14 yrs boy and another women

Introduction: As a 13 year-old I blackmailed a neighbor's wife into fucking me. Over time we had two children, then she joined a church and we ended our relationship. But when one pussy closes, another is opened.

Leann’s baby was taking a lot of time away from our fucking, plus the other two kids were getting bigger now and always in the way. I was lucky to fuck Leann three times a week. I also had been getting a few paying jobs, painting houses for folks in town, and that had kept me somewhat occupied.

Two weeks before school was to start, I was at Leann’s. We had very good sex and then she said, “Tommy, I am pregnant again. I cannot believe this. I wish you would have used a rubber. Damn it Tommy, Russ has only fucked me twice this month, and I don’t know if he will be dumb enough to believe this baby is his.” “Hey, I’m sorry. What do you want me to do?” I said.

“I don’t know. God, I just don’t know. I cannot believe I have let a young boy knock me up twice” she cried.

I left the house while she was still sniffling. I admit, I was worried now that Russ would find out and come after me.

That evening, Russ, Leann, and the kids got in the car and drove away. They returned about 10 p.m.

When Russ left the next morning, I went over and entered the bedroom. Leann was still in bed, but she was awake.

“Tommy, you have to leave. Russ and I went to a church revival last night and I was saved. You and I cannot do what we have been doing.”

“Why not?”

“Because it is a sin, or several sins. You will have to leave now, and never come back.”

Dejectedly, I walked out of her house to my next paint job. Of all people, Roy Miller and his wife Bonnie had hired me to paint the inside and outside of their house. Roy never did learn why Leann dropped him, I assumed, and so he hired me to work for him.

It was nine o’clock when I got to Roy and Bonnie’s and the sun was already heating up the air. I removed my shirt and got my materials ready to paint. Thankfully, I was working in the shade today, painting the back of the house.

Bonnie came out back to see if I needed anything and said “I’m going shopping and should be back by noon. If you need anything, the door is not locked. Be good and be careful.”

The morning passed by and I was making good progress on the painting. I heard Bonnie return and go in the house. A few minutes later I caught movement in the house and saw Bonnie removing her clothes. She was sort of plump, about 5'5' and 150 pounds, but she had a pretty face–now I am going to get to see the rest of her I thought.

She removed her skirt and blouse and placed them on the bed beside the new clothes she had just bought. She picked up a blouse and held it up to her, looking in the mirror. I moved to the side of the window so she would not see me and was rewarded as she removed her bra–“Damn, you’ve got nice tits, Bonnie,” I said to my self. At one point Bonnie was stark naked, and my cock was so hard it was about to burst.

I was still pissed at Leann, and thought, “hell, I’m going to fuck Bonnie, but I want her to want me to fuck her instead of forcing her.” I stepped off the ladder and started in the house when my good bud Boyd stopped by to chat. We talked for about 20 minutes, then he left and I went in the house.

Shit, she’s already dressed,” I mumbled to myself as I saw Bonnie standing by the sink in her halter top and shorts.

She jumped when she saw me and squealed “Tommy, I didn’t know you had come in the house–you scared me.” “Sorry,” I said and asked for a drink of water.

“Sit down and rest while I get some ice” Bonnie said.

She brought the water and we chatted a while. It was hard though, because I kept seeing her naked ass while she was changing clothes.

‘Are you about through?” she asked. “I think one or two more days will do it–still got some trim work to do near the gutters” I responded.

“Roy wanted me to ask you if you could paint the inside of the house before you start to school. He just does not have the time to do it, and I cannot do it by myself.”

“I start back to school soon, but if we get started tomorrow we could probably finish it up by then,” I said.

“Great, I’ll tell him you will do it.”

We sat at the table drinking our water when I blurted out “Your eyes are so beautiful.” Bonnie blushed and thanked me–“you are the first person to ever tell me anything about me is beautiful.” We continued our joking and bantering, then I went outside to finish my painting. “Bonnie, you are going to get fucked soon by this boy” I said to myself. I began to make my plan on how I was going to fuck her without forcing myself on her.

I started early at Bonnie’s and finished the outside paint by noon. I went to the back door and knocked. “Come on in, Tommy, it’s open. Sit down and I’ll make us a sandwich.” “Thanks” I said.

We sat at the table, ate, and talked and joked. “Tommy, you are such an easy person to be around. I really enjoy having you here to talk with.”

“You’re a lot of fun, too, and you make me feel more grown up than most other people” I lied.

“I’ll bet the young girls really dig you” she said. “Who is your girlfriend?” “Don’t have one, and I don’t even have a date for the opening of school dance” I mumbled. “Why not?” Bonnie said. “Can’t dance, and the girls want someone to dance with.”

“Tommy, we can fix that,” and Bonnie got up and turned on the radio. “I’m going to teach you how to dance, but we will have to start now because tomorrow Roy is taking me to see my parents and we will be out of town.” Tommy, if you finish the painting while we are gone, come by anyway and I will give you one more dance lesson.”

She stood in the middle of the room and even though she was a little plump, she looked so cute in her short shorts and halter. “Come on, dummy,” she said and took my hands as I clumsily moved to her.

“First we will learn the waltz–that’s always a good one–its is slow and not complicated.”

Bonnie showed me how to place my arm around her back and to hold her hand with my hand. Sure enough, a slow song came on, and Bonnie began to move. She pulled me to her, and my cock hardened up as I made contact with her body. We began to dance, and I placed my hand on her ass and pressed my cock to her. She backed up a little, but continued to dance with. Soon I pulled her back to me and rubbed my cock against her cunt mound. “Tommy, you are not supposed to do that. You will scare the little girls away,” she giggled.

We continued to dance for an hour and Bonnie said, ‘You are a fast learner, Tommy. Next week we will have more lessons and you will be ready for the school dance, but you have got to learn to control your privates and not let it get so hard.”

I cleared out a room and began to paint while Bonnie packed her clothes. She was so excited about going to see her parents.

Roy came home at four p.m. and said I was making good progress. “I’ll pay you next week when you finish, o.k. ?” I told him that was fine.

Early the next morning I went to Bonnie’s and was surprised that they had not locked the door when they left. I went in the house and started to prepare the walls for paint. Then I heard what sounded like someone crying. I went to Bonnie’s bedroom and she was in bed, crying. “Bonnie, what’s wrong? I thought you and Roy were going to your parents’ home.”

“The bastard changed his mind. One of his buddies called last night and they have gone fishing for the weekend. I am so pissed? With that she started sobbing again.

I went over to the bed to comfort her. I sat on the side of the bed and held her in my arms. “God, you smell so good, and you look beautiful with those tear-streaked cheeks,” I told her.

‘Tommy, you are so nice. That is a sweet thing to say.” She got out of bed, and I saw that all she was wearing was a short nightgown. She turned on the radio and said, “ready for a dance lesson?”

My cock was straining hard against my shorts as we moved into each other’s arms. Bonnie was still sniffling but she was smiling some. We began to dance, and pressed into each other. I could feel Bonnie move her pussy against my cock, then she turned her face up to mine and we kissed.

“Tommy, have you ever made love?” Bonnie asked. “No” I fibbed. “Well, Roy deserves what I am going to do, and since you are a virgin, you just do as I do or say and you will be fine. Lets get on the bed.”

Bonnie removed her nightgown and panties and I dropped my shorts. She sat on the bed and looked at my cock and said “Bring that closer” and she took the head into her mouth as she lay back on the bed. “Turn on your back and I will give you a fucking you will never forget” she huskily whispered.

I was on my back as Bonnie continued to suck my cock. Then she moved so that her pussy was near my mouth and she said “lick my cunt you big fucker.”

I sucked her clit and she shot pussy juice and I sucked and licked her cunt lips. The more I sucked on her, the faster she bobbed her head up and down on my cock–then I exploded in her mouth, depositing a huge amount of cum deep in throat. I continued to tongue massage her clit and pussy until she let out a huge moan and I could tell she had completed her orgasm.

She climbed off me and moved to by side–then she began to kiss me passionately.

She stopped for a while and began to talk. I let her say what she had to say without interruption.

“Tommy, what I have done is wrong–you are just a kid. If you tell anybody I could get in bad trouble, so please do not tell your buddies or girlfriends what we have done. If you promise me you will not tell we will go to the next step, where you fuck me with your cock. So that you don’t think I am a whore, believe me when I say that Roy is the only man I have fucked. Will you promise?’

“I promise,” I said, “but I don’t know how to fuck”.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.”

By now my cock was hard again and Bonnie climbed back astraddle me. She rubbed her cunt against the head of my cock and said “too bad Roy ran out of rubbers last night, so we will have to go bareback. You are probably too young to make me pregnant anyhow, although I am ovulating like crazy,” she giggled. I had no idea what ovulating meant.

With that she lowered herself onto my cock and I could feel it enter her. She sighed and began a slow rhythmic moveement up and down on my rod. We kissed, and she put her tongue deep into my mouth and I did the same to her. This seemed to excite her and she revved up the pounding on my cock.

Soon she was sweating and moaning, and then with a giant thrust onto my swollen and extended cock, she had an orgasm. “Oh damn, so that is how it is supposed to be,” she gasped. “Tommy, you are one good fucker–I don’t need to teach you a thing. You are a natural and know how to use that cock. Shit, I wish Roy could fuck like this” and she began to lick on my cock, then she turned on her back and pulled me on her.

“You turn to ride the cowgirl,” she said.

“Drive it in deep, and hard. Pound me good. I want to give Roy something special–the patter of little feet, but they will not be his, the son-of-a-bitch deserves this.”

My cock went in and we began to move rapidly on the bed. She pulled her legs over my shoulders and said “push it into my tonsils” and we fucked furiously until she came again–then I pushed another load of my cum into her woman part.

We finally got around to painting and Bonnie said, “why don’t we paint in the nude–that way no clothes to wash.”

“O.k., with me,” I said.

We had painted most of one room when I looked over to see Bonnie bent over a can, mixing the paint. Her bare ass was so inviting that I walked over and took my hard again cock and pressed against her asshole. She pressed back, but pulled away saying it hurt.

So I moved my dick to her cunt and gave her a good doggy style fuck.

At four o’clock I put on my clothes and dragged myself home.

Leann was in the front yard with her kids and said “Tommy, you look like you have been working too hard.”

“I’ve been painting at Roy Miller’s house–it is an o.k. job.”

“How are you? You look good.”

“I’m fine, going to church and finally being a good wife.”

“Have you told Russ about us?”

“No, and unless he asks, I will not,” she said.

“I love Russ, and don’t want to lose him. I don’t know what made me do what I did. What is even worse is that I have ruined a young boy by letting him father two of my children. Please forgive me.”

“Hey, I enjoyed it, and would do it again if you give me the chance.” She looked at me with a far away look as I walked into my house.

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