the sick one, but I was losing more weight.

Some nights I'd drag myself out of our bedroom and collapse, exhausted, onto the couch. Rachel would come and put my head into her lap, speaking softly to me until I fell asleep.

It was one night, Katie fast asleep, when I found myself burnt out, lying back on the sofa, my head in Rachel's lap as she slowly stroked my head. The image of Katie lying perfectly still, like in death with only a hint of color still in her pale cheeks, refused to exit my mind. That image was driving me insane. Only the gentle rhythm of Rachel's palm against my scalp kept my demons at bay.

"I love you, Johnny."

The warmth in her voice surrounded me like a cozy blanket. And the words seemed to melt a lot of the tension in my muscles. I didn't say anything in return, just turned my head and looked up into her face.

It was the first time Rachel had verbalized those words to me, but it wasn't the first time I felt that sentiment from her. Her brilliant green irises glittered as she looked down at me. "After Bill died, I thought that part of my heart went away and would never come back." She paused, and then looked away. I could see the mist forming in her eyes. "But you're a good man. You've taken care of me, and you've been a great friend to Lin."

I thought about that for a long while. Neither of us spoke, I just tried to collect my thoughts. I had been so exhausted worrying after Katie, I wasn't sure I could handle this much emotion. "Well I think you've been taking care of me and Katie, not the other way around."

Her palm just kept stroking against my head. "Think nothing of it Johnny. I may give you a roof, but you and Katie give me so much more. You two are my partners in life. I can't imagine life on this farm without you and Katie here. I love you both."

It didn't even take a moment for me to find the same warmth in my own heart. "I love you too, Rachel." I caught the smile tugging at her lips as I said this. "I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't taken us in. And I don't know how we could have survived without your care. I feel like we've been nothing but a burden, but you welcomed us in as if we were family.""We are family, Johnny."

I found myself getting misty eyed right then. I wasn't a crier. I hadn't cried once since I found out Katie was sick, and hadn't cried for years before that. But now the emotions were boiling over me.

I had locked away the sheer terror of losing Katie. I was the man of the house, and I'd bottled up my emotions for so long. But now the part of me that was frightened was coming out. I hadn't faced it, only tried to ignore it.

But now, I let myself go.

And so the night passed with Rachel holding my head in her embrace, saying nothing. No words were needed. I could feel the warmth of her love surrounding me. I don't know if I would have been able to endure those many long months if it weren't for her.


Things changed in my life after that night. I was still worried about my wife, but there was an extra spring in my step that had gone missing when Katie had taken ill. I had the energy of a normal day, instead of the hollow, weighted-down feeling I'd endured for many months. I'd accepted our lives.

Rachel smiled at me as I came into the kitchen, and I felt my heart lifting up. Automatically, I took her into my arms, dipped her as if in a ballroom dance pose, and kissed her passionately.

When I finally stood her up, she was breathless and glowing. "Wow!"

"Good morning, Rachel." And then I was off to the fields. Spring planting was almost done.


When I came back to the house, I first washed my hands and then pecked Rachel on the lips. I headed to my bedroom to check on Katie. She was sleeping peacefully. I paused to wipe the sweat off her face with a clean washcloth and then kissed her forehead tenderly. And then I was back outside.

Rachel and I chatted for an hour after dinner, recapping the day and various humorous events that had occurred with some of the staff. And after one more check on Katie, we retired upstairs to her bedroom.

I was filled with my love for this woman, and it showed in the way I embraced Rachel. This night, I never envisioned I was making love to Katie. This night, there were no frustrations to drive-out of me in a manic fuck. There was only me and Rachel, a woman I loved dearly.

Fully clothed, we found ourselves with limbs entwined and pressed together chest-to-chest. Rachel lay mostly beneath me, my right leg hooked around hers. I reached up with my right hand to brush her bangs out of her eyes while her eyes remained fixed on mine.

"How are you doing?" she asked with sincere concern.

"I'm fine." It wasn't a lie. I really felt fine. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers.

She welcomed my kiss and returned it full force. Our tongues sparred briefly before we found a comfortable arrangement and then there was nothing to stop us from devouring each other's face.

A few minutes went by, and then I made the first move to undress us. My fingers went to the buttons of her blouse, opening them slowly and one at a time. Her breathing was shallow; her breasts rising and falling as I slowly peeled back the thin fabric and exposed the creamy flesh.

Rachel's moans were in my ear as my face ducked down, rubbing my cheeks into her deep cleavage as my fingers pulled down on her bra cups. Her arms went around my neck as I lifted up her torso, giving myself the space to take off her blouse and unsnap her bra. And then at last her upper body was bare beneath me.

My eyes went wide as I took in the beauty of her nakedness: perfect breasts, delicate collarbone and neckline, and gorgeous face worthy of a Greek statue.

Rachel took her turn to pull off my shirt. And then we were rolling back and forth on the bed together, rotating who was on top so offending garments could be removed until we were at last fully nude.

I made a move lower, but Rachel held my head up before she flipped us over and put me in a comfortable position on my back with my head on a pillow. And then with a wicked smile, she crawled her way across the bed until she was kneeling over my cock.

"I'm going to suck you now, Johnny. I'm going to suck you until you cum in my mouth. Would you like that?"

I could only nod vigorously.

"Thought you would." Her green eyes flashed in the evening light before she looked downwards. And fisting my cock, her mouth opened up and an surrounded me with warm paradise.

"Ohh... Rachel..." I groaned.

Her right hand wrapped around the shaft and began pumping me slowly but firmly. Her left hand went lower, her fingertips a feather-light brush against my balls. And her mouth was a wonder of movement around my crown as she brought me to brink of orgasm faster than I would have thought possible.

Looking for a way to delay my climax, I sat up and began jerking her hips around to me. Figuring out my motives, Rachel let up her oral attack and moved with me until we were in a sixty-nine and I could feast on her juicing pussy.

For just a brief moment, I thought back to all the times Katie and I were doing this exact same thing in our barn loft. And I promised myself Katie would be healthy enough very soon to do this again. Besides, I very much wanted to see Katie doing this with Rachel again.

But in the meantime, Rachel deep-throated me and began sucking powerfully, and the pleasure called my attention to the task at hand.

I managed to eat her to one orgasm before the hot brunette's talented mouth brought me off. Her fingers squeezed at my balls while she fastened her lips around my shaft, swallowing quickly while I pumped load after load of thick man- cream into her mouth.

Of course, we weren't done yet.

Rachel turned about and cuddled into my arms, kissing me gently. I'd never minded the taste. One of her hands idly stroked my half-deflated pecker. We both knew it would come up on its own eventually. So for now we just enjoyed our kisses.

When my erection did come up, I was spooned in behind her, holding a heavy breast in one hand and stroking her leg with the other. I kept Rachel on her side while I shifted down so I was straddling one of her legs. I entered her from behind, my cock burrowing down into her furthest depths while my body curled over her to cuddle closely once again. Only this time we were joined as one.

I was able to kiss her face, kiss her spine, and lean down to kiss her tits while we made love, the position letting me get so deep inside her body while her pussy clamped down on me so tightly.

"Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck me! Oh heavens, fuck me!" she chanted endlessly.

I got a finger on her clit, and after ten minutes Rachel had already lit off into three orgasms. And in the end, Rachel kicked her leg over so we could press close together in a natural missionary position. And while gazing deeply into her vermillion eyes, I felt my climax approaching.

"Oh, Rachel... I love you..."

"I love you, too..." And then she kissed me. Our mouths were open and our tongues were in each other's mouth when I exploded, shooting ropes of cum out to splatter against her vaginal walls.

We fell asleep together, wrapped up and cuddled for the entire night, just the two of us.

The next day was pretty much the same.

And the next.


It was during a festival in town that the reality of my new existence first hit me. The Fourth of July fireworks were launching off in the evening sky, and most people came into town from miles around to meet in the square and enjoy the festivities.

Rachel and I had ventured in to see the sights, buy some candy, and socialize with a few acquaintances. Lin was back for the summer and she was keeping an eye on Katie for me back home.

On more than one occasion throughout the night, I'd seen a younger boy staring at us in the corner of my eye. Now, Rachel and I were at a street vendor picking up some useless trinkets and caught the same boy watching us again, only half- hidden in the shadow of a storefront.

It wasn't the first time a young person had stared at me around town. For many children, I was the first Asian person they'd ever seen. But this boy looked to be at least a young teenager.

I led Rachel along the shops in his general direction, and with a wide-eyed start, the kid realized he had nowhere to hide without making an obvious dash away.

"Hello there," I offered, keeping my voice warm and friendly. Many children relaxed when they found that I could speak perfect, unaccented English. "Have you never seen a Chinese man before?"

Rachel smiled and held onto my arm, snuggling herself tighter into my grasp in an affectionate cuddle. She was used to these encounters.

"Uh, no... I mean, yes! Yes, sir, I have. I'm very sorry. I know it's not polite to stare, sir. But I wasn't staring at you." He looked downcast for a moment and then he moved his gaze over to Rachel, bright wonder in his eyes. "I couldn't help but admire how beautiful your wife is. She's the prettiest girl I've ever seen."

Almost on instinct I was about to correct him and explain that Rachel was not my wife. But then in a way, I felt like she was. And it was an easy mistake to make the way we were clutched together. Clearly, I didn't know what to say.

Rachel swooped in and answered, "Why thank you. That's the nicest compliment I have had in a good long while." She turned to me and punched me gently in the arm. "A little TOO long to go without a nice compliment."

I spent most of the drive home thinking about what the boy said and about the perception of people outside our home. Rachel and I were family now; I'd accepted that. But where Katie was still my wife legally, Rachel had been my wife in action for a long time now. She was the one who I shared my day with. She was the one asking me how I felt or just spending hours talking with me about nothing.

Already, people had started their whispers behind my back when I'd begun appearing in public with Rachel by my side. Everyone we knew and most people in the town knew I was married to Katie but that we stayed on Rachel's farm. But for a long time Rachel and I had not been shy about public affection. While it made for juicy gossip, the townsfolk had come to accept that we were together.

And importantly, for six months now, Rachel had been the only one sharing my bed. Katie had simply lacked the energy. No matter what my intentions had been, Rachel had become like a true wife to me already.

It was strange to think about. Rachel, me, Katie, and Lin. We were all just ten years apart and not blood-related in the slightest. We were more than just neighbors or friends. I knew I loved Rachel. I imagined I loved Rachel more than a lot of married couples loved each other. Our circumstances were just different from a normal couple, that's all.


By the time the fall harvest came around, Katie hadn't gotten any better in the entire year. And she was seriously considering her impending death. Some days, her body would hurt so much, both from the disease and the harsh medications, Katie told me she wished she could die just to make the pain go away.

One night, she kissed me as if for the last time on this world. "Rachel would make you a good wife, you know. And when I'm gone, you should marry her."

It was a thought I didn't want to consider. Not that I had a problem with being married to Rachel. But that it would mean Katie was no longer with us. And I knew that half of my heart would fade along with her.

"Come on, Johnny. You're already her husband as much as Bill ever was. Some government piece of paper won't make a difference."

Katie may have been right, but I couldn't accept it at the time. Only one real love in my life might be simpler, but it was an idea I was dead set against. All I said was, "I know Rachel is here, supporting BOTH of us. But that's no excuse for you to give up. I still need you in my life."


When the next winter came, a bad feeling was gnawing at my gut. Bad things really always happened to us when winter came. The Masters, Bill Taylor, Katie's relapse, and other assorted events had befallen us when the weather turned cold. I could only pray that the rhythms of our life would keep rolling. That tragedy and sickness would come, but I could not last forever. That hope and health had to be right around the corner. That I was worried over nothing.

But I was wrong.

Two weeks later, Katie lapsed into a coma. The doctors weren't sure if she would ever wake up. They moved her to the hospital where various machines would monitor her full time.

The good news was that it was a shallow coma, her body still getting lots of nutrients and inner activity, so if she ever woke up there was a good chance she could wake up and become as good as new. And we'd had the time to whisper our undying love for each other before her eyes closed.

But then two weeks after that, the doctors told us we'd better prepare our final goodbyes.


I sat on the porch of our house, numb to the world. The night air was bitter cold, but I didn't feel it. The moon shone brightly through a haze of clouds, but I didn't see it. I wasn't thinking. I wasn't feeling. I simply sat there.

They would turn off Katie's respirator at 8am tomorrow. Katie had made me promise we wouldn't keep her hooked up to a machine forever. If it was her time to go, then it was her time. She had been there for me when I was just a boy, on my own. And then we'd grown up together. But perhaps now my time with her was at an end.

Rachel came out with a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee. I barely sensed her presence as she wrapped the blanket around me and set the coffee down on the table next to me.

After what seemed like hours, the coffee was cold and untouched, and I was still staring off at nothing.

But then suddenly there was a warm body sitting in my lap. The abrupt weight and the unbelievable heat around me shocked me back into reality for a moment. I had become so cold that simple body heat felt like it was burning my skin.

"Johnny?" Rachel asked. She was wrapped up in her own blanket, her eyes red from her own crying.

"I'm here," I answered.

"Sorry for intruding, but I just couldn't be alone inside anymore. Lin already went to bed."

Inwardly, I groaned. I wanted my mourning, but at the same time, I'd neglected to consider how hard this was on Rachel as well. I had always been on the receiving end of her comfort. She was always consoling me over Katie's gradual decline. And yet the situation was tearing her apart and she had no one else to console her.

I wrapped her up in my arms as Rachel turned to straddle my legs, facing me. I felt at least some peace come over me as she leaned forward and let her forehead come to rest against mine. We just held each other for a few minutes, breathing slowly.

"She was your best friend," I mumbled. "I'm sorry for being selfish and worrying only about myself. I know you'll miss her too."

Immediately she answered, "You don't ever have to say you're sorry. I know what it's like to lose a spouse. You have every right to be a little selfish."

Then she turned my head and held it to her chest, where I could hear her heart beating strongly. "I thought I was all on my own. But you and Katie were there for me. The least I can do is return the favor."

"Thank you," I sighed and let some of the tension run out of me. As much as I hated it, I'd known the end was coming for Katie and me, and a part of me had accepted it. I was so very thankful to Rachel for supporting me... truly loving me; and I loving her...

So I said it... "I love you, Rachel."

She picked her head up and we looked into each other's eyes. "I know. I love you, too." It was a familiar phrase between us already.

But that wasn't good enough for me. The tone in her voice had been a love of family, of reliability and support and concern. I wanted her to realize what she meant to me and I wished there was some higher word I could use to make her understand. "No, Rachel. I LOVE you. I love you as a partner in my life. I love you as my wife, in spirit even if not in legal name... well, yet."


"I want to marry you, Rachel."

Her breath was suddenly gone, and Rachel clutched herself to me in mild shock.

I just held her and continued. "I know the timing might be weird. But I talked this over with Katie a long time ago. You're already my wife. I'm already your husband. The love I feel for you deserves nothing less than that title."

Rachel just seized my head in her hands and planted a fat kiss on my cold lips. The heat of her passion soon warmed me and the touch of her tongue re-ignited the roar of my heart. And when she finally pulled away, her emerald eyes flared before suddenly tightening in a wince.

"I want to feel happy," Rachel moaned. "But I'm guilty at the same time. We wouldn't be having this conversation if Katie wasn't sick."

"We could agonize over the 'ifs' for eternity. But what's real is how we feel about each other. Maybe we won't get married right away. Maybe it will take some time before I'm emotionally ready for a ceremony like that. But I wanted to let you know my intentions. I love you, Rachel. And when the time is right, will you marry me?"

Tears burst forth as if the fragile dam holding her emotions back simply disintegrated all at once. And then Rachel was kissing me as if she'd never kissed me before. She broke away just long enough to whisper an ecstatic "Yes!" and then went right back to kissing me.

The cold, biting air of winter seemed to evaporate, leaving nothing but the warmth of our love cocooning around our bodies. Our lips stayed pressed together, joy at new beginnings still bittersweet by the thought of my beautiful wife slipping away. She slipped off of my lap and started tugging me out of my chair. "We still have a few hours before we have to go to the hospital. Come inside and make love with me."

I smiled.

"Besides," Rachel teased, "Katie will rest easier knowing we still have each other."

I followed Rachel up the stairs and into her bedroom, or rather, OUR bedroom. I'd been sleeping in this upstairs room for quite some time.

At the foot of the bed, Rachel turned around and beckoned me into her embrace. We stood and kissed again. I felt the wonder of rediscovering her as if we were new lovers, and yet our actions were well coordinated and familiar as people practiced at making love to each other.

I turned and slid myself into the covers of the bed, feeling the initial shock of cold sheets before my body heat slowly began to thaw them out. I scooted around until I was sitting upright, reclining back against soft pillows while I watched the grace of Rachel's movements.

She stepped to the side of the bed nearest to me before slipping off her robe and then reaching to the fasteners of her nightgown. Without hurry, she shed each layer of clothing, looking down into my eyes the whole time.

Despite her stripping and the tug of desire to watch each inch of skin reveal itself to me, I found my gaze locked right back into Rachel's brilliantly green eyes. And so she became fully nude without me really noticing, and then she slid her body directly on top of mine and tucked herself underneath the blankets to shield herself from the cold.

I held her hips and positioned her directly over me while she parted my robe to the sides and pressed her palms against my bare chest. And as her knees planted on the mattress on either side of me, Rachel slid back and dragged my pajama pants and underwear down until we were both naked.

No words were spoken. None were needed. Our hearts communicated this need to each other. We both were broken inside, and somehow being together made us whole once again. Making love like this convinced us that things weren't so bad.

Her tongue dipped in between my lips at the same time her hips descended down and my hard cock glided through her wet folds and penetrated deeply into Rachel's body.I gasped into our kiss feeling that initial union. It felt fuller, richer, and somehow more special. I hadn't felt like this since I first made love to Katie, as if my body understood the magnitude of first joining with a soulmate.

I couldn't tell you if we made love for 3 minutes or 3 hours. All I know is that we didn't change positions. Our two bodies rocked against each other and our faces never moved more than a few inches apart. The sweat poured across both our bodies, her voluminous breasts mashed against my chest. I was out of breath and my muscles ached and yet nothing in the world could stop us from thrusting.

And when we climaxed, the outpouring of love was infinitely larger than the outpouring of fluids from my body into hers.

My wife. My love. Rachel was nothing less to me.

In the morning, I would lose a soulmate and Rachel would lose a best friend. But together we would survive. With her by my side, I would never be on my own.


My skin was a pale gray. Lin had to prod me to remind me to keep breathing. But it was hard to remember to make my lungs move. After all, Katie's body was right in front of me and her chest barely twitched as she took in shallow breath after shallow breath.

The Rhythms of Life keep moving on: Tragedy, happiness, sadness, love. Katie would soon leave this world. But hope and Rachel's love would follow after. Life goes on.

I don't remember what each of us said. The words themselves are not important. But Lin, Rachel, and I each said goodbye.

And then with Katie's hand in mine, I told the doctor to go ahead and do it.

He waited just two seconds to see if I was going to change my mind, and then the heavy machinery chugged to a halt as it shut down.

The electronics that were breathing for her came to a stop, and Katie's chest sagged down as various lights and noises blinked out around us, leaving the room in deathly quiet.

And then Katie's chest rose up again. It barely moved, but it moved. And the heartbeat monitor kept up the same constant pace.

The doctor looked rather puzzled. He had warned me that people could survive for days after being taken off the life-support equipment. But Katie had needed the respirator to breath for weeks now. Her body shouldn't be able to breathe without it.

And yet, her chest kept moving.

Rachel clutched onto me and I kept my hand clutched onto Katie's as our minds raced, wondering what was going on.

The doctor was suddenly in motion, pulling the tube out of Katie's throat and then yelling for the medical staff.

I'll never forget those frantic few minutes. A lot of technical phrases were shouted out and my little family, Lin and Rachel and me, stayed huddled in the eye of the storm.

But there is singular memory I take from that day: the moment Katie's hand squeezed mine.




Katie remained in the hospital for another week, slowly regaining her strength. I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from my heart on the second day when she opened her eyes and looked at me. The irises were as clear blue as the day I met her so long ago. But my hope was tempered when her eyes closed again, and she immediately fell back into a deep sleep.

At first, Rachel suggested that we stay at Katie's bedside in shifts, always keeping a loved one near and yet granting us the time to go home and rest. It was a logical plan, but I refused to leave my wife's side. I'd already come THIS close to losing her forever, and I wasn't going home until she was going home.

So as it turned out, I was alone sometime around 3am when I awoke to find Katie's hand on the back of my head. I'd fallen asleep in my chair while I pillowed against her mattress. Immediately I stood up and leaned over her, desperate to hold her body in my arms and yet deathly afraid of touching her. A low beep kept pinging from one of the machines in a subtle alert.

Her lips parted and a low keening noise emerged as if she were trying to talk to me but still unable, the worry in her eyes I'm sure a reflection of the concern on my face. But then a minute later a nurse came rushing in, checking various monitors.

Finally, Katie managed to clear her throat enough to whisper, "Hi... Johnny..."

I wrapped up her right hand in both of mine. "Hi, Katie..." I crooned in reply.

I'm still not a crier. Too much Midwest farm boy in me. And yet the tears were streaming down my face. And soon I was sobbing quietly, "You came back! You came back!"

A small smile tugged the corners of her lips. "I couldn't leave you..." she gasped. And then as if the Herculean effort of speaking had sapped all her energy, her eyes fluttered as she fell back to sleep.

For a brief moment, I panicked. But the nurse and the rhythmic beeping informed me that she was only resting. After stroking her arm a few more times, I bent and delicately kissed her forehead.

She'd been able to speak, even if just for a few moments. It was a start.


When the week was over, Rachel organized a little party to welcome Katie home. Lin had been forced to return to school just in time for winter finals of her second year. She knew how much her education mattered to all three of us.

So various neighbors and friendly townsfolk were on hand as I rolled Katie through the front door. She'd be confined to the wheelchair for some time until her body re-coordinated itself.

She endured the constant barrage of well wishes and inquisitive questions for two hours, with me doting on her at every moment. I saw in her the beautiful little girl I grew up with and spent almost my entire life with. In a way, only now did I realize just how much I would have missed her and I couldn't bear the thought of being away from her for even a moment.

After those two hours, I could see the strain of staying awake pulling at her. I turned and thanked everyone for coming and then rolled my wife into our old first floor bedroom. It was strange. Everything was exactly the way we had left it. And yet it was only half-familiar. After all, I'd been sleeping with Rachel for some time now.

And that thought brought me up short. Ever since Katie had seemingly come back from the dead, I'd seen very little of the gorgeous brunette. True, we spoke every day, but the time spent together recently was only a fraction of what it had been before.

Literally, the night before we'd pulled the plug on Katie, I'd proposed marriage to Rachel. Yet here I was, holding Katie in my arms in our bed while the woman I'd promised to marry was outside. She didn't even have Lin with her.

What could I do? My wife, the woman I'd been in love with since we were teenagers, was still alive.


It was the next morning when I found just how stressful the entire situation was for Rachel. I awoke with the dawn, per usual. Katie, of course, was fast asleep and would probably stay that way for some time. Her body would be slowly recuperating and for now her sleep patterns wouldn't be so different from an infant's, gathering nutrition and rest as much as possible.

However, even in her sleep Katie looked happier than I'd seen her in a long while. I hoped it had something to do with me cuddling her at night for the first time since her coma.

Yet as freshly healthy as Katie appeared, Rachel suddenly looked haggard and worn. When we met up in the kitchen, her eyes were puffy and marred by dark circles. That was the first sign that something was wrong.

The second was when I went to embrace her in a friendly good morning hug, the way we'd been doing for years. She clearly hesitated. But I was determined to remind her that just because Katie was getting better didn't mean I loved her any less.

I pressed forward and she returned my hug, gripping my shoulders tightly. There was a fierce clinginess as she wrapped me up and sagged against my chest, a soft whimper coming out.

Feeling reassured, I bent my head to hers puckering for a kiss. That was when the third and final sign reared its ugly head. She leaned up to kiss me, and then at the last moment she turned her head away and my lips pressed to her cheek.

I sincerely doubt Rachel was teasing me. The shuddering sob that shook her body as she turned away and fled outside the door was enough to convince me of that.

"Rachel!" I called, an arm outstretched.

But she was already gone.


I was able to work for almost three hours. I'd been gone away from the farm for over a week and there was a lot of catching up to do. Just because the ground was frozen over didn't mean there wasn't a huge pile of work to do in getting ready for planting season.

The rhythms of our life had to continue. Wake up, do your job, go to sleep. Plant, tend, harvest, sell.

Still, the mountain of work awaiting me was so big it seemed crushingly overwhelming. At least, the workload was too much for me to handle in my current emotional state. So before I hit the three hour mark I retreated back to what I'd always fallen back on, and who I'd always fallen back on.

Katie, of course, was still asleep. Rachel was around somewhere. She'd never leave Katie alone for too long. But perhaps she'd figured out I was coming and promptly disappeared, avoiding me.

And so I found myself sitting in a chair, watching my wife breathing.

In another life, I might've either taken her breathing for granted or just enjoyed the view of her ripe bosom rising and falling. But I couldn't take that for granted anymore.

I couldn't take anything in my life for granted anymore. Once upon a time, I knew that Katie and I would grow old together. Once upon a time, I knew that Katie was leaving me and yet I still had Rachel to love me until the end of time. And now, I wasn't sure what I knew.

I was torn in two directions, paralyzed with indecision. The obvious choice was just to go back to the way things were, back before Katie got sick. Katie was my wife. I was her husband. We lived together and worked together on Rachel's farm.

Rachel was our friend, our confidante, our lover. And yet, Katie was always the clear priority in my life. She'd always been. It was the two of us -- a young, happily married couple -- and THEN there was our friend Rachel, close but outside.

But once my wife had gotten sick, I'd grown closer and closer to Rachel. And in the end, when my previous life was on the verge of being completely over, I'd shared my heart with her. It's not the sort of thing that is given lightly. Nor could it be taken back.

In the end, I came to a clear understanding: I loved Rachel. Did I love her as much as I loved Katie? I couldn't tell. One was the beautiful girl I'd grown up with. The other was a beautiful woman I'd shared my adulthood with. They were different. Our love was different. But I knew I didn't love Rachel any less.

Could I really love two women at the same time?

And just like that, asking myself that question, I knew what I had to do. Life on a farm is pretty black and white. It either grows, or it doesn't. You either love the woman, or you don't. I loved Katie. And I loved Rachel.

Which meant I had to go out and remind Rachel of that.

Katie would understand, right?


I found Rachel in the kitchen. The sink was filled with suds and dirty dishes. She was soaked up to her elbows as she toiled away. Her hair was pulled into an efficient bun and her slightly-worn apron was spotted from a hundred different wet splashes.

She'd never looked more beautiful to me before.

"Rachel," I said softly.

Despite my quiet tone, she half-jumped and managed to splash even more water on herself as she spun in place. "Johnny! You startled me."

"Sorry." I stepped forward. I searched her eyes for some sign of her mood.

But she avoided my gaze. "How's Katie?" she asked, then turned back to her dishes. They suddenly seemed far more interesting than ever before as she turned her back to me.

"She's fine. Still sleeping, of course."

"Of course."

I sighed. "Rachel..." My voice was a soft plea.

She stopped moving, her back to me as she sagged against the countertop. Her head hung down between her shoulders. Rachel had always been a strong woman with fire in her eyes. The last time I'd seen her this defeated had been when Bill, her husband, had died.

I stepped forward, feeling pain inside at seeing her in this state. "I still love you."

"Johnny, don't say that."

"Why not?" By now I was just inches behind her, my breath hot against her ear. One hand gently went up to touch her shoulder.

She shrugged out of my grasp and stalked over to a dishtowel, drying her hands and forearms. "Johnny, you're still married."

I followed her. "That never stopped us before."

"That was just sex." And finally she turned and looked at me, leaning back against the cabinets. Her face was ashen.

I held my arms out to her. "It was more than that. And you know it."

The tears began to trickle down her cheeks. "Johnny, please..." She blinked and then looked to the side, her lips quivering. "I can't love you anymore."

"Why not?"

"BECAUSE! It's wrong. I'm wrong. I feel horrible!" She looked ready to crumple into a little ball.

Quickly, I stepped forward and bear hugged her as she began to sob against my chest. "Why?"

She didn't say anything for a long few minutes, just trembling in my grasp. Eventually, the only response she could make was, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

I pulled back just enough so I could look into her eyes, so luminously green and liquidly shimmering. "What on earth are you apologizing for?"

Her mouth twisted into a tortured frown, and she looked down, still hesitating.

"Rachel. You can tell me anything."

"I wished..." her voice trailed off. "I wished Katie had died."

I jerked back, reflexively. And in that moment Rachel's eyes went wide and she started blabbering defensively. "It was just for a moment! I didn't mean it. But I a few weeks ago I made peace with myself for falling in love with my best friend's husband. I mourned over my best friend dying and I accepted it. And I let myself start thinking of my future with you."

She tried to wriggle out of my arms but I tightened and held her. She leaned forward and planted her forehead against my chest, staring downward. "I'm sorry, Johnny. In your time of grief, I began to think selfishly. It was an evil thing to do."

"No." I pulled her head up and forced her to look into my eyes. "No. That's not evil. In a time of darkness you looked for hope. You looked for the silver lining. That makes you an optimist, not evil."

"Maybe, but I realized that what we're doing isn't natural." Somehow, crying it out had steeled Rachel's nerves. She was a strong woman and she could make her own decisions. A harder edge came into her voice. "I shouldn't be with you anymore, Johnny. One man, one woman. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?"

"Since when did any of us care about how things are supposed to be?" I loved this woman and it tore me up to see her pushing me away.

"Maybe we should. But the fact is, you have your wife. I should never have tried to replace her."

"You weren't TRYING to replace anyone. You were just being you and I was just being me. There's nothing wrong with that."

"It's more than that, Johnny. I wanted to love you as a husband. But the fact is, you can never be Bill. You can never replace my husband, Johnny."

Helpless, I let her go. She stood up straight and began to smoothen out her apron and skirt. "It's time we both grew up and accepted our reality."


The next few months were some of the happiest moments of my life mixed with some of the saddest.

Katie was rapidly progressing, getting all her old coordination back and gaining strength every day. She still slept most of the day, but even that gradually lessened and lessened. And even better, her sharp mind was slowly reasserting itself. For months, she'd been unable to truly focus any longer than twenty minutes or so, the strain of trying to process so much information draining her very quickly. But now she was able to carry out a decently long conversation and really understand situations the way she'd been before she got sick.

I rejoiced in every step of progress. And Rachel was right there rejoicing with me as well.

We were still close friends. Since Katie was unconscious half the time and mildly incomprehensive the rest, Rachel was still the one I talked to every day and spent all my time with. But there was a tension between us, in more ways than one. I'd felt like we'd crossed the line beyond friendship and it would be impossible to go back to the way we were.

I thought I was being the man of the house, covering up my emotions and being strong for my family. News that Katie had survived and was on the mend had spread through town quickly. More than one acquaintance expressed happiness for my wife's health and simultaneously tip-toed around the topic of Rachel. I put up a positive front expressing my joy as if everything in my life were perfect. And I thought I was doing a good job of it to.

But while the adults indulged my pride, sometimes it's the younger ones who are more honest with their perceptions. I was picking up some supplies in town when a familiar teenaged boy stopped me in my tracks.

"Hey mister, where's your wife?"

"Excuse me?"

"You were always in town with your wife. The prettiest girl in the world, with the green eyes. I don't see her with you anymore? What's wrong? You don't look so happy..."

I didn't want to bother correcting him. Rachel wasn't my wife. She'd never been, had she? Not really. "She's fine, young man. My wife is fine."

And as the phrase rolled around in my head, I realized that both women came to mind when I said 'my wife'. I could see both them, so beautiful, so caring, so perfect. I couldn't be polite anymore and without another word, I just turned and strode away from the teenager.

I still loved Rachel, and not being able to fully express that was killing me inside. The obvious was that since Katie and I started making love as teenagers, I hadn't ever gone a week without sex until I stayed at the hospital while she came out of her coma. And I certainly hadn't had any sex since then. Katie was in no physical condition for aerobic activity. My body still had its desires and I no outlet for them.

But even more than that, I couldn't run my hands through Rachel's brown-auburn hair. I couldn't kiss her cheek. I couldn't hold her any longer than a friendly hug. It was a torture for me to hold her and remember the intimate caresses of years past and know I couldn't feel them again.

Despite the tension, I didn't want to share any of these problems with Katie. So I never told her. I didn't want her to blame herself. I didn't want to distract her with my emotional turmoil. And I wanted all her focus on getting healthy.

Rachel was united with me in this. We'd accepted our platonic friendship... except for one lapse.


Spring planting was finally done. We were two days behind schedule, the result of my long absence from the field, but with just a little flurry of overtime we'd caught up.

I trudged into the house with Rachel, exhausted and yet feeling proudly satisfied. We'd finished. With comfortable familiarity, she patted my shoulder while congratulating me on another successful season.

She set her clipboards and paperwork down on the table while I sunk into my stuffed easy chair. It had been something of a hot day, and already I was peeling off my shirt and unbuttoning my jeans to let my stomach breath.

Rachel looked over at me while she grabbed two beers out of the fridge.

"Jealous?" I asked as she handed one over and wiped the sweat from her brow.

"A little. You men can strip down whenever and wherever the hell you want."

"Hey, nobody's stopping you." I popped the top and took a long chug. "It's not like I haven't seen everything before."

"True..." She seemed to mull it over for a bit.

Meanwhile, I stripped the jeans off as well, leaving me in just my shorts. Comfortably, I sagged back and let the cold beer ice its way down my throat. I felt good. Rachel lips were tight as she watched me undress, and not without green envy in her eyes.

"Ah, hell." Rachel set her beer down on the table and began unbuttoning her short-sleeved flannel. She still wore a simple bra underneath, but I did feel my mouth watering at the sight of her big cleavage. I really had been a LONG time since I'd had sex.

Still, I wasn't about to try anything. It had taken MONTHS to get to this comfortable point in our relationship where we mutually agreed to just be friends. Well, mostly comfortable. And I didn't want to threaten that tenuous balance.

So when her jeans came off and she was sitting in her underwear, I tried my hardest not to let her body get to me. The wicked grin on her face didn't help me, either. Still, I enjoyed the view.

I drained my first beer and then went to the fridge. Not wanting to get up again after this, I just grabbed a full six-pack and then sauntered back to my chair.

I'd just about finished my second when she emptied out her first bottle. Automatically, I tossed her another, which she caught easily. Little droplets of moisture flung off and splattered against her skin, making her twitch just a little in reflex.

I half-drooled watching her titflesh jiggle with that motion. I also knew that a certain unused part of my anatomy was stiffening up as blood dropped out of my head and lower down my body. And my thin shorts weren't going to do much in the way of concealing it. From the frequent glances Rachel made to my crotch, she hadn't failed to notice either.

And so we sat for the next ten minutes, just eyeing each other up as we finished beer after beer. I couldn't make the first move. I shouldn't make ANY move.

That's what I told myself. At least for the first three beers.

By the end, I'd chugged through five of them in a short amount of time while she drained the other three. And as I dropped the last bottle onto the coffee table, I let loose with a loud, noxious burp.

Rachel laughed at the foul noise, interrupted by an abrupt burp of her own in the middle of it. Now I was laughing with her and she'd begun a full blown giggle-fest of her own.

Now her tits were really moving in that bra, and a sudden fire ignited in my eyes. I wanted her. I desperately wanted her. And I had to have her. Right now.

I moved the three feet until I was kneeling next to her chair, looking right into her eyes. I saw the brief warning there, the statement "We shouldn't do this" etched into her irises. And yet there was no resistance as I leaned forward and planted my lips against hers.She moaned in desperate relief. Her arms came up and wrapped around my head and shoulders as she pressed back into my kiss, our tongues already tied together in a battle for supremacy inside her mouth. And then I was yanking us both over, spinning around until she was flat on her back on the couch cushions, with me leaning over her and mauling at her mouth with my own.

A burst of adrenaline was pouring through my limbs, and then pulling both of her wrists up above her head I pinned them back and held her arms immobile while I attacked every other part of her body. My left hand held her wrists while my right hand shoved the bra out of the way. And then I was tweaking her sensitive nipples while Rachel whimpered ecstatically into my ears.

My right hand dipped down inside her panties, my fingers greeted by a gushing wetness. She was ready. I was ready.

We didn't even bother to remove any more clothing. My shorts got shoved down to my knees and she tugged the strap of her panties aside to let me in. And then my angry, blood-engorged cock was splitting her open.

"Oh, Johnny! Yes! YES!!!"

With a howl of triumph Rachel screamed out her delight at the penetration. And I was growling my response right into her ear as I thrust back and forth, pummeling her body into the couch with every ounce of power I had. Months of built up tension were being released from my muscles. Months of built up sperm were coiling in my balls. Months of repressed longing for this beautiful woman I loved were coming out in a mournful wail as our bodies merged together.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh heavens, fuck me!"

I couldn't last very long. There was just no way. I'd been on the edge of sexual frustration for way too long and it was a miracle I lasted more than two minutes inside of Rachel's heavenly pussy as it was.

Thankfully, she seemed as primed as I was, and the moment I slammed my hips down and began ejaculating burst after burst of cum inside of her, Rachel was screaming as she orgasmed as well. "Cum! Cum in me! I'm cumming!"

She bit down on my neck and clawed at my back as her climax detonated. Her body thrashed up into mine, her shoulders pressing against the backrest and her hips flinging up against my crotch while I spewed out a bucket of jizz inside of her. I hadn't cum that much since I was a teenager.

In the end, we were panting heavily, my forehead against hers while the sweat dripped off both of us. My lust sated for now, I felt the guilt wash over me as I exited her worn snatch with a wet plopping noise and I flipped over to sit next to her on the couch.

For a few minutes, we both just stared straight ahead and caught our breaths. In the end, she spoke up first. "Johnny, we shouldn't have done that."

"I know. I'm sorry."

Still oozing my cum from her box, she managed to drag her soaked panties off and drop them onto the floor. Then she turned and straddled my legs. One hand went down and circled around my cock. At her very touch, I felt the blood reversing course and streaming back to fill it and bring new hardness to my prick. She pursed her lips and leaned in right to my face. "And we shouldn't do this either."

Then her lips met mine, and all rational thought was gone once again. I felt the fire of my love coming up into my cheeks as we kissed. And once satisfied with my erection, Rachel sank her body back down onto me.

We'd ask for each other's forgiveness later.


The next morning I woke up with the Sun, feeling much refreshed. To my surprise, Katie was already awake and sitting up in bed watching me sleep.

"Good morning," she said sweetly as she leaned over and kissed me.

"Good morning," I answered, smiling. "You're looking good. All rested up?"

"Yes. I finally feel energy finally coming back to me." Her pearly white teeth shone and her blue eyes glittered. "Johnny, I want to show you something."

"Okay..." I yawned and then sat up. And before I could react, she was swinging her legs out and preparing to dismount the bed.

"Katie! Be careful!" I managed to exclaim before she slipped off and landed on her feet. She was a little wobbly at first, but then she was walking around perfectly normally. She'd already spent the last month using a walker like a geriatric. But this was the first time she'd been able to get about without any aids.

"Wow..." I whistled. "You look great."

She glowed and then came back to bed, sitting down and breathing just a little harder from her exertion. "Just you wait, Johnny. In another month I'll be good as new!"

I had to lean over and kiss her. She kissed back with some passionate force, and then held me and looked into my eyes. "As for you... you look a hundred times better than you did yesterday..."

"It's because I'm so happy to see you healthy again."

"No, more than that. You were glowing when you woke up this morning."

I bit my lip and thought about it. "It must be because we're finally done with Spring planting."

"Maybe..." My wife was searching my face, looking skeptical. Then her gaze flickered down to the purple hickey on my neck. Abruptly, Katie's eyes widened for just a moment and then she was hiding a grin behind her mouth. "Ohhh... you had sex with Rachel yesterday, didn't you?"

My jaw waggled up and down a few times but no noise came out. Katie laughed in her infectiously cheery way and I felt the blush of color in my cheeks. "Is it that obvious?" I asked, momentarily worried.

"Yes," she smiled. "I should have known. You've been so tense for months. A good fucking was just what you needed. I'm only sorry I can't give it to you just yet."

"Honey. It's alright, really."

"Hmm. I'm glad to know you still have her to take care of you." Katie's eyes fluttered. With her little walking trip around the room she had almost completely exhausted herself. I knew she'd probably fall asleep again within the hour. But then she blinked and her eyes were a bright, shining blue. "Well, there's one thing we can definitely do."

"What's that?"

"Come here and kiss me again."


Katie had seemed to turn the corner. For the first time, I really believed she would make a full recovery and be her old self again. And it was coming soon.

But despite this joy, I couldn't be truly happy. My emotions anchored me down, and the weight seemed to triple when it became apparent that Rachel was acting even more awkwardly around me than she had before.

I had hoped that making love would have released some of the tension between us. Instead, it only made things worse. My loins remembered her exquisite touch. The fresh memories stirred in my head and it felt so completely natural to reach out and hug her to me.

But the first time I tried to embrace Rachel she backed away in fright and I was nearly moved to tears by her reaction.

"It was a mistake." Her voice was a whisper. "I told you. I can't be in love with you, Johnny."

"Why not?"

"Because then you would have to choose, Johnny: Katie or me. And I can't let you make that kind of choice. Go back to your wife." And then she turned and walked away.

And then Rachel and I were back to square one.

I worked really hard to not let the situation bother me. After all, I still had my wife. She was all I was supposed to need. Katie was getting more and more energy. It showed especially when one morning she woke me up with her first post-coma blowjob. I hadn't gotten my rocks off in a week and while she was not able to finish me off before exhausting herself, she was able to lay back and bare her naked body before me while I jerked out ropes of cum all over her tits.

Katie was still the most beautiful girl I'd ever laid eyes on. She would always be the blonde babe I remembered first seeing naked as a teenager in our barn loft. She'd lost a lot of weight since last year, but her tits were still perky and full. And she was oh, so sexy covered in my cum. I complimented her naked body, but after giggling, Katie remarked, "Johnny, I'm a farm girl, not some skinny supermodel. We gotta put some meat and muscle on this bony stick figure."

Katie was my love. She was my partner. Anything else was just not the way things were supposed to be. One on one, man and wife. All was as it should be.

All was as it should be.

All was as it should be. Maybe if I just kept repeating it I would accept it.

And just when I thought I was about to accept the reality of our situation, I was made to realize I never would. It was a Friday night and Katie had just fallen asleep for an early evening. I walked out of our first floor bedroom to find Rachel coming down the stairs, dolled up to perfection.

"Wow..." I whistled and stood there numbly. Her auburn-brown hair was stylish and pinned up. She was wearing jewelry, a rare occurrence for a farm girl. Rachel's makeup had turned her already beautiful face into that of a gorgeous seductress. But the clincher was the green dress, scoop-cut to show off her incredible tits and with slits in the sides to give glimpses of the flesh of her legs.

In our conservative area, her outfit was nearly scandalous. And it had me sporting wood immediately. Rachel was looking for sex tonight.

The only hitch in her appearance was the expression on her face. Her mouth was set in a hard line and she refused to look me in the eye.

"Evening, Rachel. Special occasion?"

"I'm going out tonight," she stated to the floor.

"Going out?" That was all I managed to ask before we both heard the crunch of tires rolling up outside the house. I took two steps to the window to see a freshly washed full-size pickup pull up in front of the porch.

"You've got a date?" I was absolutely shocked.

She nodded. Two sensations suddenly took over my body. First, all the oxygen left my system. It felt like somebody had kicked me so hard in the ribs I couldn't breathe anymore. And second, flaming green anger shot up my spine.

With my mouth and eyes gaping open, I took two steps forward. My jaw went up and down twice before I managed to blurt, "NO!!!"

She finally looked at me with a cold determination. "And why ever not?"

"Beca- because!" My head was spinning so fast I couldn't think or speak clearly. Jealous rage began to boil inside me. Rachel was MY woman. She loved me and I loved her. "You're not supposed to date anyone else! You're supposed to be my wife!" I yelled.

"That's just it," she replied, cool as a cucumber. "You've already got a wife, Johnny. Me? I'm just a thirty-year old widow. And I'm not getting any younger."

"You- you can't! Rachel, I LOVE YOU!"

I was interrupted from any further conversation by the doorbell. For just a moment, I saw a waver of uncertainty and longing in her eyes. But then she looked away again. "Johnny, I don't love you anymore." Her voice was cold. And then she turned to open the front door.


The whole night, I couldn't go into Katie's room. I wanted to shield her from this whole conflict and I didn't want to go near her when I was in this emotional state.

A variety of feelings went through me: jealousy, sadness, anger. Why shouldn't Rachel move on? Around here, single men (of any value) willing to take on a 30- year-old woman were rare. Hell, Katie and I were twenty-six and I knew Katie was already too old to easily find a new husband if she were ever to lose me.

But I couldn't help the way I felt. There are certain stages of a relationship. And once you go there you can never go back. Long ago, Rachel and I passed from "friends" to "lovers". And when Katie had just about died, Rachel and I passed from "lovers" to "partners". She was my partner. She was a wife. And I'd never fallen out of love with her.

And so the jealousy burned inside of me. What was some other man doing with my wife? I sat on an armchair and stared ahead at the closed front door. My teeth were grinding as I bored a hole through the wood with my eyes.

Every now and again, I would try to get up and clear my head. Logically, I was married to only one woman, Katie. And as close as Rachel had ever gotten with me, I could only have one wife, right? I had no right to be jealous. We'd made no vows of commitment before judge or clergy.

And yet there had been a commitment of the heart. Because one night last winter, I'd asked Rachel to marry me and she'd said yes. I couldn't let go of that thought.

The door opened earlier than I'd expected. And when Rachel walked in, she didn't look surprised to see me sitting there. I looked into her eyes for just a moment. But then the jealous part of me scanned her clothing and makeup, looking for any tell-tale signs of removal or smudging.

I didn't see any. Rachel frowned and then realizing what I was doing, she stated flatly, "No. We didn't do anything. It was a first date. What kind of girl do you think I am?"

"Is there going to be a second date?"

She didn't answer. Picking up the hem of her dress, she simply walked over and up the stairs, disappearing from view.


It was some time in the very early morning when Katie came out to find me. Her energy levels were to the point where she could move about almost normally: walking, eating, giving me a blowjob. We hadn't had sex yet, but I knew that was coming very soon. The one last hurdle was her endurance. She would be out of breath after ten minutes of any activity and was never awake more than eight hours in a row.

She'd also begun venturing into rest of the house frequently, so I wasn't totally surprised when she came to me in the living room.

My eyes were bloodshot and I was still staring in a line at the stairs where Rachel had walked up many hours ago. I couldn't shake the images of her with another man burning into my eyes.

"Johnny?" Katie's voice was quiet, almost hesitant. I must have looked like hell. I didn't answer.

"Johnny? Why didn't you come to bed?"

I'd slept every night beside my wife, letting her cuddle up to my warm body in her sleep. Tonight was the first night I didn't. I hadn't even realized how late the hour had gotten.

The crushing weight of my emotions and our situation was pressing down on my shoulders. I was losing Rachel. And now my inability to deal with it was making me neglect Katie. I'd spent months bottling up my feelings inside and trying to be strong for both women. Be strong for my family and my responsibilities.

And now I was about to crack.

But just before I crumpled into a ball beneath the weight, Katie's arms were around my shoulders, massaging the tense muscles while simultaneously caressing me.

"I'm here, Johnny. I'm here for you. I love you."

And then I was crying. Katie slipped into my lap sideways, her warmth enveloping me as she wrapped her arms around me and held my head to the crook of her neck. My tears stained the front of her nightshirt while I sobbed for what seemed like an eternity.

And when the well finally ran dry, Katie was still rubbing my head and whispering how much she loved me. With eternal patience, she waited until I was ready. She waited until my grip loosened from her body and I was able to look up into her eyes.

Her sweet face shone down on me, glowing with its own inner light. "Tell me everything."

So I finally did.


"I have to see her."

Those were the first words Katie said when I finished my story. The phrase was hauntingly familiar from a long time ago. "Um, Katie. The Sun won't be up for another hour. She's got to be comfortably asleep right now."

"Doesn't matter. I have to see her."

Rachel was indeed asleep in bed, but she certainly didn't look comfortable. She was curled into a ball on her side, rocking back and forth slightly. Her eyes were pinched shut as she grimaced and moaned softly, clearly in the middle of some hellish nightmare. The thing was, her dream didn't appear to frighten her, instead seeming to simply make her sad and anguished.

If her slumber was this poor every night, no wonder she always looked worn out. Katie immediately sat by the side of the bed, touching her hand to Rachel's face.

Rachel shuddered for a moment at the touch, wakening at the simple contact. And then her eyes, still slightly red and puffy, swiveled up to look at Katie.

We'd turned on a lamp and with her fair skin, blonde hair, and golden glow of the light on her face, Katie must have looked like an angel from heaven descending down to us mere mortals.

And yet, Rachel had exactly the opposite reaction from the one you might expect. She immediately began sobbing into the mattress. And with infinite patience, Katie began stroking her friend's cheek and whispering softly the same way as she had just done with me.

"I'm so sorry..." Rachel moaned. "So sorry..."

"What ever do you have to be sorry for?" Katie asked softly.

The guilt was plain on Rachel's face as she looked up at her best friend. "I wanted him. I would have taken him away from you."

"There's nothing to be sorry for, I understand." Katie soothed. "And if I had died. I would have died happy knowing that you were there for him."

Katie moved down and knelt by the bed, looking Rachel right in the eye. "But just because I lived doesn't mean I have to take him away from YOU."

Rachel quivered in her little ball, still unsure she was hearing things the way her hopes would want to hear things.

"Johnny," Katie looked at me. "Look at her. She's shivering. Don't you want to hold her?"

I did. I hurt, physically, somewhere inside to see Rachel like this. The same way I hurt inside seeing Katie in her medical pain. I loved them both so much. And I wanted to see them both happy. I slid into the bed and under the sheets, spooning myself behind Rachel. She gasped in relieved happiness when I curled against her body and wrapped an arm around her torso.

Katie leaned down and gave her friend a tender kiss on her forehead. And for a moment, everything seemed calm and loving and I had hope that we could all work things out.

But it was inevitable that Rachel would pull away. After all, every time I had gotten close to her since Katie's recovery, she'd pulled back and reminded me how I already had a wife.

So I wasn't surprised in the least when Rachel's first words were "But it doesn't work like that. We can't-"

Katie cut her off by pressing her soft lips against Rachel's. And despite the uncertain nature of the moment I couldn't help but feel a surge of arousal in my veins. At the same time, I felt Rachel's ass press back against my crotch.

When Katie pulled away, Rachel could only stare in wonder at her friend.

Katie smirked, "You think too much." Her gaze flicked over to me. "Both of you. Don't overcomplicate our lives."

And then Katie was sliding into the bed on the other side of Rachel. And when the two women were lying side by side, Katie leaned forward again, holding Rachel's head in her hands and gently pressing their lips together once again.

They kissed as only women seemingly know how to kiss. Passionate without pressure. Lovingly without lust.

I soaked up the moment, watching the two of them while stroking Rachel's arm. I could feel the tension flowing out of her body to be replaced by ecstatic energy. And when Katie began turning Rachel around, the beautiful brunette was open and ready.

"Go on. I'm right here and I want you to." Katie prodded. And with this reassurance Rachel gave in and planted her tongue deep into the back of my mouth. This wasn't the tenderness of a girl-girl kiss. This was the pent-up desire released from repressed emotion as Rachel's mouth attacked mine.

She moaned and I moaned. Suddenly her arms were circling around me, clutching at my body and squeezing any part of me she could get her hand on. She gasped for air as we kissed and sucked and hungrily devoured each other.

A stray thought came to my mind. "I thought you didn't love me anymore."

"Shut up, Johnny!" came the immediate answer. Rachel's green eyes were flaming. "I lied."And then she was in a very big hurry to get my clothes off. My shirt came off first, and then her hands were against my chest, pushing me onto my back. Rachel knelt on the mattress, tugging at my hips to pull my shorts off until she finally got them off my feet while she stared at my cock waving upright in the air.

With a gasp of desperate need, she leaned forward and engulfed the head in her mouth, moaning in relieved desire as if I were the most heavenly-tasting chocolate ice cream.

Rachel's movements were an uncoordinated mess. She was in far too much of a hurry, as if slowing down would allow her conscious mind to throw up some cautionary flag she didn't want to see. She fought with her knees to get her panties off, losing balance once and plopping over with her forehead against the mattress before she got back to her knees. And then she was violently trying to tug her nightgown over her head.

She had such a hard time with the long material that Katie actually stepped in and helped lift it all the way off, and then both Rachel and I were completely naked.

There was no more hesitation. Rachel mounted me and then with a powerful lunge she buried my cock deep inside of her, not letting up until she'd slammed her crotch against mine. "Oh, fuuuuuuck," she sighed.

Movement to the side caught my attention. Katie had not been idle. She'd managed to strip away everything but her own panties, and now she knelt next to her friend, once again holding Rachel's head and planting her own tongue in the back of Rachel's throat.

The moment was so erotically hot that I almost lost it right there. But gritting my teeth I squeezed down and held it in. Still, little tremors shook along my hips and Rachel was rocking back and forth slightly again, this time with my pecker embedded all the way inside of her. She rotated her hips, soaking up the penetration while continuing to make-out with my wife.

And when they finally broke for air, I gripped Rachel's tight ass in my hands and began to pump her body up and down my shaft. She groaned and turned her head to me, closing her eyes to focus inwards on the sensations I was causing.

"Fuck me, Johnny. I love you, Johnny. Fuck me," she crooned.

And I was doing just that, driving my hips up with every thrust. I made each impact a forceful one, causing her big tits to jiggle erratically each time.

Meanwhile, Katie leaned over to kiss me, and I could taste the familiar spicy flavor of Rachel on her tongue. My wife. She always made everything work out in the end. She was the glue that held us all together. And I was deliriously happy that we now had the chance to truly grow old together. We'd come a long way since we were kids in the barn.

My arms moved around to Katie, tugging at her panties. She giggled and then got up to remove them. And once she was naked I pulled her by the legs until she was straddling my face. And still holding her thighs I craned my neck up to begin lapping away at her juicing pussy. Above, her perfect tits looked so delectably full and round on her skeletally thin frame. I was entranced watching them move as she shuddered over my face.

My focus had switched to my blonde wife while the brunette behind her still rode my cock. Katie's blue eyes were staring down at me, watching me work. I stared right back at her, seeing the waves of emotions and pleasures echoing in her face as she quivered and tensed and winced. "My man..." Katie whispered. "My strong, adoring husband... I love you."

I couldn't answer verbally, instead plunging my tongue even deeper into Katie's clenching tunnel. Then I saw a soft pair of hands circling around, cupping Katie's breasts as Rachel hugged her from behind.

I watched delicate fingers squeeze at Katie's pale nipples. And then Katie's thighs tensed up while she squeezed her eyes shut, and I was rewarded with an outpouring of honey into my mouth.

The orgasm seemed to sap what energy Katie had, and once it passed I felt all her limbs turning into jello. As gently as I could, I guided her collapse as she fell across the bed, panting with sheer exhaustion. I wouldn't be surprised if she went right back to sleep.

But instead, Katie's eyes remained open and she smiled at me, holding my hand in her own while Rachel began to really buck up and down on my prick.

The other love in my life, the gorgeous woman currently driving herself up and down on my cock reached forward and planted her elbows on either side of my head, draping her heaving tits over my mouth. My lips immediately latched onto one nipple and then another, suckling with joy as our hips crashed into each other's over and again.

"Cum in me..." Rachel moaned. "I want to feel you cum in me."

My left hand remained with Katie's, but my right circled around to Rachel's ass and guided her against my crotch with each lunge. I heard the catch in Rachel's breath, her low moans turning into short gasps as she drew closer and closer to her climax.

My own orgasm was imminent. I could already feel my balls squeezing the sperm out of me. And so timing my own explosion, I penetrated a finger up Rachel's asshole, causing her to shudder violently at the same moment my cock exploded inside of her, spraying wet streams of hot cum deep into her body.

"FUUUUUCK!!!" Rachel screamed loud enough to wake the cows. And I actually heard a faint "moo" coming from the darkness outside. And she was cumming with me as our bodies thrashed together. Katie gently squeezed my hand while I emptied out my load into Rachel's spasming pussy.

For a minute, Rachel simply lay on my chest, nuzzling my neck with my cock slowly going limp inside of her. Little bits of our mingled cum were gradually leaking out. Her right hand went out and joined with mine and Katie's, the three of us clutching hands together in a moment of unity.

I then saw Katie's eyes travel downward to where Rachel and I were still joined together. Rachel noticed as well. And after a brief moment where she stopped and kissed me, Rachel got up and waddled over on her knees until she was straddling Katie's head. And lowering herself gently, Rachel placed her wet pussy right up against Katie's lips and then spread herself to allow the sperm and orgasmic nectar dribble out to Katie's gaping mouth.

I almost got hard just watching it. And then Katie's jaw was moving as she obviously began to eat out her friend.

Katie couldn't bring Rachel to another orgasm before she tired. Meanwhile, I'd been mindlessly stroking my own cock. And when Katie's head sagged back, Rachel looked over at me and my new erection. "Have you had sex with her yet?"

"No, not exactly." I answered.

"I've given him blowjobs but I always get so tired after just a few minutes." Katie offered breathlessly. "I'm afraid I don't have the energy to finish."

"And it didn't seem right to do that to her while she needed to sleep," I said mournfully.

Rachel looked back and forth between us. "Well then, I guess it's good that you have me around to help. Come here, Johnny."

I let Rachel maneuver me around until I was in the position she really wanted. And when I was comfortably propped against some pillows she leaned over and slurped my cock into her mouth. I held her head lovingly while her talented tongue went to work, her bobbing and suckling motions extremely pleasurable as she gave me one of her best blowjobs.

Her left hand was pumping up and down my shaft, squeezing and caressing wonderfully. But her right hand was over between Katie's legs, thumbing her clit and plunging inside to prepare the way. Hearing Katie whimpering with pleasure magnified my own arousal, and I knew I wasn't going to last very long despite having cum only recently.

My hands were on Rachel's heavy tits, holding and squeezing them, playing delightfully while the beautiful brunette wriggled her tongue around the sensitive nerves of my pecker. And when she took me all the way into her throat, dropping down until her lips were pressed all the way to my base, I felt myself about to cum again.

I groaned, and Rachel popped off me, grabbing my cock and directing me over and across the bed while she continued to jack me with her hand.

Katie already spread her legs in anticipation and welcomed me with open arms. I aimed and then slid into my wife's juicing snatch. She was so unbelievably tight. She hadn't felt this tight since she was a teenager. And yet the many months without stretching her for sex had shrunk her back down to this exquisite feeling.

I held my wife's hips in my hands and lay my head on the pillow next to her. She turned to me and kissed me while doing her best to buck her hips back and be an active participant of our lovemaking. But I could already tell she was tiring quickly once again.

I had pulled back a bit from the brink of orgasm when Rachel switched me over; but very quickly I was getting ready to explode once again. Rachel helped with her hands on my balls and I was about to lose it when she popped a finger into my ass.

Katie moaned happily hearing it in my voice, hearing that I was about to cum inside of her. And with my left hand gripping Katie's breast and her tongue in my mouth, I grunted and jerked as my hips slammed forward, blasting all my remaining sperm into her body. I broke the kiss to grunt again as shot after shot poured out of me into Katie's womb, and she held my face in her hands and whispered over and over again "I love you, I love you, I love you."

When I was done, I glanced over to Rachel, leaning over us, her tits swaying gently. She had a satisfied grin on her face, knowing she had made that last moment possible. And then with all her energy gone, Katie's eyes closed and she surrendered herself to sleep with my cock still inside of her.


I lay back in bed, holding a gorgeous woman on each side of me. The first rays of light began filtering in through the drapes. A new dawn was rising.

Rachel and I had just stayed awake, kissing each other idly and enjoying being back together. And when the sunlight came in, Katie stirred and woke up from her brief nap of recovery.

Her baby blue eyes shined in the sunlight and her waking up seemed to signal the start to our very important conversation. "Good morning," I told her.

"Morning," Katie answered.

"So, how are we supposed to make this work?" Rachel asked.

I looked back at her blankly. "I've spent months trying to figure that out. I'm not sure."

Katie stroked Rachel's arm which was resting on my chest. "Johnny's just a man. All he can do is be who he is and love us both the best he can," she teased sleepily. "It's up to us women to figure out the HOW of a relationship."

"Okay then. Katie, HOW are we supposed to make this work?"

Katie's eyes fluttered. She was still pretty tired and ready to lapse back into unconsciousness. But even in her state of fatigue, she was more coherent than I would have been. "Forget the plans. There is no book on how to do this. There is no marriage counseling for three. We're on our own. So let's just love each other. And let everything else work itself out. We, all three of us, are family."

"People will talk," Rachel mused.

Katie's blue eyes flashed and she snuggled against me with a contented smile. "Fuck 'em."


People did start talking. Katie soon had the energy to go about the house and then join us into town. Katie was a fighter. When we had her next check-up, the doctors told me that the worst was over and she was on the road to full recovery. The three of us would stroll arm in arm down the streets without a care in the world.

Rachel never had her second date. And when she showed up with me by her side once again, the town gossips couldn't shut up about it for a straight week.

We also had a major change in our living arrangement. Now that she had her energy back, Katie and I moved upstairs into the master bedroom with Rachel. The three of us shared one big bed, all happily together. It wasn't typical. It wasn't a traditional marital arrangement, especially around these parts. But it fit us. And at night, I often found myself sandwiched between them, wrapping my arms around both of these women I adored. We were a family.




Over the next year, Katie made a full and complete recovery. And as her health improved, so did our three-way relationship. We even had our own little marriage ceremony with a trusted friend where Katie, Rachel, and I all committed to each other. It wasn't government official, but it was binding in our hearts. Lin was our witness.

By the time Lin graduated from college, Katie was completely cured. She'd lost quite a bit of weight, but none of her curves. And with every passing day, she was filling in the holes and building her muscles back. With her model perfect face, and bright blue eyes, in short, my wife was an absolute knockout. "The best diet she'd ever had" she told me, giggling.

In the summer, Lin was finally coming home after her fourth and final year at college. All three of us "adults" talked excitedly amongst our casual friends about her. Rachel had always said she was going to be a doctor. I had thought she'd be a lawyer, what with her constant verbal sparring with me.

Rachel pointed out that we were only six years older than Lin. So Rachel, as the adult with the greatest experience, knew Lin would grow up to be a doctor and that was that. Katie just told us we were bickering like an old married couple, whatever our ages.

Turned out Rachel was right. Lin would be going to Medical school in the fall.

But for now, Lin was coming home for the summer. She would be catching a ride back to town with school friends and promised she'd arrive on Sunday. Katie wanted to plan a welcome back barbecue.

So on Saturday, Rachel and Katie went into town. They'd take Katie to her doctor's appointment, just a regular check-up, and then shop around buying supplies for the party.

I should have remembered that Lin had a way of coming home sooner than expected.

I was lazing around the house, drinking a couple of beers while watching the game on TV and wearing nothing but my shorts. I heard a truck pull up, and went to the door to take a look.

Lin was getting her stuff out the back of the truck. As I stared down, I couldn't help but realize... she'd grown up. She was wearing some tight tank-top that hugged her tits, which were bigger than I'd ever remembered them. The top stopped well short of her waist, revealing a taut stomach with a hint of ab muscles. Really short jean shorts let me see her tanned, nicely contoured legs. With a model-pretty face, high cheekbones, and deep brown eyes, Lin was really turning into the kind of woman I wouldn't mind staring at for a few hours. But I shook these thoughts out of my head. After all, this was Lin we were talking about.

One of her girlfriends was in the driver's seat. They both looked at me when I opened the door, and I heard a "he's cute" drift up on the wind.

Lin smiled at me and hopped up the stairs. She waved goodbye to her ride, then came into the house, dropping her bag on the floor. Like any other college student home from school, her intentions immediately went to becoming as lazy- slacker as possible.

"Can I have one of those?" she asked, pointing at the beer.

"Of course."

She grabbed the beer, and then turned to the sofa, dropping heavily into the cushions. She propped her feet up onto the coffee table, opened the beer, then tilted her head straight back to take a big gulp.

For just a moment, I admired the firm tits in the tank-top. I told myself I'd be happier when her mom came home to re-enforce the dress code and I wouldn't have to deal with this.

I pulled up in the armchair next to her. "You're home early."

"Hmm, I did say Sunday, didn't I? Change in plans. Hope you don't mind."

"Never, it's good to have you home."

Her light brown eyes glanced around for a moment. "Where's my mom and Katie?"

"They went into town. Getting ready for your welcome home tomorrow."

"When will they be back?"

I checked the clock. Katie would still be with the doctor, and they had to do shopping after that. "Not for hours."


Lin got up out of her spot, setting the beer into the table. She came right over to me, and before I could move, leaned onto me and pressed her lips softly against mine.

My eyes bugged out, and I found myself pulling back as far as I could, which wasn't far with my head hitting the back of the big armchair. Lin followed my head back, pressing even more tightly until I felt her tongue snake between my lips.

I was paralyzed with shock, and she was still kissing me when she half-crawled into my lap; one hand squeezed at my pecs while the other cool hand slipped underneath my shorts and wrapped itself around my cock. Against my better judgment, I was getting hard around her.

She was stroking me and squeezing me perfectly, and only moments later I was hard as a rock in her hand. She finally lifted her lips from mine, looking at me curiously.

At last, I managed to speak. "Lin, what the hell are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" She leaned in, pressing her lips to my neck. I couldn't resist her, acquiescing to her advances, but I wasn't actively doing anything to her either. My brain was still frozen in indecision.

"You, ah, appear to be seducing me." My body instinct was very interested. But this was Lin! And the things she was doing to my body! I was still in disbelief. "How are you doing this?"

Lin sunk to her knees before me, fishing my pole out of my shorts so that it was waving in the open air, her hand wrapped around it. "You've been telling me exactly how to please you for years."

And then she ducked her head, taking my tool into her mouth, and every coherent thought exited from my head. One hand pulled my shorts down to my ankles, then came up to play with my balls. The other hand pumped up and down my shaft, teased the thick vein, and tickled various sensitive spots. Her lips and tongue were dancing upon the head, pausing to rub just underneath the crown of my mushroom head.

For a moment, my mind flew back to previous conversations where I'd explained in detail the little pleasure points along my cock. And I saw her smile around it as she saw the fireworks going off in my head.

As if to prove her expertise, Lin was driving me to the brink of orgasm in record time. And when my groans picked up in intensity and speed, she didn't slow down at all. Her lips formed an ultra-tight ring around my rod, and then easily she sank me all the way down her throat, until her lips were nudged up against my base.

I had never known Lin was capable of this. But she blew my mind when, with a powerful sucking energy, she pulled back in one smooth gliding motion as if to extract my semen out like a vacuum. The trick worked, and just when she got her lips back to the head I started blasting off into her mouth.

I actually screamed when I came, and when Lin noticed just how much she had affected me she couldn't repress a big smile. This meant she couldn't keep swallowing as easily and then she gagged and pulled off, and my next few shots sprayed all over face, her hand still pumping and coaxing out everything I had.

When my orgasm finally subsided, Lin sat back on her heels and grinned at me. Little white globs of semen still coated her face from the forehead down. When she caught her breath, she got up and went into the bathroom to clean off her face.

Once out of my sight, the reality of what we'd just done hit me. This was little Lin. But she was all grown up now. She was 21 years old now, and I was 27. It wasn't like I was old enough to be her father or anything. But then I had looked after her like a little niece or little sister. This couldn't be right. I heard Lin clear her throat. I looked up, and all those thoughts were gone.She'd let her hair out, and with her current expression, I felt like I was looking at a stranger. This was no little girl, but a sultry vixen. She also removed the tank top and shorts, leaving her in skimpy lingerie, and was flexing her body to show off as much bare skin as I could ogle.

"Come on, Johnny. It's time for you to fuck me." She didn't call me 'Uncle Johnny'. I was no longer an authority figure in her life.

"Lin, we shouldn't." But even as I said it, I got up and started shuffling towards her, my shorts left behind.

She fixed me with a dead serious gaze. "You told me I had to wait until I was sure about the guy. Problem is, I haven't been able to find a guy who'd measure up to you."

She stepped forwards and kissed me, wrapping her arms around my head. I found myself kissing back. She stepped back and her eyes lit up brighter than I could imagine. She started pulling me to the stairs, leading me to her bedroom. "So I figure, either I have to stay a virgin until I can find the right guy, however long that takes; or you take me now and make a woman."

She stopped at the top of the stairs and kissed me again. "I want to feel you inside of me."

By the time we got to Lin's bedroom, we were both trembling and ready to go. I felt years of a slow simmering sexual tension coming to a boil. All that time repressing my attraction to Lin was now unleashing.

Lin was nearly shaking with nervous excitement as I fumbled with her bra. I finally got it off, and snaked her panties down to the floor. Naked, Lin was a vision. Her body was flawless, without a trace of fat. Her skin was silky smooth, so unlike the farmer women I knew. Her breasts weren't as big as Rachel's or Katie's, but they were still big handfuls, perfectly shaped, and firmer than either woman had been in a couple of years. And she'd shaved her pussy to a silky smooth bareness I just had to feel. I picked her up and lay her on her back on the bed before climbing atop her.

We kissed like the young lovers we were. For the first time in years, I didn't feel decades older than my age, weighed down by the responsibilities that had been thrust upon me. I felt like a vigorous young man filled with hormones with a younger, sexier co-ed writhing beneath me.

Lin was crying with joy, eager for the feeling. Gently, I moved my hips between hers, and she wrapped her hand around my cock as if feeling it for the first time. With eyes wide open, she moved the head into the folds of her pussy. "Please, do it. I've been waiting so long."

"I'm afraid I'll disappoint you."

"You couldn't if you tried. All I ever wanted was to feel you."

She closed her eyes as I began to move forward, all her attention focused on the sensations coming from below her. Slowly the folds parted, and my battering ram slid through the tight passageway and to her maidenhead.

Lin was gasping as each new feeling hit her, and as soon as I began stretching her hymen, she lunged forward with her hips to capture my rod all the way in. She was so small and so tight I felt my cock being squeezed from all sides. She screamed when I broke through, and I leaned down to kiss her tears away.

Lin wrapped all of her limbs around me, holding me tightly. She kissed my ear and then whispered, huskily, "Now, FUCK ME..."

I was only too happy to oblige. I pulled back and then pushed in, then did it again and again and again, crushing my chest into her upright tits with every lunge. Lin was bouncing off the bed, throwing her hips into me with every pumping thrust.

Showing off her flexibility, Lin pulled her legs off my back and then brought them around, throwing them over my shoulders so that her ass was in the air as I kept pile driving myself into her. She pulled back on her knees while I kept lunging into her over and again.

"Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck me, Uncle Johnny!"

I grunted at that last 'Uncle' comment. "Be careful what you say, Lin."

She just giggled... "Fuck me DADDY!"

Despite my mental anguish over the word, my body reacted and thrust even harder.

"Ooh, I think you liked that... daddy..."

Again, I was pounding her harder than ever. I groaned in mental pain. "I'm not your daddy, Lin."

"But you're fucking my mom. And she even calls you husband... my big daddy..."

Automatically, I thrusted harder again when she said that. "Please... just don't..."

"Okay, okay... ugh... Fuck me... daddy."

I was lost and delirious with pleasure. I couldn't stop her from using the word. But by now Lin was even more lost to her own pleasure. She was screaming and writhing with every push, fucking me as much as I was her. Her hands clawed at my back until all at once her body went rigid, her back arched into the air as she screamed out her first coital orgasm.

A minute later, Lin was laughing like an idiot, mixed in with whispered 'Fuck Me's and 'Daddy's and whimpering moans while I continued to drive into her. She was positively glowing.

We kept up our thrusting until Lin started cresting up toward another climax. She was panting and groaning and calling for me to cum while her legs wrapped around the back of my neck.

"Can I come in you?" I gasped, on the edge of orgasm.

"Yes, I started the pill a month ago." She smiled up at me. "I had to be ready for you."

I held her ass in my hands while I drove into her, speeding up for the last dozen thrusts until I slammed forward and held there, exploding and filling her quivering quim.

Lin was reveling in the feeling as I kept pumping my seed into her body. "Ooh, I can feel you."

My hips were twitching as I fired shot after shot, until at last I was shooting blanks. Tired out, I flopped over onto my back, gasping for breath.

I looked at Lin, who was staring at the ceiling in a contemplative state. She had two fingers inside of herself, as if stirring our love potions while she was lost in thought. "So that's what all the fuss is about..."

I found myself gazing over her fabulous nude body, perky round breasts pointing straight up without any sag and long, smooth legs. Her eyes were zoned out, as if reliving the past ten minutes again in her head.

"Do me again."

I paused at that. Her body was stirring new arousal in me, but I felt limp and tired. "Lin, honey. I'm getting older. I don't know if I can cum three times anymore."

"You will for me. You've cum in my mouth. You've cum in my pussy. But you've still gotta cum in my ass."

She just turned around and got onto all fours, then reached a hand back and spread her ass cheeks wide. She was obviously rubbing her pussy for me; coating her fingers with sweet mingled nectar and then reaching back to smear her asshole until it was shining wet.

Despite my weariness, I felt my cock rejuvenating itself for one last go. So I moved forwards, nudging my newly stiff cock against Lin's other hole. She wanted me to take both her virginities that night. And I especially remembered telling her how much I liked fucking her mom up the ass. It actually took a little while as she forced herself to relax, and I wasn't entirely rock hard yet.

But then when I got to steel stiffness, the mushroom head popped through her sphincter, Lin gasped, and then she started pushing back against me. I leaned forwards, burying myself up Lin's tight asshole inch by inch.

"Gawd, I feel sooo full," Lin whimpered.

And I was feeling incredible. Immediately, I had one hand playing with her tits and the other hand rubbing in Lin's crotch, and she started squirming as she got adjusted to the feeling. I was stretching her out more than she'd thought possible.

When I pulled back, Lin actually complained with a "no", then a happy sigh as I pushed in once again. She put her head into the pillow, a weary smile on her face as she mumbled, "It's sooo weird. But I could get to like this."

I already loved this, and as the minutes ticked by we started to really pick up the pace. Lin got adjusted enough to get back onto all fours and really started slamming her body back against me.

I was driving my hips forward until I crashed against her butt cheeks with a healthy slapping noise on every push. I moved my hands onto her hip bones, tugging against them as I did my best to ream her out. If nothing else, I was going to make sure Lin was going to have a hard time walking in the morning, and she'd have a hard time explaining it to Rachel.

My insistent pounding of Lin's asshole, along with several fingers playing around her other hole, brought Lin to a new screaming climax. She was a firecracker in bed, to be sure. Definitely more vocal than I was used to, but I wasn't about to complain.

All of her muscles were twitching as the ecstasy overtook her, and the vibrations were not lost upon my rod. I felt the automatic instinct taking over as I starting thrusting quickly, racing down the path of no return.

"Cum in my ass. Come on, baby. I want to feel you spurting inside of me. Cum in my ass. Fill me up!"

The words had barely left Lin's lips before I did just that, firing both barrels of all my juice into Lin's gaping chute. She screamed again and started laughing as she felt the hot splashes inside of her.

In the middle of my climax, she collapsed onto the bed, taking me with her. I fell flat on her back even as the last few shots flew from my cock, filling up her ass as best I could.

We lay there, sprawled on top of each other for a good ten minutes. Lin was giggling every now and again as she replayed everything in her mind. Eventually, my spent tool slipped out of her abused hole.

"Was it quite like you thought it would be?" I asked her.

"Better." Lin's smile would have lit up the room.

"We're going to have a hard time explaining this to your mom."

"Actually, I think she's been expecting it."

I sat up, "What?"

"I told her last Summer. If I couldn't find the right guy before the end of the college, I was going to come home and seduce you. She tried to laugh it off, but she knew I was serious."

"Oh, hell."

"Besides, I told her if she tried to stop me, I'd go out and screw a whole biker gang. I think she'll be happier knowing it was you." Lin turned around and kissed me. "Worry about that later. Let's go take a shower. We need to get cleaned up, and I've always fantasized about fucking you in the shower."


Lin and I were on the sofa watching the evening game when Rachel and Katie got home. Lin was in her PJs and cuddled up against me.

Lin looked up brightly. "Hi Mom. Hi Katie."

Rachel dropped her things on the floor. "You're home early." She looked at me. "Ohmigod. Are we too late?"

Lin just snuggled in a little closer to me.

Katie just walked up and sat down on the sofa next to Lin. "So, how was it?"

Lin was beaming. "Fabulous."

Lin then turned to me, putting on the expression she always had when asking me awkward sexual questions.

"So, Johnny. How do you like a girl to suck on your cock?"

"Well, uh, I..."

"Wait, it'd be easier if you just showed me."

I looked down into my lap, where I was already hard as a rock just from hearing her question. "Maybe after we help the ladies put all this stuff away."


With two healthy wives, a stable job, and loving friends, our little family was finally able to look to our future. Lin had hers mapped out. Medical school would take seven years.

As for the rest of us, the idea was actually Katie's, but Rachel and Lin took to the idea immediately. The only question was when to start.

One evening, Rachel and Katie hid out in the kitchen all day, talking and cooking food. We had a nice breakfast and lunch, but there was something they'd left on the stove for the whole day. I was curious, but I didn't ask any questions.

Meantime, Lin hung out with me in front of the TV, wearing next to nothing and flirting with me for hours. It was an unwritten rule between us. While we still had sex on occasion, I never initiated it with the young, Chinese vixen. Just didn't feel right in my head somewhere. And so Lin was able to tease and tittilate me all day without ever making good on her innuendoes. My skin was crawling with horniness by the end of the day.

After dinner, that mystery pot on the stove was still simmering. I finally got up the nerve to ask Rachel, "What's in the pot?"

Rachel murmured a delicious hum. "It's one of my mom's favorite recipes. You'll get to try it later."

I imagined it was some form of dessert. Then an hour later, Rachel brought me a big coffee mug filled with some strong smelling liquid with the faint scent of cinnamon. On command, I started drinking it, and it did indeed seem like a nice after dinner drink: a thick, syrupy, warm apple cider. It was just stronger in every sense of the word.

Oddly enough, only minutes after finishing it, I found myself getting rather drowsy. My head started getting really heavy, and my head lolled against the back of the chair.


When my eyes opened again, I was staring at the ceiling of the bedroom I shared with Katie and Rachel. I was naked under the covers, but I wasn't alone on the bed.

A loud moan caught my attention, and I turned my head to see a fully naked Katie sitting up next to me, resting back against the headboard. Her eyes were closed and her hands were lightly tapping along her large breasts and pinching her erect nipples.

I saw jet black hair a little lower, and glanced next to me to see an equally naked Lin lapping between Katie's legs. The sight sent a little thrill through me, but then I noticed that I was already highly aroused, my cock thick and throbbing. My balls felt heavy, sluggish, as if they had swelled to the size of grapefruits.

I was also really hot. My skin burned to the touch, although I wasn't quite sweating. And I was horny as hell. As every second passed by, I felt the flames of lust stoking higher and higher in me. There was also an annoying buzz in my head, something that would not let me calm down or relax, keeping me edgy and fidgety. The blood in my veins started afire, and I slowly but deliberately sat myself upright and leaned back against the headboard to gather my strength together in anticipation of the coming flood.

"Hello, my husband." Katie leaned over from next to me and kissed me wetly, and I actually growled as I kissed and nibbled on her lips. Just when I felt myself about to pounce, to toss Lin aside and ravage Katie's body, I felt a cool hand wrap around my stiff rod.

"Hello, my husband." Rachel was then before me, squeezing my shaft in her hands. "This is meant for me, tonight." Her voice was a husky innuendo, filled with sexual possibilities. Like a gazelle she leapt up into my arms, crushing her huge round tits into my face. She leaned down to kiss me briefly before she moved my shaft into its upright and locked position, then sank down, enveloping me completely.

I felt the annoying buzz go away, finally satiated now that I was balls deep in an inviting female. And immediately, I was machine fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. My body was moving completely on instinct, my arms wrapped around Rachel's body and my legs flexing to lift her body up and let her drop down in a very fast rhythmic pounding.

Rachel's head was tossing around and around as she was gyrating in my lap. A wave of satisfaction washed over me as I observed her big tits bouncing up and down enticingly with each thrust. But somehow, it wasn't enough.

Palming her ass in my hands, I lifted up and flipped Rachel onto her back. She squealed in surprise, and then was gasping as I landed atop her and plunged my cock back inside.

Rachel was moaning out her orgasm, trying to stop our thrusting so she could feel it escape through her body; but I just kept pounding away at her until I could find my own satisfaction. Only a few short thrusts later, I felt the harsh contractions and then I was flowing like a fire hose, as if gallons of my jizz were pouring out all at once. I kept fucking her even as I was shooting, until my mind completely blanked out with the force of my orgasm.

When my brain returned to the land of the conscious, I found that I wasn't done yet. I grabbed onto Rachel's shoulders and kept on driving myself into her, despite the fact that I'd cum in her just a minute ago. I was still hard, still horny, and Rachel was still an actively participating wet tunnel that was squeezing me with great pleasure.

A few more minutes went by as I continued fucking Rachel's lights out. I was driving into her so hard that her head was being shaken every which way, until finally her eyes rolled and her body went limp. She'd passed out for a moment from pleasure overload.

But I could not be stopped, I thrust a few more times into her limp body, at last exploding and plugging her with a second wave of my cream. I was cumming as hard as I ever had in my life, shooting longer and with more force than I could ever remember. And this second wave was only the beginning.

I pulled out, and dropped Rachel's lifeless body back onto the bed, not even realizing I'd lifted her up off the mattress. My arms burned, but I was already seeking out new prey. My dick was still rock hard, and the annoying buzz was back in my head. The only way to satisfy it was to bury myself into the soft folds of a woman.

I looked across the bed to find that Katie and Lin were still coupled together in a hot sixty-nine. Purely by coincidence, Lin was on top, her ass pointing back at me, and my instincts zeroed in on her gaping pussy first.

Lin didn't respond when my hands grabbed onto her hips, but Katie stopped licking and gasped when she saw my baton appear in front of her eyes. And then Lin was screaming out when she felt my rod invade her tight pussy.

The lust took over once again, and then my hips were slamming back and forth, giving Lin the fucking of her young life. My hands were clamped onto her tits, and her light body was being flung back and forth like a rag doll.

"Gawd, mom," Lin managed to croak. "You gave him too much." And then she was back to whimpering and moaning as I pistoned in and out of her, stretching her tunnel to its limits.

Katie tried to tongue at our joining, but Lin's hips kept jerking around too much. She slipped away, and I turned just enough to see her lapping at Rachel's gaping slit. Dimly, I noticed that she wasn't sucking anything out so much as pushing gobs of my semen back in. Rachel just lay back, with her hips turned up in the air, panting with exhaustion.

Lin and I had shifted forwards enough so that she was pressed up against the headboard, and she lifted her torso to lean against it, and prevent her head from banging against the wall with my every thrust. I counted two orgasmic shrieks from her end while I pounded her incessantly, never slowing down for a moment. My balls were still swollen and screaming at me for release.

All of a sudden, I was roaring like an animal, and I started to cum inside of Lin's wet pussy. She squealed happily as she felt the hot jizz slushing around inside of her, but then suddenly Katie was next to me, separating us and turning me around towards Rachel, cum still spurting from my shaft like a lawn sprinkler.

I took one look at Rachel, still lying flat on her back with pussy wide open for me, and I slammed my hard rod back into her, and continued to pump my sperm into Rachel's receptive chasm even as I resumed my drilling motions.

I was a fucking animal.

I finished up, and Rachel was dazed. Lin was half collapsed against the headboard, still trying to catch her breath. But Katie was within arms reach, and I tackled her. I had to get rid of the buzzing in my head, and my erection refused to waver.

My brain didn't comprehend consequences very well, and when I leaped at Katie we ended up falling off the bed to land harshly on the floor, the coarse rug barely cushioning any of the fall.Katie was half-groaning in pain and half-laughing from falling off, but then her breath was knocked out of her as I stabbed my rod into her, sinking all the way in one thrust. Just like before, the lust took over, and I was pile driving into Katie like an automatic machine. My teeth nipped at her breasts, still fabulously firm and upright after all our years together.

Katie was juicing out of control, and I kept fucking her like a maniac, her tight inner muscles squeezing, pulling, and clutching at my member. After only a few minutes, her eyes went wide, and her breathing became a desperate gasp. For a moment, concern for her health overcast my instinctive need to fuck, but then she was whimpering and then screaming out her climax. Katie's pussy muscles were flipping out and that was all it took to trigger my own load.

Katie didn't have the mental clarity to stop me and force me into Rachel's vagina this time, so we thrashed together, holding each other tightly as we rode out our simultaneous orgasm, the crashing of fluids a riot inside of Katie's womb.

But even after four rapid climaxes, my lust was not satisfied, and my balls were still full. Katie was half-passed out from the force of her orgasm, and Lin was still panting on the bed, still not recovered from the battering I'd given her. But Rachel, now alert, looked over at me with a big smile on her face.

In a moment I stood up at the foot of the bed, tugging her hips to the edge of the mattress and then shoved my erection into her sloppy cunt. I held her legs in my hands, stretching her legs out to the side until she was nearly doing the splits. Her gorgeous face was permanently contorted into a continuous moan as I reamed her out.

Katie got up from the floor, and I watched as she lifted a big tit and tongued her own nipple. She climbed straight on over Rachel's head, lowering her steaming pussy down to Rachel's waiting tongue. I couldn't decide what I wanted to look at more: Katie's bouncing tits, Katie's hands rubbing at Rachel's bouncing tits, or Rachel's lips tonguing and thrusting and licking between Katie's legs.

Every inch of my body was in flames, but now the fires of pain and exhaustion were overtaking the flames of lust. I had been thrusting continuously since I woke up, and my heart felt like collapsing. But I couldn't stop. Over and over and over again I thrusted, my skin chafing despite the copious amounts of fluid I was coated in. And my pelvic bone was starting to throb from the repeating banging.

But still I continued my humping, until finally, I bellowed and unleashed yet another massive torrent of white sticky fluids into Rachel's nether cavity.

But I wasn't done yet. Five nonstop orgasms and the annoying buzz was still in my head, my balls still swelling, and my erection unflagging. But the rest of my body couldn't keep up.

I was still in the midst of spewing my cum into Rachel when my eyes rolled back up into my head, and I fell backwards. My cock exited Rachel with a squish, still spurting into the air. Mercifully, I blacked out before my head hit the floor.


When my eyes opened again, the sunlight was streaming through the window. I was still hot, my head still buzzing. What the heck had Rachel made me drink last night? As far as I could tell, my erection still had not gone down all the time I was asleep. The rest of my body was still aching and sore. Every muscle (well, except for the most important muscle), was completely weak. But I was still in pleasure heaven.

I glanced down to see Lin's bobbing head upon my shaft. In a very short time (probably from my years of explaining exactly how to worship my cock), she had become even better at blowing me than even Katie. She was putting that expertise to good use right now, as her teasing fingers and talented tongue had already brought me to the edge.

Lin looked up into my eyes, my shaft still stretching her lips, watching my reactions. Still suckling, when she recognized my impeding ejaculation, Lin pulled me out of her mouth and turned my hips over.

Rachel lay next to me, watching her adopted daughter sucking me off. I saw her legs spread wide, and her pussy was already slick, wet, and awaiting my arrival. Especially with Katie's head between her legs.

With the ladies' help, I managed to slide down Rachel's tunnel just in time to let loose and fire my latest orgasm into her. I collapsed back down, burying my head on the pillow next to Rachel while she kissed my cheek.

Once my hips stopped twitching, I lay unmoving atop Rachel's naked body. My brain was only now beginning to process these events. I had been too lost in animal lust before to realize. But the women apparently wanted to get as many of my baby-makers embedded in Rachel as possible. They'd drugged me, or come up with some other form of homemade aphrodisiac to turn me into a sex machine. I was a sperm factory.

This was only further confirmed when Katie flipped me onto my back and mounted my still erect shaft, fucking me with hard strokes, stimulating my rod even though the rest of my body couldn't react. I was even too weak to reach up and grab those tits I loved so much.

She was watching me carefully, and when my hips actually started bouncing as my body readied itself for climax, she got off and Rachel mounted onto me, just in time for me to coat her insides with yet another layer of my sperm cocktail.

Rachel stayed on top of me, riding me to a third orgasm of the morning, with yet another batch of baby-makers blasting inside of her. After this, even Rachel became too tired to continue.

After eight loads, my erection would still not go down, and my balls hurt just thinking about it. Rachel gasped, exhausted with all of our activities. She and Katie lay next to me, panting.

Rachel finally spoke, "I'm done. That has to have been enough."

Katie looked at her, and then at my erection still pointing to the sky.

Rachel groaned and then looked over at Lin, who was still eyeing me hungrily. "Take him across the hall. Let Lin have him until it goes away."

Lin was beaming, then she and Katie hoisted me off Rachel's bed and half- dragged me to Lin's room. They flopped me down, and then Lin immediately climbed on and sank my dick into her channel in one go while she sat upright. She leaned back, with her arms supporting her behind her while her feet were planted on the bed in front, riding me and riding me until she shuddered with two climaxes, the second tripping me off until I filled Lin's box with a healthy dose of my cum.

This only seemed to energize her, and she took advantage of my chemically imbalanced state to keep fucking me and fucking me without stopping or pulling me out of her. Lin was as much of an animal as my dick was, and she came numerous times until I blew a second load into her without stopping.

At last she slipped off me, and I thought I was going to get some relief. The buzzing stopped long ago, now replaced with a tired ache throughout my whole body. But Lin wouldn't leave me alone.

She pivoted slightly, and then I felt my dick spearing into her ass, and then she was impaling herself upon me again and again, her tits bouncing in the air. Katie sat in a chair, watching in amazement as this young dynamo kept fucking me up her ass.

My balls contracted again, and I still had enough for a half dozen shots to splatter inside Lin's anal cavity. But still she kept going.

I felt the creeping blackness coming over my vision, and I started drooling. Even Katie noticed and mentioned to Lin that maybe she should let me rest.

But Lin was lost in the sexual haze, and kept driving herself upon me while fingering her clit and moaning up a storm. I have no idea how many orgasms she had, but it was a lot.

When I came for a second time up Lin's ass, spewing every drop of fluid I had left in my body, the blackness finally overtook me and carried me away to a peaceful place where at last my dick could die in peace.


Exactly a month later, Rachel had the tests and the doctor's examinations to prove it. She was pregnant. Our little family was going to have a baby.

Katie was as happy as if the child were her own. Lin was ecstatic at finally getting a younger (much younger) sibling (or would she be an Aunt?)

Katie rubbed at Rachel's stomach. Of course, she wouldn't show for another few months, but we all knew there was something growing inside there. "People will talk," Rachel mused.

Katie's blue eyes flashed. "Fuck 'em."

It was one of the most joyous days of our lives. Rachel patted her tummy and said, "Hmm, maybe we should start planning to get me pregnant again in another year or so."

I groaned, half-eager for the marathon sex and half-dreading the possibilities. That love potion they'd given me had left me with the worst migraine for two weeks. "Maybe we can try it the old fashioned, unassisted way."

Katie spoke up. "Well, I'm sure we'll all practice for that day."

"Can I get pregnant, too?" Lin offered.

"NO!!!" all three of us answered at once, and Lin pouted momentarily. She knew she still had her education, a career, and her own life to find. But you never knew, we might just change our minds one day.


Life on the farm returned to a normalcy I'd forgotten. Wake up, do your job, go to sleep. Plant, tend, harvest, sell. The days blend into each other, and time was counted in months, not minutes. The details always changed but the rhythms never did.


It was early in the afternoon, earlier than I usually finished up. But we'd had a very productive day, and it was hot out, so I sent everyone home early as a little reward for everybody.

I already pictured Katie's smiling face as she poured me a glass of lemonade. If Rachel was already taking a nap, then maybe she'd be up for a roll in the hay. If Rachel wasn't feeling too sore, she might even join us. So with an extra bounce in my step, I hopped onto the porch and strode into the kitchen.

Katie met me at the door with a big smile on her face. I gave her a big hug hello, basking in the warmth of her embrace and lifting her up onto her toes. When I set her down, I noticed she had something in her hand.

Katie noticed my gaze drifting down to it, and she held the object up for me to clearly see.

It was one of those pregnancy test wands, with the little electronic indicators. I could clearly see a blue "plus" sign on it.

Katie's smile was bigger than I ever remembered it. Wonderment spread across my face, and I felt my own smile about to crack my face.

And then she spoke. "Johnny, this the third different test. I'm pregnant."

Rachel came up, patting her swollen tummy, now several months pregnant. Lin was right behind, smiling from ear to ear. Now she was going to get two little siblings to play with and dote on.

We were a family. A different kind of family, but still family. And it was about to get a little bigger.

The Rhythms of Life would keep moving on. Today we would plant. Tomorrow we would harvest. Today we were happy. Sadness would inevitably happen down the road. It wasn't being pessimistic, just realistic.

But you know what? Something happy would come right after that.



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